What Are the Loungefly Backpack Sizes?

Loungefly Backpack Sizes

If you visit a Disney or Universal theme park, you’ll undoubtedly come across a Loungefly store sometime during your trip. Loungefly is a brand that sells all sorts of themed souvenirs, such as wallets and backpacks with Disney characters on them. So, how big are Loungefly backpacks?

Loungefly backpacks come in 2 sizes—standard and mini. The size of standard Loungefly backpacks measures around 10 × 13 × 4.5, whereas mini backpacks measure around 9 × 10 × 4 inches.

In this guide, I’ll talk about what Loungefly is all about, what backpack sizes you can hope to expect, and where you can go to score Loungefly merch.

What Is Loungefly?

Loungefly is a brand that makes and distributes all sorts of creative knickknacks, from coin purses to Mickey Mouse ears and backpacks. However, the brand’s line of backpacks is what most people are after.

If you step foot in a Loungefly store, you’ll find the walls decorated with all sorts of backpacks that include Disney, Pokémon, and Nickelodeon characters from your favorite franchises. If there was a cartoon or movie character that you hold dear in your heart, you’ll most likely find a backpack with that character’s face on it.

Contrary to popular belief, Loungefly isn’t owned by Disney. It’s actually a part of Funko, the very same company that creates millions and millions of fun, collectible dolls. While Loungefly only makes up a tiny proportion of Funko’s sales, that’s still hundreds of millions of dollars in backpack revenue!

So, what exactly sets Loungefly apart from the dozens of other backpack and knickknack makers out there? While there is a pretty wide selection of backpacks to choose from, Loungefly limits how many of each backpack style make it to retailers. Basically, every backpack you see will eventually be pulled off the shelves to make room for new backpacks.

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Loungefly makes specific backpacks for specific retailers. Disney theme parks will sell Disney backpacks, while other places may not carry the same exact style. In addition, even though Loungefly has thousands of backpack styles, some are a lot rarer than others, possibly making a specific backpack worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars now or sometime in the future.

Loungefly Backpack Sizes

If you take a look at the Loungefly website and navigate to the selection of backpacks, you’ll discover that there are two sizes—standard and mini. However, mini backpacks are a lot more common than standard-sized ones, even though their differences are negligible at best.

Standard Loungefly backpacks measure around 10 × 13 × 4.5 inches (W × H × D), whereas mini backpacks are around 9 × 10 × 4 inches.

So, what exactly can you fit inside a Loungefly backpack? Not much, but don’t feel discouraged about buying one. Loungefly backpacks are typically made to hold everything you’d ever need in a single day at a theme park. There’s enough space to store sunglasses, bottled drinks, several snack packs, and even extra shirts and sandals.

Loungefly backpacks are pretty standard in terms of design. They will come with a main compartment and a smaller zippered front pocket. The front pocket is spacious enough to hold your car keys, smartphone, and travel documents.

Where Can You Buy Loungefly Backpacks?

If you’re interested in starting a collection of Loungefly backpacks, the simplest way is to check out the official website. There, you’ll see the selection of common bags—i.e., those that are almost always available at most retailers.

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However, if you have your eye on a specific Disney or Universal character, your best bet is to head on over to the nearest theme park and see what it has in store. Please note that some Disney stores might not carry the same exact backpack style you’re looking for.

Alternatively, you can check out official retailers either online or in-store. Some of the more well-known places that stock up on Loungefly backpacks include:

  • 707 Street
  • Comic Spot
  • Eight3Five
  • LA Style Rush
  • Modern Pinup

Can You Preorder Loungefly Backpacks?

Loungefly backpacks are so in-demand that you can preorder specific models. At the beginning of every month, Loungefly releases a catalog that lists the upcoming selection of new backpacks. Although you won’t receive your backpack immediately, you’re guaranteed a bag even if (or when) it sells out.

Certain online retailers will also release their own lists of Loungefly backpacks available for preordering. Some of them even offer membership discounts and rewards. However, the preordering policies may vary. You may have to pay a deposit to claim an upcoming bag. Sometimes, you won’t have to pay a dime when preordering a bag, but you’ll have to confirm your purchase and settle the bill mere minutes after the backpack is ready to be shipped out, which can be around 12:00 AM EST.

How to Tell Whether a Loungefly Backpack Is Fake

Unfortunately, due to the high popularity of Loungefly backpacks, as well as the rarity of certain styles, counterfeiters have decided to earn a dishonest buck through consumers’ ignorance.

To tell whether or not your Loungefly backpack is fake or not, look for the following signs:

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Sloppy stitching

A telltale sign that your Loungefly is counterfeit is if it comes with sloppy stitching or loose threads. This will become more apparent in corners and round patches. If there are horns or portions of the backpack that jut out of the main body, you’ll find the threads coming loose around the edges. In extreme cases, the thread will be frayed despite being “brand new.”

Floppy straps

The straps on a Loungefly backpack will most often be filled with padding from top to bottom. If there is a flat section on the top or bottom portion of the strap, it’s almost guaranteed that the backpack is fake. The straps should jut out slightly from the back of the backpack, not lie flat against it.

Paper packaging

Most Loungefly backpacks will come with foam inserts on the inside. Fake Loungefly backpacks will most likely come with brown paper packaging, which doesn’t produce crisp corners the same way foam inserts do. This isn’t a clear-cut sign, but it’s definitely a red flag.


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