The North Face Backpack Sizes and Guidelines

The Northface Backpack Sizes

The North Face is a backpack brand that many travelers rely on to keep their belongings safe and dry during long hikes and backpacking trips. The American outdoor recreation products brand caters to people of all ages and genders. So, what backpack sizes does The North Face make?

The measurements of each The North Face backpack vary from model to model. You will find the following capacities down below:

  • Women and girls—Less than 20 to 59 liters
  • Men—Less than 20 to more than 60 liters
  • Boys—Less than 20 to 59 liters

In today’s guide, I’ll go into greater detail about The North Face backpack styles and sizes, as well as what makes The North Face so popular among travelers.

The North Face Backpack Sizes

Like almost every other backpack manufacturer out there, The North Face does not follow a single sizing formula for all of its backpacks. Although two backpacks might be made for the same purpose—e.g., climbing—they could have vastly different measurements and storage capacities.

Below, I’ll list some of the top-selling The North Face backpacks for men, women, and children, as well as their physical measurements and capacities.

Backpack ModelMeasurements (W × H × D)Volume
Men’s Recon Backpack11.6 × 19.3 × 7.5 in.30 liters
Men’s Surge Backpack12 × 20 × 7 in.31 liters
Men’s Router Backpack12.9 × 21 × 9 in.40 liters
Men’s Jester Backpack11 × 18.13 × 8.25 in.28 liters
Men’s Commuter Roll Top Backpack10.8 × 14 × 5.1 in.23 liters
Men’s Terra 55 Backpack12.6 × 24 × 9.8 in.55 liters
Women’s Jester Backpack11 × 17.25 × 6.75 in.27 liters
Women’s Recon Backpack11.6 × 19.3 × 7.5 in.30 liters
Women’s Router Backpack10.8 × 18.9 × 7.5 in.30 liters
Women’s Surge Backpack12 × 20 × 7 in.31 liters
Women’s Router Backpack12.5 × 21 × 9 in.40 liters
Women’s Vetro 18 Backpack9.7 × 18.7 × 6.3 in.18 liters
Women’s Hydra 38 Backpack13.2 × 22 × 10.2 in.38 liters
Boy’s Youth Terra 55 Backpack14.2 × 22.4 × 13.4 in.55 liters
Boy’s Youth Mini Explorer Backpack8.875 × 11.875 × 5.5 in.10 liters
Girl’s Youth Mini Recon Backpack10.375 × 15.625 × 5.75 in.19.5 liters
Girl’s Sprout Backpack11.5 × 8.5 × 5 in.10 liters
Girl’s Youth Mini Explorer Backpack8.875 × 11.875 × 5.5 in.10 liters
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What Types of Backpacks Does The North Face Make?

Although The North Face is known for making outdoor recreation gear, including hiking and climbing bags, you’ll find on the official website that the company also makes ordinary “lifestyle” backpacks.

The North Face lifestyle backpack is a bag that can be used for everyday use. It will come with a decent storage capacity (usually around 30 liters), as well as fewer compartments for storing large items.

The North Face Backpack Features

Here, I’ll describe the various features you can expect to get in a The North Face backpack.

FlexVent Suspension System

This system is comprised of puffy shoulder straps, a rounded back, seamless stitching, and chemise fabric. The purpose of the FlexVent system is to allow for better air circulation on the wearer’s back, as well as provide comfort on the shoulders, back, and waist.

Laptop compartment

Inside the main compartment on lifestyle backpacks, you’ll find a pocket designed to store laptops, tablets, and other flat objects. It will not have a zippered top to give the user easier access to their delicate electronics.

Zippered front pocket

The size of the front pocket varies from model to model. Usually, the front pocket is reserved for smaller objects, including stationery, travel documents, sunglasses, and smartphones.


Most of The North Face’s backpacks are coated in reflective material. When you shine a light on the backpack, it will reflect some of that light right back, alerting others of the wearer’s whereabouts. This feature is a must-have for cyclists or anyone who travels in the dark.

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Side pockets

On one or both sides of the backpack, you’ll find tiny zippered or mesh pockets for storing water bottles and other objects for quick access.

Strap and buckle

Apart from the shoulder straps, the backpack will also come with a sternum strap with a buckle. That way, the backpack doesn’t slip off the user’s shoulders and arms when hiking up steep surfaces.

Bungee straps

Some of The North Face’s backpacks will come with bungee straps on the exterior of the front panel. This system is used for carrying bulky items that don’t collapse, such as cookware, without taking up precious storage space in the main compartment.

Velcroed side straps

The more places you have to store your belongings, the more versatile your backpack becomes. Some lifestyle and climbing backpacks will come with an exterior side strap with a Velcro strip to store U-locks for bikes, as well as other small objects.

Why Is The North Face So Popular?

Basically, anything any outdoorsman or woman would want in a backpack, they will most likely find in a The North Face backpack.

The North Face is known for manufacturing highly durable yet ultra-lightweight backpacks that can hold a ton of your belongings. There is also a wide selection of backpacks to choose from, including backpacks for school and gym use.

For the most part, The North Face is known for the following things:


All of The North Face’s backpacks, not just the outdoors bags, are made of durable materials like polyester to resist water and keep your belongings safe from rain and snow. Also, customers claim that they still use the same The North Face backpack they purchased years ago, which is a testament to the brand’s attention to detail and quality.

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The North Face doesn’t prioritize function or fashion. You’ll find stylish backpacks for climbing and everyday use, either in the form of different colors or overall style.


It’s true that you get what you pay for, but even some of the cheapest The North Face backpacks (around $35) can withstand a ton of punishment. So, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive backpack for school or a high-end model for scaling steep mountains, you might find the perfect model at any price range.


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