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A grain is the same as 0.065 grams or roughly 1/7,000 of a pound. 1 pound is the same as 7,000 grains.

| Updated October 15, 2022 | Published October 15, 2022

Tracing paper is a super-thin type of paper that allows artists to trace designs and transfer them to other sheets of paper. However, you can create a finished design on tracing paper, like architects. So, what sizes does tracing paper come in?

| Updated May 29, 2023 | Published October 15, 2022

Outdoor advertisements are a good way to get your brand out there. There are countless forms of outdoor ads to choose from, with one of the most popular and inexpensive being vinyl banners. So, what sizes do vinyl banners come in?


Countries like France and Italy are known for their culture and quality, which is why shoe brands from these places are almost always top-of-the-line. However, before you purchase a pair of shoes from a French online store, you need to make sure that the shoe will actually fit.

| Updated October 12, 2022 | Published October 12, 2022

Did you know that certain shoes can cost less in parts of Asia than they do anywhere else? That’s pretty awesome news for all the sneakerheads out there. However, before you think about spending a ton on shoes in the Asian market, you should first familiarize yourself with Asian shoe sizes.

| Updated May 29, 2023 | Published October 12, 2022

If you’re a huge arts and crafts fan, or if your line of work revolves around cutting paper, then you’ll need to have a paper cutter at your side. They come in a wide assortment of sizes since sheets of paper are also available in numerous sizes.

| Updated November 16, 2022 | Published October 12, 2022

Some countries are known for their designer shoes. For instance, Spain is home to shoe brands like Rebeca Sanver, Manolo Blahnik, and Suela Shoes. The only problem is trying to know what shoe size to get since many places have completely different sizing standards.

| Updated October 12, 2022 | Published October 12, 2022

A koozie for 12-ounce drinks will usually measure 3.25 inches wide and 4.2 inches tall. The precise measurements will usually vary between models and brands.

| Updated May 17, 2023 | Published October 6, 2022

Iced tea is usually nothing to get excited about unless it’s an AriZona Tea. This beverage brand has made quite a splash as of late and even has a cult following due to the portion of the drink and the inexpensive cost. But how big is a can of AriZona Tea?


One of the best things about neighboring Mexico is that you can find all sorts of awesome products for cheaper. For instance, it’s no secret that insulin is a lot cheaper south of the border than it is here in the US of A. But what about clothing items?