Standard Name Tag Size and Guideline (with Drawings)

Standard name tag size

Name tags are great for introducing yourself without having to tell your name to others. However, the name tag should be large enough to fit your name, but for the most part, name tags come in a single size.

The standard name tag will measure 1.5 × 3 inches (38 × 76 millimeters). However, you can find name tags in a variety of sizes, including oversized name tags that measure over 5 inches (127 millimeters) in width.

If you’d like to learn more about name tag sizes, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need to have name tags printed for an upcoming company function or just want to sport on for fun, you can learn all about name tag sizes and dimensions in the following sections.

Name Tag Sizes

Common Name tag sizes

As I previously stated, name tags can come in a wide assortment of sizes. While the standard name tag measures 1.5 × 3 inches (38 × 76 millimeters), you can find name tags that are much smaller and much, much larger.

After scouring the internet for a while, I’ve discovered the following name tag dimensions.

Name Tag SizesDimensions (L × W)[AKN1] [AKN2]
Extra Small1.5 × 1.538 × 38
Small1.5 × 238 × 51
Standard1.5 × 338 × 76
Large1.5 × 438 × 102
Extra Large2 × 551 × 127
XXL4 × 8102 × 203

To be frank, name tag dimensions are virtually limitless. There are some retailers who can provide custom-sized name tags for any length and width you want. So, if you’re feeling silly, you can get name tags in the shape of bow ties that measure 10 × 4 inches (251 × 102 millimeters).

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Name Tag Label Sizes

A name tag label differs from traditional name tags in their adhesive backs that stick onto the front of the wearer’s shirt. The standard name has the same measurements as a regular name tag—1.5 × 3 inches—but it has rounded corners instead of sharp corners.

Something worth mentioning is that you can print text and images directly onto name tag labels. So, if you want to assign name tag labels to your guests, then you can run a sheet of eight or ten name tag labels through a printer.

After a bit of searching, I’ve found that there are two commonly used name tag label sizes, namely:

  • 1.5 × 3 inches (38 × 76 millimeters)
  • 2.438 × 3.75 inches (62 × 95 millimeters)

When printing individual names onto name tag labels, make sure you adjust the sheet size in the printer’s properties settings before hitting the print button.

Other Kinds of Name Tags

So far, we’ve gone over name tags and name tag labels. But what other name tag types are there, and how do they differ in size?

Generally speaking, you’ll come across the following name tag types:

  • Clip-on Name Tags—this name tag consists of a dense plastic “envelope” and a clip-on mechanism at the back. The plastic casing is large enough to house a name tag (usually the standard size), while the clip-on can be fastened onto the wearer’s shirt, jacket pocket, or lapel.
  • Pin Name Tags—this name tag also has a transparent envelope, but it also has a safety pin in the back that allows the wearer to securely pin the
  • Lanyard Name Tags—this type of name tag consists of a plastic envelope and a lanyard. The wearer can insert a name tag or label inside the plastic envelope and slip the lanyard around their neck or slip it through the belt loop of their pants.
  • Magnetic Name Tags—this type of name tag consists of two parts: a metallic plate with the wearer’s details etched in, and a magnetic holder. The wearer can insert the magnetic holder inside their shirt to keep the metallic plate in place. They are costlier than the other name tag types, so smaller magnetic name tags are preferable to oversized ones. Please note that if you choose magnetic name tags, you will have to get the wearer’s details professionally etched or lasered onto the metallic plate.
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What Size Name Tags Do I Need?

What Size Name Tags Do I Need

For the most part, you can get by with the standard name tag or name tag label size of 1.5 × 3 inches. However, if you want to allow your guests to paste their own pictures onto the name tag or name tag label, then you will have to take the size of the picture into consideration.

Generally speaking, people will print ID-sized photos (86 × 54 millimeters or 3.4 × 2.1 inches). However, based on the photo size regulations you set for your party guests, you can let them print their headshots to any size they want. They just have to be smaller and narrower than the dimensions of the name tags you provide.

You can take a look at my guide on Wallet Size Photo Dimensions at Walmart to see what the most common picture dimensions are. However, if you’re short on time, I’ll give you a quick summary below:

Dimensions (L × W)
2.5 × 3.564 × 89
4 × 4102 × 102
4 × 5.3102 × 135
4 × 6102 × 152
5 × 5152 × 152
5 × 7152 × 178
8 × 8203 × 203
8 × 10203 × 254

What Should You Put on a Name Tag?

Knowing what you want your guests to write or print on a name tag can help you find the correct name tag size. After all, you should allow enough space on the name tag to contain all relevant information without forcing your guests to write in tiny, borderline illegible print.

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In general, a name tag will contain some of the following points of information:

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Affiliation/Company Name
  • Job Position

The more details you request your guests to print, the more space you should allow your guests to handwrite their details on the name tag.


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