What Are the Book Ring Sizes? (Answered)

Book Ring Sizes

A book ring, also known as a binder ring or ring hook, is a metallic ring that you use to keep sheets of paper together. However, as a separate tool, you can use it for all sorts of arts and crafts projects and organization ideas. But before you even begin thinking about what you can do with a book ring, you first have to know its size.

Book rings typically measure between ½ an inch and 5 inches in diameter and bind together 75 to 850 sheets of paper at once.

f you’d like more information about book ring sizes, I urge to you read on. I’ll also talk about the differences between book ring types and what sort of creative art projects that require book rings and the differences between book ring types.

Book Ring Sizes

When you open a 3-ring binder, you’ll immediately notice a set of rings along the inner spine. Those rings go by the name book rings, binder rings, ring hooks, and O-rings, though they can come in different shapes.

A book ring comes with a tiny clasp that you can open and shut. When the clasp is opened, you can insert loose-leaf pages by slipping the ring into the pre-punched holes on the sheets of paper. Clasping the rings shut will prevent the sheets of paper from falling out of the binder, but you can always tear any unnecessary sheets of paper away when you want.

Book rings come in an assortment of sizes. Below is a chart that describes the most common book ring diameters and their maximum capacities.

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Book Ring SizesSheet Capacity
½ in.75
5/8 in.125
¾ in.150
1 in.175
1-1/4 in.230
1-1/2 in.250
2 in.350
2-1/2 in.450
3 in.570
4 in.700
5 in.850

Types of Book Rings

Types of Book Rings

The O- ring, whose sizes are described in the table above, is the most common type of book ring. However, there are 2 additional book ring types worth knowing—D-ring and slanted rings. You can easily identify what ring style a binder comes with simply by looking at the shape of the rings.

Below, I’ll describe what D-rings and slanted rings are and how they differ from traditional O-rings.


f a binder comes with rings that look like backward capital Ds, those are D-rings. If you’ve used an O-ring binder before, you might have noticed how the sheets of paper don’t lie flat when the binder is closed. This is due to the nature of the ring’s shape, but this problem is solved by the D-ring (and slated ring).

D-rings are arguably the most expensive type of book ring available, but it comes with the benefits of being able to hold up to several more sheets of paper than similarly sized O-rings. In addition, they are less prone to warping in shape due to the fact that they keep sheets of paper flat. Because of this, your documents will be less prone to folding, creasing, or tearing when transporting the D-ring binder from place to place.

Common D-Ring SizesSheet Capacity
1 in.275
1-1/2 in.480
2 in.540
3 in.670
4 in.780
5 in.1,300
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Slanted Rings

Slanted rings are a variation of the D-ring. It looks like a backward capitalized letter D with a slight slant to it, which allows your pages to lay flat while pushing the bottommost pages outward slightly. This is a great feature to have for color-coding your documents without having to add tabs.

While slanted rings hold more sheets of paper than O-rings, they have a slightly lower capacity than D-rings. However, slanted rings are considered to be more durable—i.e., the claps stay aligned for much longer.

Common Slanted Ring SizesSheet Capacity
½ in.120
1 in.220
1-1/2 in.375
2 in.480
3 in.600
4 in.725
5 in.975

What Can You Do with Book Rings?

What Can You Do with Book Rings?

You can purchase book rings separately from the binder and the spine, making them great for a variety of organization and arts-and-crafts projects. Below, I’ll explain a few simple examples of what you can do with standalone book rings.

Organizing flashcards, notecards, etc.

f you want to prepare for a test but don’t want to pour over hundreds of sheets of paper, you should write your notes on notecards or flashcards. That way, you can absorb bite-sized bits of information in less time. To keep your flashcards or notecards safe, consider punching a hole in the top-left corners and inserting a book ring through the cards.

Organization jewelry and accessories

Don’t want to cover your entire bedroom wall with wall organizers? What you can do instead is insert your bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and whatever other accessory you have into a book ring. The book rings can also be hung on nails or wall hangers, which saves a ton of desk and wall space.

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You can insert anything you want into a book ring, including car and home keys. The best thing is that you can decorate your homemade keychain using laminated photos or motivational notes that are inserted into the ring. Another huge plus is that book rings can be 3 to 5 inches in diameter, which means there might be a reduced risk of misplacing your keychain.

Scarf Hangers

f you’re one of those people with more scarves than you can wear in a year, then you might want to think about organizing your closet with book rings. You can insert the rings through log rods that hang in your closet. Whenever you need to hang up a scarf, just loop it through the book ring and remove the next scarf you want to wear the next time you hit the town.

Menu Organizer

Here’s a neat trick for those that run their own restaurants or cafés. If your menu consists of multiple laminated pages, you can bind them together using book rings. Just make sure that you punch a hole into the part of your menu without writing or pictures.


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