Subaru Outback Trunk Dimensions and Guidelines

Subaru Outback Trunk Dimensions

For those that want to purchase a Subaru Outback in the near future, or if you’re just browsing the internet and looking at car specs for some reason, you should probably get a feel for how much trunk space it has. The Subaru Outback looks like a hybrid between a sedan and a hatchback, but it sports a larger trunk than either of those vehicle types.

The 2022 Subaru outback has a trunk that measures roughly 42 × 43.3 × 32.1 inches (107 × 110 × 82 centimeters). The total amount of space in the trunk is 32.5 cubic feet (0.9 cubic meters) but is expendable to 75.7 cubic feet (2.1 cubic meters) by folding the rear seats down.

If you’d like to learn more about the Subaru Outback’s dimensions, including its trunks, keep scrolling down.

A Quick Glance at the 2022 Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback has been around since at least 1994. The first-generation model came with many of the same features as the Legacy model of that year.

As the years went by, the Legacy evolved to become a full-sized sedan. The Outback, on the other hand, maintained a sedan/hatchback hybrid appearance that made it more accommodating toward large families.

Today, we have the sixth-generation 2022 Subaru Outback. What sets this model apart from the rest is the addition of the Wilderness trim. What sets it apart is its increased ground clearance, enhanced suspension, all-terrain tires, and cosmetic upgrades that give off a more macho appeal.

The 2022 Subaru Outback also has a total of 109 cubic feet (3.1 cubic meters) of passenger room divided between a total of five passengers, as well as the STARLINK Multimedia System that features two 7-inch touchscreen panels, SiriusXM, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, among other things.

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If you’d like to learn more about the 2022 Subaru Outback and all its glory, you can check it out at the official Subaru website or check out the nearest trusted Subaru dealer near you.

Subaru Trunk Dimensions

2022 subaru outback trunk dimensions

To learn all about the 2022 Subaru Outback’s specifications, you can take a look at the official Outback e-book (PDF). If you don’t have time to go through the entire 4-page manual, here are some highlights of the trunk/cargo specs.

Interior Dimensions
Cargo Width between Wheelhouses43.3 inches (110 centimeters)
Cargo Length—Backseats Raised42 inches (107 centimeters)
Cargo Length—Backseats Folded75 inches (191 centimeters)
Cargo Area Height32.1 inches (82 centimeters)
Cargo Volume—Backseats Raised32.5 cubic feet (0.9 cubic meters)
Cargo Volume—Backseats Folded75.7 cubic feet (2.1 cubic meters)

The 2022 Subaru Outback model weighs around 3,657 lbs, while most Subaru versions will be between 3,600 and 3,900 pounds in weight.

Differences Between 2022 Subaru Trim Options

Subaru has prepared eight different trim options for its latest Outback—namely, the standard Outback, the Outback Premium, the Outback Limited and Limited XT, the Outback Touring and Touring XT, and Outback Onyx Edition XT, and the Outback Wilderness.

In terms of cargo space, you will not find a single inch of difference between the Outback trim types.

However, there are minor differences worth noting if you’re in the market for a brand-new 2022 Subaru Outback. Some of these differences include:

  1. Miles per gallon
  2. Engine
  3. Leather-Trimmed Upholstery
  4. Power Tilt
  5. Sliding Moonroof
  6. Wheel Size
  7. Ground Clearance
  8. Hexagonal LED Fog Lights
  9. Passenger Volume
  10. Number of USB Charging Ports
  11. STARLINK LED Display Size
  12. Number of Speakers
  13. 46 LTE Connectivity
  14. Interior and Exterior Cosmetic Differences
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You can take a look at the Outback Comparison page to see the exact differences between Trim types in greater detail.

FAQ About the Subaru Outback’s Trunk

1. Can I fit a car inside a Subaru Outback’s trunk?

The folks at The Home Theater DIY say that your TV should sit upright while transporting it from the store to your home. In addition, you should know the exact measurements of the TV (not just the marketed display size), as well as the size of the box, before stuffing it into your Outback’s trunk.

So, assuming you want to transport a 40-inch TV, the box will measure about 46 × 8 × 30 inches. Mathematically speaking, a Subaru Outback could fit around 5 40-inch TVs in the trunk.

2. Will a couch fit in the trunk of an Outback?

It really depends on the couch’s dimensions. For instance, if we took the standard couch dimensions of 84 × 40 × 33 inches, it’s clear that the length of the couch is about 9 inches longer than a Subaru Outback’s 75-inch cargo length with its rear seats folded down.

On the other hand, if you want to transport a 26.4 × 37.8 × 26.8-inch sofa chair in your Outback, the cargo space may be able to accommodate at least 2 of them in one trip. However, it might take a bit of Tetris-ing on your part.

3. How do you measure cargo space?

The general way to measure cargo space is by multiplying the trunk’s length, width, and height figures together. However, this will not accommodate for any fixtures or empty pocket spaces in the trunk that affect cargo space. This is the reason that multiplying the Outback’s trunk dimensions (42 × 43.3 × 32.1 inches) together will not produce 32.5 cubic feet exactly.

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4. How can I maximize my Outback’s cargo space?

There are several accessories you can get for your 2022 Subaru Outback to increase cargo space. Now, please note that these parts will not physically expand the trunk’s dimensions, which is impossible. Instead, they merely attach to the roof, back, or help you tow trailers and caravans with a hitch ball. Check out my guide on Hitch Ball Sizes if you want to know the perfect trailer hitch for your Outback.

5. How much cargo space do I really need?

This is one of the more crucial questions you should ask yourself before buying a Subaru Outback or any car, for that matter. For instance, if you want to drive a car out of town on multi-day trips with your family, bigger is almost always better. On the other hand, if you want a car for commuting to and from work every day, a car with spacious trunk space, such as the Subaru Outback, may be overkill.


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