How Big is 5 Acres in a Visual Sense?

How Big is 5 Acres in a Visual Sense?

An acre is normally used as a unit of measurement for land, which equals one square with 66 x 660 feet dimensions, thus equaling 43,560 square feet. In other words, 1 acre is around 4840 square meters or .405 hectares

It is often difficult to visualize just how big 5 acres is unless you make comparisons. In simplified terms, if you want to learn how big 5 acres is, all you need to do is take the 43,560 square feet (one acre) and multiply it by 5 in order to get 217,800 square feet.

Home seekers can sometimes get confused when evaluating an acre of land, especially when they want to build their homes. This is because an acre is no longer used as a measurement for a property, but rather just for the plot of land.

So how big is 5 acres? Use the following examples right here to visualize 5 acres of land:

6 Examples of 5 Acres

4.5 Football Pitches

Almost 5 Football Pitches

5 acres is roughly around 4.5 football pitches. In the US, a professional football field has standard dimensions of 360 x 160 square feet. This includes the end of the field zones which equal 57,600 square feet or 1.32 acres.

To visualize 5 acres, simply picture 4.5 football fields side by side. This should give you a better idea of just how big 5 acres is.

5 Parking Lots or 700 Parking Spaces

5 Parking Lots or 700 Parking Spaces

Since most people are very dependent on automotive transport for getting to work or taking road trips, we need to think about where to store our cars. Whether you want to park your car outside your home’s driveway, in the street or in a parking lot near the mall or department store, you must think about the size of the parking space.

Now the reason we are talking about parking spaces is because picturing how big 5 acres is in your mind can be super easy if you take 5 parking lots into account. So 5 acres of land can fit around 5 parking lots. This provides enough space for 700 cars.

When an individual thinks about how to utilize their land for parking spaces, they tend to buy the plot in single, half, quarter or multiple acres.

For example, in a single acre parking lot, you will typically find 140 cars, while a 5 acre land can accommodate up to 700 automobiles inside it.

If your home is on 5 acres of land, you can easily accommodate 700 automobiles across the entire plot. To imagine the extent of how big 5 acres is, the Kew Gardens in southwest London, which is the largest botanical garden in the world, can only accommodate 272 parking spaces, so you’ll have more than double that number in your 5-acre plot of land.

2.5% of a Golf Course

2.5% of a Golf Course

In urban areas, a typical golf course is around 120 acres of land. But in rural areas where space is aplenty, golf courses are about 180 acres of land. Sounds huge, right? This makes 5 acres just 2.5% of a golf course!

378 Boxing Rings

378 Boxing Rings

A standard boxing ring has dimensions of 24 x 24 feet, which comes to 576 square feet. Therefore, one acre of land equals 75 boxing rings. This means 378 boxing rings equal 5 acres.

77 Tennis Courts (Doubles)

77 Tennis Courts (Doubles)

Double players use larger tennis courts than single players. The typical dimensions of a doubles tennis court are 78 x 36 feet, which equal 2808 sq ft. There are just over 77 doubles tennis courts in 5 acres of land.

Nearly 8000 Medium-Sized Onions!

Nearly 8000 Medium-Sized Onions!

Did you know you could fit 8000 medium-sized onions in 5 acres of land? Now that’s a lot of onions! But you don’t need to actually buy 8000 onions to try this trick. Just lay out rows of onions on the ground on a single acre of land with each row consisting of 5 inches. You will get 1584 onions. Multiply this by 5 to get 7920 onions.

Number of Houses that Fit on 5 Acres of Land

To be considered a large family house, the structure must be around 2500 square feet. This equals about half an acre. If you want to visualize a 5-acre area, then picture 88 large family homes next to one another. This should give you a good idea of how big 5 acres is.

Exploring 5 Acres of Land on Foot

If you want to take a walk across a 5-acre land, not only will you be getting some good exercise, but you’ll also get a better idea of how much time it will take you to explore the entire expanse of a 5-acre land.

5 perfect acres will have around 467 feet on each side. Multiply it by 4 and we will have the total distance of 4 sides, which is 1868 feet. Now let’s assume your walking pace is regular, not brisk. This means a regular walking speed is 3 to 4 miles per hour (or 15840 to 21120 feet per hour). This equals 264 to 352 feet per minute. 

At this pace to walk 1868 feet, you’ll need 5.3 to 7 minutes.

So how long does it take to walk across a 5-acre of land? The answer is 5.3 to 7 minutes at regular walking speed.

Final Thoughts

So 5 acres of land equates to 217,800 square feet (or 20234 square meters). These figures are hard to visualize, hence the reason we have provided you with some great examples above. The next time you want to plan how you’ll be using a 5-acre land, just picture a large family house with enough parking spaces and sports grounds to invite the whole neighborhood.

You can have all the tennis courts, golf courses, football or basketball grounds and parking spaces your heart desires on this amount of land. 5 acres is enough space to make dreams come true!


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