A2 Card Size and Guideline

a2 card size

When it comes to cards, you are more than free to use any size you like. In fact, you’ve probably seen comically oversized cards that dwarfed everyone around it. But if you’d like a card that is larger than most but not overly so, maybe you should check out the A2 card size.

There are two types of A2 card sizes to choose from—A2 Flat (4.25 × 5.5 inches) and A2 Folded (8.5 × 4.25 inches). These card sizes differ from the traditional A2 sheet size, which is 16.5 × 23.4 inches.

So, are you looking for A2 cards? How does A2 Flat differ from A2 Folded? I’ll go into greater detail regarding A2 card sizes in the following sections.

What Are A2 Cards Used for?

What Are A2 Cards Used for

A2 cards are typically used for cards that require a quick response from the recipient. For instance, if you want to send invitations for a wedding or a baby shower, printers would most likely point you toward the A2 card size.

However, you can choose whatever size you want. Some people even go with A6 cards, which are only marginally smaller than A2 cards. Please note that the larger the card, the more information you can include on both sides. So, if you want to include specific details on the invitation (directions, where you’re registered, etc.), perhaps you would be better off using a larger card size.

A2 Flat vs. A2 Folded

A2 flat vs folded

The difference between Flat and Folded A2 cards is pretty straightforward. A2 Flat cards are cards that sit flat. When the recipient opens the envelope containing an A2 Flat card, they won’t have to unfold the invitation to see all of the details.

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On the other hand, A2 Folded cards are larger cards that you can fold to resemble A2 Flat. Think of it as a two-page booklet—opening up the folded card will reveal more information regarding the event you are inviting the recipient to via the card.

One of the main differences between them is printing costs. Because A2 Folded cards are larger, it will cost you significantly more to print as opposed to a simple A2 Flat card.

However, if you’re only inviting a handful of guests to an event, you should probably stick to using A2 Folded cards.

What Envelope Size Do I Need for A2 Cards?

The great thing about ISO 216 paper is that it’s incredibly easy to find an envelope that corresponds to the size of the card or sheet of paper.

For instance, A2 cards will fit snugly inside A2 envelopes, which measure 4.325 × 5.75 inches. With minimal empty space inside the envelope, you won’t have to worry about the card creating unsightly bulges. You can also place A2 Folded cards inside an A2 envelope, provided you fold the card beforehand.

Can I Design My Own Cards?

Yes, you can. If you have some experience using vector graphics software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, then you should be able to design and print your own cards.

Designing and printing your own cards will give you the freedom to choose whatever images or texts you want without having to consult anyone. However, if you want your invitations to look flawless, you might want to consider hiring a professional designer and printer.

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