What is the Average Time to Run 4kms?

Average Time to Run 4kms

Running is a great way to maintain both physical and mental health. And while these are great benefits in and of themselves, improving your running distance and speed over time is arguably the most rewarding aspect.

Whether you aim to improve your run speed or burn fat, it can be helpful to know where you fit in a group of runners in terms of how much distance you can cover in a given time.

4 kilometers, which is roughly 2.5 miles, is no easy distance to run for first-timers. However, knowing how quickly it takes you to cover 4 kilometers can be a great starting point for measuring averages.

While there are plenty of factors that come into play that could affect your run speed—e.g., terrain, weather, physique, age, number of rest breaks—a first-time runner will require about 22.5 to 25 minutes to run 4 kilometers.

These times are based on the average male running speed of about 9.4 km/h. Meanwhile, women have a slightly slower average running speed of 8.4 km/h.

So, it would take a first-time female runner about 25 to 28.5 minutes on average to complete a 4-kilometer track, assuming there are no factors that could affect the runner’s time.

Factors That Affect Running Speed

Factors That Affect Running Speed

There are a number of factors that could affect how quickly or slowly someone can cover 4 kilometers.


How physically fit you are will play a tremendous role in how long it will take you to run 4 kilometers since many other factors are based on your physique. In a general sense, your physique will dictate how long you can move before running out of breath and how quickly your legs and arms move.


Age and a lack of physical movement can spell disaster for runners. Without proper and regular training, our muscles can become fatigued more quickly, forcing runners to decelerate their pace and take longer to finish a 4-kilometer run. Even if an individual maintains

Clothing and Shoes

The type of clothing you wear may affect how comfortable you feel while running, which will impact how long you can run before taking stop breaks. For instance, cotton clothing will absorb sweat and become heavier over time.

Also, before going for a run, you should pay attention to the type of footwear you have on. Running shoes have shock absorbers to protect all parts of your feet. Tennis shoes may good great for moving side to side but don’t provide as much comfort for running long distances.


Environmental factors such as temperature, wind speed, and whether you’re running uphill or down can affect the time it takes to run long distances. Bumpy running paths may also cause your feet to land improperly, which can contribute to a sprained ankle or hamper performance in other ways.


So, to sum up, the average time it takes for men and women to run 4 kilometers is 22.5 to 25 minutes and 25 to 28.5 minutes, respectively. However, how long it takes an individual to run 4 kilometers depends on a wide range of factors.

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