6 Common Things that are 10 Meters Long

Things that are 10 Meters Long

If you want to understand what a 10-meter length would look like, then you can look at common objects with a similar measurement to get a rough idea, or even find items that have an exact measurement of this amount if you are concerned about accuracy.

Meters are part of the metric system that is prominent in the UK and Canada, whereas imperial measurements are more common in the US.

Ten meters converted to imperial measurements would be the equivalent of just under 33 feet, 32.8 feet to be exact. In inches, this would be a measurement of 393.7 inches.

10 strides

10 strides

A quick and easy way to get an idea of how far 10 meters is, is to simply get up and walk it. The average adult stride is 1 meter in length, so if you take 10 steps, then you will have walked the distance of around 10 meters. This is by no means an accurate way of measuring distance, but it can be really useful for getting an approximate size.

If you want to measure the footprint of a building, for example, you could walk the perimeter of the building while counting your strides. Or to measure how big a piece of land is, such as a yard, then walk across it while counting your strides.

If you are trying specifically to get a 10-meter measurement, then start out at a set point such as a wall or a marked-out area on the ground, and then walk 10 steps. When you look back and see how far you have come, you will have a distance between yourself and the marker of around 10 meters.

5 Queen mattresses

5 Queen mattresses

A queen-size mattress measures 80 inches in length, which is the equivalent of 2 meters. This is a very popular size of bed for adults because it can accommodate even taller people without their feet hanging over the end of the bed and give people plenty of their own space to sleep in without the bed taking up an excessive amount of space in a bedroom.

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Queen mattresses are a standard size across the board so that they are compatible with different brands of bedsheets and bed frames. If you want to get a good idea of how long 10 meters would look like, you could visualize 5 queen mattresses lined up in a row, lengthways.

If you have the capacity to physically lay out 5 queen mattresses, then this, of course, will give you an accurate 10-meter measurement, but unless you own a bed store, then this is unlikely to be feasible!

School bus

School bus

American school buses come in different sizes to suit the needs of the local community. Rural schools may have smaller buses that are referred to as minibusses, whereas heavily built-up areas might require larger buses to accommodate all of the students.

However, the standard school bus, which is the most commonly seen type of school bus in the US, has a length measurement of 10.6 meters, which is just a little over 10 meters. This bus can seat 65 passengers and is the equivalent of 35 feet in length.

Most people will have seen a school bus driving around their town, or will have sat upon one themselves, so if you want to get a mental picture of how long 10 meters is, then you can summon up a visualization of a standard school bus.

Cherry tree

Cherry tree

The sweet cherry tree is the most common species of a cherry tree and has the botanical name Prunus avium. These trees are expected to grow to a maximum height of 35 feet, though some will top out at 25 feet.

The final height of a tree will be determined by its health and its growing conditions, including the local climate and the amount of water and sunlight it gets. On average, the sweet cherry tree will grow to 30 feet in height, which is the equivalent of 9.14 meters.

If you have a mature cherry tree in your garden or in your local area, then you can look at the height of one of these trees to get a clearer idea of how large 10 meters is.

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Squash court

Squash court

Squash, also known as hardball squash, is a racket sport that is played on a court surrounded by walls on all 4 sides. This sport can be played by two players for a singles match, or a doubles match will require four players.

This is a very fast-moving sport that is often compared to tennis, but aside from the fact that rackets are used, it actually holds very few similarities. A squash court has standard dimensions of 6.4 meters in width and 9.75 meters in length.

If you want to get a clear idea of how big 10 meters is, then you could visit a squash court and check out the length, as this will be very close to the target measurement of 10 meters.

3 Storey home

3 Storey home

The standard family home is often considered to be one that has 2 stories, but there are also many family homes that are spread over 1 story or 3 stories. Three-story homes are especially popular in heavily populated urban areas because they allow people to have a home with a greater amount of square footage but with a smaller footprint, therefore allowing a greater amount of homes to be built in an area.

The average height of a 3 story home is 33 feet, which is the equivalent of almost exactly 10 meters. This will cover the home from the point where it touches the ground, right up to the top peak of the roof.

If you have a 3 story home or have seen examples of this type of house in your community, then you could use this as an example or comparison of what a 10-meter length would look like.

Telephone pole

Telephone poles range in height, with some of the tallest telephone poles reaching lengths of 120 along highways. However, in residential areas, telephone poles that measure 30 feet in height are much more commonplace.

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These are the types of telephone poles you can expect to see on streets with multiple homes lining them. 30 feet translates to just over 9 meters, so although this is not quite 10 meters in length, you could look to residential telephone poles to get a rough idea of how tall 10 meters is.

5 front doors

The average height of a front door is 2 meters. This makes sense when you think about the average height of people, which is around 1.8 meters. This door height will allow the vast majority of humans to be able to easily access properties without having to bend over or face the humiliation of banging their heads into the overhead door frame.

As most front doors are 2 meters tall, this means that you would need to stand 5 front doors on top of each other to reach a total height of 10 meters.

This, of course, isn’t a practical challenge, but as everyone will have access to a front door of some sort, it provides a useful way for being able to mentally gauge how tall 10 meters would be.

2 pickups

The average length of a pickup truck is a little over 16 feet, for example, a Nissan Navara, which measures 16.3 feet in length. Two pickup trucks parked back to back would equate to between 32 and 33 feet, which translated to the metric system of measurements would be roughly the equivalent of 10 meters.

If you want to get a good idea of how big 10 meters is, then just look in a car park at any average-sized pickup truck and visually double it in your mind.

Or, for a more physical representation of 10 meters, park two pickup trucks, one in front of the other, and get them as close as you can without actually crashing them into each other. The total length from the front end of the first pickup truck to the back end of the second pickup truck will be approximately 10 meters.


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