Guide to IKEA Cube Storage Box Size

IKEA Cube Storage Box Size

If you’re tired of your clutter taking over your life, it’s time to bring in the big guns: IKEA storage boxes! These bad boys are ready to tackle all of your mess and turn it into organized bliss. But before you pick up a DRÖNA, a BRANÄS, or a LEKMAN (these are IKEA storage box names, by the way), you should get a feel for how big they are.

IKEA cube storage boxes range in size from 28 × 28 cm to 33 × 33 inches (W × D). They’re usually a bit taller (1 to 5 cm on average) than there are wide and deep, so the majority of them are not perfect cubes.

In today’s guide, I’ll cover the various storage options available at IKEA, how to choose the right storage box sizes for your needs, and how to customize and decorate your storage cube.

Storage Options at IKEA

When it comes to storage solutions, many people turn to IKEA because of the wide variety of options available at reasonable prices. You could spend hours visiting the online store, only to end up more confused than ever. At the very least, if you do your shopping online, you won’t get lost in IKEA’s maze of walk-through catalogs.

Here are some popular storage options you can find at IKEA:

1. Shelving units

For those in need of some extra storage space, IKEA has a wide selection of shelving options, including the ever-popular Kallax series. Books, movies, games, and even ornaments can all find a home in one of these units. Inserts and accessories like doors, drawers, and baskets, are available for some units, allowing for further personalization of the storage system.

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2. Boxes and baskets

Boxes and baskets

Storage and organization solutions for clothing, linens, and household necessities can be found in IKEA’s many boxes and baskets, which come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles. Having a set of these is great for maintaining a uniform appearance and arranging smaller items.

3. Cabinets and cupboards

At IKEA, you can find a large selection of cabinets and cupboards in a variety of sizes and designs, perfect for stowing and arranging your dishware, cookware, and office supplies. The contents of some cabinets and cupboards can be concealed behind closed doors or in hidden drawers.

4. Closet organizers

IKEA has a range of closet organizers, including hanging organizers, shoe racks, and shelving units, which can help keep your clothing and shoes organized and easy to access.

5. Hooks and hangers

There is a wide variety of hooks and hangers available at IKEA, perfect for storing or displaying items that would otherwise be prone to cluttering the floor. The majority of the time, they are sturdy enough to hold coats, bags, hats, scarves, and a whole lot more.

IKEA also sells a variety of organizers and accessories, like drawer organizers and shelf liners, to help you make the most of your storage space, in addition to the aforementioned options. Consider the size, shape, and purpose of your belongings, as well as the layout of your home, when making a storage decision at IKEA.

IKEA Cube Storage Box Size

If you’re looking for cube storage boxes to spruce up your home, then there’s no better place to shop than IKEA. The only question is, what storage boxes are there, and how big are they?

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As indicated earlier in this guide, cube storage boxes at IKEA range from 28 × 28 cm to 33 × 33 cm, with heights that are usually 1 to 5 cm longer than their widths and depths.

Here, I’ll provide a comprehensive list of IKEA cube storage box dimensions based on type.

Storage box

Product NameDimensions (cm)Dimensions (in.)
DRÖNA33 × 33 × 3813 × 13 × 15
KOSINGEN33 × 33 × 3813 × 13 × 15
BLÄDDRA33 × 33 × 3813 × 13 × 15
LEKMAN33 × 33 × 3713 × 13 × 14.6
BULLIG32 × 33 × 3512.6 × 13 × 13.8
DRÖNJÖNS33 × 33 × 3713 × 13 × 14.6
TJENA32 × 32 × 3512.6 × 12.6 × 13.8
KVARNVIK32 × 32 × 3512.6 × 12.6 × 13.8
REJSA32 × 32 × 3512.6 × 12.6 × 13.8
KUGGIS30 × 30 × 3011.8 × 11.8 × 11.8
NIMM32 × 30 × 3011.8 × 11.8 × 11.8
SMARRA30 × 23 × 3011.8 × 9.1 × 11.8


Product NameDimensions (cm)Dimensions (in.)
TJILLEVIPS30 × 30 × 3511.8 × 11.8 × 13.8
BRANÄS32 × 32 × 3412.6 × 12.6 × 13.4
LABBSAL32 × 32 × 3412.6 × 12.6 × 13.4
KNIPSA32 × 32 × 3312.6 × 12.6 × 13
LUSTIGKURRE32 × 32 × 3312.6 × 12.6 × 13
PUDDA28 × 28 × 2311 × 11 × 9.1
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Drawer inserts

Product Name# of DrawersDimensions (cm)Dimensions (in.)
Kallax133 × 3313 × 13
Kallax233 × 3313 × 13

Mini chest

Product Name# of DrawersDimensions (cm)Dimensions (in.)
FLARRA233 × 3813 × 15
BLÄDDRA333 × 3813 × 15

Customizing Your Cube Storage Box

I don’t know about you guys, but even the storage boxes at IKEA can be a sight for sore eyes. Whether you want to add some color, pattern, or personality, I’ve got you covered. So, let’s get ready to turn your storage from dull to delightful!

  • Add removable wallpaper: Put up some removable wallpaper on the cube storage boxes’ fronts to liven up the space and make it more visually appealing. It’s a simple way to give your closet a new look without making any permanent changes.
  • Use washi tape: Thin and decorative, washi tape is available in a rainbow of colors and designs. Wrapping it around the edges or making designs on the fronts of your cube storage boxes is a great way to give them some personality.
  • Add magnets: Consider installing magnets on the cube storage boxes’ fronts if you frequently rearrange their contents. Magnets and magnetic tape can be used to hold photos, notes, and other items in place.

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