Hollister Jeans Sizes (with Size Chart)

Hollister Jeans Size & Size Chart

Are you tired of squeezing into jeans that are too small or swimming in a sea of fabric with pants that are too big? Fear not, because finding the perfect jean size is easier than you think! Before picking up a pair of Hollister jeans, make sure know what size to get!

In this guide, I’ll briefly explain what Hollister jeans are known for, and I’ll provide a size chart so you don’t end up with a pair of jeans that fits just right.

A Brief Look at Hollister Jeans

American fashion and lifestyle label Hollister Co. (often abbreviated as HCo). Founded in 2000 by Abercrombie & Fitch, the company’s initial target demographic consisted of young adults between the ages of 14 and 18. The brand’s popular jeans are synonymous with a carefree, seaside vibe.

Soon after their introduction in the early 2000s, Hollister jeans were widely adopted by the youth and young adult populations. These jeans became famous for their baggy silhouette and worn-in, distressed style. Many Hollister jeans feature high-quality denim fabrics and come in a wide range of fits and washes, from skinny to straight to bootcut.

During this same time frame, Hollister’s stores became recognizable for their use of dim lighting, blaring music, and a predominance of the color blue. The stores’ designs were intended to provide the brand’s core customer base with an exciting and engaging retail experience.

Hollister’s visibility in shopping centers and malls increased as its fame spread. The jeans line, along with the rest of the company’s apparel and accessories, quickly became indispensable to the closets of today’s youth.

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Hollister has come under fire in recent years for its marketing strategies and for using lewd imagery in its advertisements. Despite this, the company is still a powerful force in the fashion industry and a favorite among young consumers.

Hollister Jeans Size

Hollister jeans are available in a range of sizes for both men and women.

The brand’s sizing chart for women’s jeans ranges from 00 to 21 or XXS to XXL. Jeans sizes are also based on the waist (23 to 41.5 inches), hips (33 to 49.5 inches for standard jean fits and 33 to 51.5 for curvy fits), and inseam (23 to 27 inches).

Hollister jeans sizes for men are available in sizes XXS to XXL, with 23 to 41 inches for the waist with a 2-inch inseam difference based on height (5 feet 7 inches and 6 feet and taller). You can also choose specific leg lengths, ranging from 28 to 36 inches.

Hollister Jeans Size Chart

Women’s Hollister Jeans

Women’s jeans come in 2 distinct sizing systems: letter and numerical.

HCo Letter SizeWaistHipsHips for Curvy Jeans
XXS23 to 24 in.33 to 32 in.35 to 36 in.
XS24 to 25 in.34 to 35 in.36 to 37 in.
S26 to 27 in.36 to 37 in.38 to 39 in.
M28 to 29 in.38 to 39 in.40 to 41 in.
L30.5 to 32 in.40 to 41.5 in.42.5 to 43.5 in.
XL34 to 36 in.43 to 45 in.45 to 47 in.
XXL38.5 to 41.5 in.47 to 49.5 in.49 to 51.5 in.
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HCo Numerical SizeWaistHipsHips for Curvy Jeans
00/2323 in.33 in.35 in.
0/2424 in.34 in.36 in.
1/2525 in.35 in.37 in.
3/2626 in.36 in.38 in.
5/2727 in.37 in.39 in.
7/2828 in.38 in.40 in.
9/2929 in.39 in.41 in.
11/3030.5 in.40 in.42 in.
13/3132 in.41.5 in.43.5 in.
15/3234 in.43 in.45 in.
17/3336 in.45 in.47 in.
19/3438.5 in.47 in.49 in.
21/3541.5 in.49.5 in.51.5 in.

Men’s Hollister Jeans

Similar to women’s jeans, men’s Hollister jeans sizes are split into 2 systems—letter and numerical. However, the numerical system is slightly different, which you’ll see when you scroll down.

HCo Letter SizeWaist
XXS23-25 in.
XS26-28 in.
S29-30 in.
M31-32 in.
L33-34 in.
XL35-37 in.
XXL38-41 in.
HCo Numerical Sizes (Width × Length)
26 x 2832 x 34
26 x 3032 x 36
28 x 2833 x 30
28 x 3033 x 32
28 x 3233 x 34
28 x 3433 x 36
29 x 3034 x 30
29 x 3234 x 32
30 x 3034 x 34
30 x 3234 x 36
30 x 3436 x 30
30 x 3636 x 32
31 x 3036 x 34
31 x 3236 x 36
31 x 3438 x 30
31 x 3638 x 32
32 x 3038 x 34
32 x 3238 x 36

How to Measure Your Jeans Size

How to Measure Your Jeans Size

You only need 4 things before measuring your body for a pair of jeans—a pen or a pencil, a notepad, a measuring tape, and a mirror. It might also help to have a second pair of hands if you don’t mind someone putting them on your body.

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The main measurements you need to record are waist, hip (for women), inseam, and length.

  • Waist— Take your measurement at the smallest part of your waist, which is most likely to be right above your belly button. Keep the tape measure even and not too taut or slack.
  • Hips— Take your measurement around the fullest part of your hips, which is likely to be just above the buttocks.
  • Inseam— Standing with your feet about 6 inches apart, measure the distance from the top of your inner thigh to the bottom of your ankle.
  • Length—Measure the top of your waist to where you want the hem of your jeans to end.

You can also get the thigh and rise measurements, though they will not help you much unless you want to custom-order your jeans.

  • Thigh— Take your circumference measurement around the fullest part of your thigh, which is halfway between your waist and your knee.
  • Rise— Take your measurement from top of where you want the waistband to be to where your legs join your body.

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