What Are the Dartboard Cabinet Dimensions? (with Illustrations)

Dartboard Cabinet Dimensions

What better activity is there than to have a bunch of drunk people throwing sharp objects across the room? Yes, I’m talking about darts. If you want to keep your dartboard safe from the intrusive hands of bar patrons, then you’ll need to get a dartboard cabinet. So, how big are these things?

A dartboard cabinet will typically measure 30 inches tall, 37 inches wide, and 7 to 8 inches deep. However, you can custom-make a dartboard cabinet to any size you want.

Typical dartboard cabinet dimensions

What exactly is the purpose of a dartboard, and how large should you make it? I’ll answer these questions and much more in the following sections.

What Is a Dartboard Cabinet?

What Is a Dartboard Cabinet

Some people might think dartboard cabinets are just for show, while others have absolutely zero clue what it is.

A dartboard cabinet is not just to impress your bar patrons or house guests; it serves the important function of keeping your dartboard out of harm’s way by shielding it in a protective wooden casing.

Basically, a dartboard cabinet is a, well, a cabinet for dartboards. It should be large enough to house a dartboard and all of the equipment you need to play a game of darts, but it should also be appealing enough to have your visitors itching to play a dangerous game of throwing sharp objects at a tiny target.

Dartboard Cabinet Dimensions

If you check out the list of top-selling dartboards on Amazon, such as the EastPoint Sports Dartboard Cabinet Set and the Viper Stadium Ready-to-Play Dartboard Set and Cabinet, you’ll quickly learn that dartboard cabinets come in all sorts of sizes.

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On average, the dimensions of a dartboard cabinet will be roughly 30 inches tall, 37 inches wide (when opened), and 7 to 8 inches deep.

However, the more you research, the more you’ll learn that their dimensions differ significantly. This is because dartboard cabinets can be used for holding different amounts of dartboard equipment. Smaller cabinets are made for dartboards, darts, and scoreboards, while others have built-in electric timers and LED lights.

How Large Should a Dartboard Cabinet Be?

At the very least, the dimensions of a dartboard cabinet should be at least slightly larger than the dimensions of a dartboard—i.e., 17.76 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick.

However, the reason you’ll find cabinets that are much larger than dartboards is that they are used to house all of the supplies serious darts players need. Sure, you can use a dart case or wallet to keep your darts in tip-top shape, but what about all of the accessories like your gripping wax, your sharpeners, your replacement barrels, your replacement flights, the backboard, and your dart shaft remover?

The more accessories you wish to keep safe and sound in your dartboard cabinet, the larger the cabinet should be. Most top-of-the-line dartboards will come with two scoreboards for both players, a set of perfectly sharpened darts, LED fixtures, as well as a wow-inducing dartboard that will make you the talk of the town (not really).

Do I Need a Dartboard Cabinet?

Do I Need a Dartboard Cabinet

Whether you need a dartboard cabinet or not is entirely up to you. However, I will say this—people may automatically assume that you’re a darts connoisseur if you have a flashy dartboard cabinet hanging on your wall.

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After looking at numerous models, you’ll figure out that the most exciting models—those that come with all of the bells and whistles you can imagine—can cost a stack of money. If you look at the cheaper end of the price spectrum, the lesser-quality models can still cost around a Benjamin.

So, it’s safe to say that anyone who’s willing to spend that much is either too rich for their own good or is an expert at darts. Heck, it might even be both!

Can I Make a Dartboard Cabinet?

Yes, you absolutely can make a DIY dartboard cabinet. You don’t have to spend your life savings on the most elegant dartboard if you can fashion one with your own two hands. Specific Love Creations has an excellent video guide on how to make a dartboard cabinet using cheap cedar fence posts.

How to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet

How to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet

The problem with dartboard cabinets, if you want to call it a problem, is that they can be pretty heavy. This is especially true for dartboard cabinets that come with all of the fixings imaginable. For instance, the aforementioned EastPoint dartboard cabinet weighs close to 25 pounds, and it’s one of the thinnest dartboards out there! So, you should be extremely careful when looking for a spot to hang the cabinet.

To begin, you will need a stud finder that comes with a laser level to locate a large stud hiding behind your drywall. After locating the edges of the stud, you should drive a long nail into the stud with enough of the nail exposed to grab the cabinet’s hanger. If your cabinet has multiple hangers, make sure you use just as many nails, and make certain that the nails are perfectly level with each other.

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However, hanging the dartboard cabinet isn’t just about making sure it doesn’t drop. You also want to place it in a room that has enough clearance (7 feet 9.25 inches) to throw your darts from the proper distance. The cabinet should also keep the dartboard’s bulls-eye at the proper height (5 feet 8 inches above the ground).

Can I Put a Surround Behind the Dartboard Cabinet?

Not only can you put a surround behind a dartboard cabinet when hanging it, but you should put a surround behind the cabinet!

The surround acts as a protective barrier between the tip of your darts and your drywall. When you inevitably miss the target, the surround will act as an extra layer of insurance to protect the back surface from damage. Without it, you’ll have to do a bunch of drywall work that I’m certain you don’t want to do. Just make sure that you account for the thickness of the surround when hanging the drywall cabinet. Make sure the 


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