A4 Envelope Size and Guidelines

A4 Envelope Size

When it comes to sending homemade cards through the mail, you should find the perfect envelope that houses the card without leaving empty space on the inside. That way, your card or sheet of paper will sit flush inside the envelope. reducing the risk of warping in shape as the envelope makes its way through the mailing process.

So, what are the dimensions of an A4 envelope, and how does it correspond to A4 paper?

An A4 envelope will measure 4-1/4 × 6-1/4 inches (108 × 159 millimeters), which is great for sending 4 × 6-inch (102 × 152-millimeter) cards and photos through the mail. It leaves minimal space on the inside to allow users to insert and remove the A4 card easily.

Now, let’s take a closer look at A4 envelopes in terms of size, uses, and styles.

A4 Envelope Size

When preparing a batch of invitation, greeting, or announcement cards, you should choose one card size that works best for your event. For the most part, you can get by using A4 cards, which are “neutral” in size for all sorts of purposes.

The good thing is that you don’t have to search very hard to find the right envelope size. A4 cards fit inside A4 envelopes. They measure 4-1/4 × 6-1/4 inches (108 × 159 millimeters), allowing you to place the card inside with ease, and the recipient can remove the card without tearing.

Please note that A4 envelopes differ from C4 envelopes, which are used to house sheets of A4 paper. A4 paper measures 8.27 × 11.69 inches (210 × 297 millimeters), which slips inside C4 envelopes (9 × 12.8 inches or 229 × 324 millimeters). C4 envelopes are far too large for homemade A4 cards.

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Uses for A4 Cards

Uses for A4 Cards

A4 cards are generally used to send thank you notes, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, church announcements, and the like. As such, if you plan on sending A4 cards through the mail, you should find an envelope that houses the card perfectly.

If you compare A4 cards to other card sizes in the A-series, you’ll find minimal size differences. However, A4 cards have a larger printable space as opposed to A5 cards and above, allowing you to print more information regarding an upcoming event.

Whichever card size you use for any purpose is entirely up to you. The important thing to note, especially if you want to send your homemade cards through the mail, is to find the right envelope size and style to attract the recipient’s attention upon receiving the letter.

5 Best A4 Envelopes

When looking online, you’ll find a wide assortment of A4 envelope styles to choose from. While you really can’t go wrong with any type of envelope style, you should find one that grabs the attention of the reader.

Below, I’ll show you X of the best A4 envelopes that you can pick up today.

Best Paper Greetings Colored Envelopes


100 Pack A4 Colored Envelopes 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 inch

Best Paper Greetings offer a wide selection of envelopes of nearly any size. When looking at the brand’s A4 envelopes, their pack of 100 colorful envelopes stands out the most. They come with a peel and seal strip that you can use to instantly close the rectangular flap after inserting your card or photograph.

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Envelopes Store Invitation Envelopes

A4 Invitation Envelopes (4 1/4 x 6 1/4) – 24lb. Bright White (50 Qty.)

Envelopes Store also offers a multitude of different envelope options. The brand’s A4 invitation envelopes are made of 24-pound paper, which is sturdy enough to house your invitations as they pass through the mail system. These envelopes also come with a rectangular flap, but they have a pre-applied layer of glue that you need to moisten before shutting the flap.

LUXPaper A4 Invitation Envelopes

LUXPaper A4 Invitation Envelopes for 4 x 6 Cards in 80 lb. Pool

The LUXPaper A4 Invitation Envelope is perfect for all occasions. It comes with a dark baby-blue exterior that is bound to immediately capture the recipient’s attention as they open their mailbox. The rectangular flap extends to about the halfway mark, ensuring that the card has no way of falling out.

LUXPAper A4 Contour Envelopes

LUXPaper A4 Invitation Envelopes for 4 x 6 Cards in 80 lb.

LUXPaper also offers a different style of A4 invitation envelopes known as contour envelopes. This envelope comes with a triangular flap that extends to nearly the very bottom of the envelope. This particular envelope model comes in black and is made from 80-pound paper for increased durability.

Best Paper Greetings Gold-Lined Envelopes

50-Pack A4 Envelopes – 4.25 x 6.25 Inches Square Flap Envelopes – Photo Envelopes

Another top-notch envelope produced by Best Paper Greetings is the gold-lined envelopes with square flaps. The gold foil found inside the envelope doesn’t add much in terms of durability or protection against discoloration, but it is easy on the eyes. This envelope is made of 120-gsm black paper and has a peel and seal strip for easy shutting.

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