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| Updated January 14, 2022 | Published January 14, 2022

10 feet, which is 120 inches, is just a sliver under 3.05 meters long. Getting an idea of how long 10 feet is can be troublesome, especially when you don’t have a tape or laser measure on hand. If this is the case, you can try familiarizing yourself with common objects that measure 10 feet in length.

| Updated January 12, 2022 | Published January 12, 2022

Two feet is the same as 24 inches, which, in the metric system, is just shy of 61 cm. To get a sense of how tall two feet is without having to whip out a tape measurer, you should try familiarizing yourself with common household items that measure roughly two feet in length or height.

| Updated January 3, 2022 | Published January 3, 2022

16 inches is the equivalent of 1 foot and 4 inches because there are 12 inches in a foot. In the metric system of measurement, 16 inches equates to 40.6 cm, which is less than half a meter. Here we look at common items that measure 16 inches.

| Updated December 28, 2021 | Published December 27, 2021

If you have been taught using the metric system that is the favored system for units of measurement across much of Europe and Canada, then you may not be very familiar with imperial measurements. The imperial system of measurements is the preferred method in the United States, and so it is vital to understand terms used in this system because you are likely to come across them in various areas of life, for example, when buying items that have their size specifications listed. Here we will look at feet and inches and how they are symbolized in writing, as well as calculations you can use to convert them.

| Updated January 21, 2022 | Published December 27, 2021

If you need to find some items that have a measurement of 2 inches in diameter, then we have a number of objects listed here that you could use. The diameter of an object is the measurement taken in a straight line that cuts across the center of that object. For example, to get the diameter of a tennis ball, you would need to slice the ball exactly in half.

| Updated January 16, 2022 | Published December 27, 2021

If you are trying to measure a length of 2 inches without a proper measuring device such as a ruler, then you’ll need to use a common object in a standardized size as a means of comparison. This is a good way to be able to physically measure small lengths, but it is also useful for getting a good visual idea in your mind of what 2 inches would look like.

| Updated March 1, 2023 | Published December 27, 2021

Being able to take measurements without using a ruler or tape measure is a useful skill to have because there are often times when you need to understand a measurement when there isn’t a measuring tool nearby. However, if you know the length of some common everyday items, then you can turn almost anything into a measuring tool. Knowing the dimensions of items can also help you to visualize how big the size of something is.

| Updated April 22, 2022 | Published December 27, 2021

If you want to understand what a 10-meter length would look like, then you can look at common objects with a similar measurement to get a rough idea, or even find items that have an exact measurement of this amount if you are concerned about accuracy. Meters are part of the metric system that is prominent in the UK and Canada, whereas imperial measurements are more common in the US. Ten meters converted to imperial measurements would be the equivalent of just under 33 feet, 32.8 feet to be exact. In inches, this would be a measurement of 393.7 inches.

| Updated March 18, 2022 | Published December 27, 2021

If you want to know what 500 grams would feel like in your hands, consider these items that all weigh in the region of 500 grams.

| Updated July 5, 2022 | Published December 18, 2021

100 feet is the equivalent of 1200 inches, 30.48 meters, or 33.33 yards. It is quite a significant measurement whether you look at it in height or length. A measurement this big can be difficult to visualize or get your head around, so it helps to have comparisons of other things that measure a similar amount to get a clearer idea of just how big 100 feet is.