Things That Are 16 Feet Long

things that are 16 feet long

16 feet is equivalent to 4.8768 meters. That’s almost 3 times the average height of an American male adult. In today’s article, I’m going to show you some more common objects that measure 16 feet long. They might not get you exact measurements like a tape measure could, but at the very least, they’ll get you pretty close. Let’s get started!

1 Canoe

1 Canoe

Do you enjoy rowing through calm lake waters on occasion? If so, then there’s a pretty good chance that the canoe you have hanging on your wall is around 15 feet long. In reality, most canoes measure between 16 and 18 feet, so a single canoe may give you the exact length you want to measure.

For those that prefer kayaking through treacherous whitewater rapids, you should know that the average kayak measures about 10 feet long. So, about 1.5 of them should get you around 16 feet, minus the length of a footlong sub.

3 Ping Pong Tables

3 Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong is a sport that everyone can enjoy, even if 99% of the people you play against don’t really know what to do with the paddle. Ping pong tables can come in all sorts of sizes to suit any room you have in your home or office.

The standard ping pong table size is somewhere around 5 feet wide by 9 feet long. If you can imagine placing three of these tables side by side, their widths would be just a foot under 16 feet. Placing 2 of them lengthwise would get you 2 feet beyond the 16-foot mark.

31 White Claw Cans

31 White Claws

Seeing as how everyone and their grandmothers are drinking White Claw hard seltzer water, it makes perfect sense to use the cans as measuring tools. White Claw cans, as well as Red Bull and tall Coke cans, measure 6.125 inches tall.

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So, if you’re a hardcore White Claw drinker, stacking 31 cans on top of each other should you get pretty close to 16 feet. In reality, you’d be about 2 inches shy of 16 feet, which is about the diameter of a White Claw can. Alternatively, you can stack 40 standard 12-fluid-ounce soda cans since each of them stands 4.83 inches in height.

3 Vending Machines

3 Vending Machines

Vending machines are great for a number of reasons. They always show up in public places and commercial buildings whenever we’re in the mood for a quick snack or fizzy drink. What many people don’t consider when looking at vending machines is their dimensions—they’re too busy deciding what food or beverage to order.

For the curious, a vending machine can stand up to 79 inches tall. So, impossibly stacking 3 of the largest graphic vending machines you’ve seen will give you a collective height of roughly 237 feet—about a baseball bat’s length beyond 16 feet.

3 Large Hay Bales

3 Large Hay Bales

Here’s an object that all the farmers and farming aficionados will know. The dimensions of a hay bale range from 35 inches long all the way up to 6 feet in diameter (large rolled-up hay bales). If you have a stack of small hay bales on hand, you’ll need to place about 5.5 of them lengthwise to get to 16 feet.

As for those who shop for larger hay bales for their lower cost per pound, 3 large hay bales will get you to 15 or 18 feet, depending on how you orient them.

2 Treadmills

2 Treadmills

Having a treadmill at home can be an excellent way to stay in shape when it’s snowing or raining outside. There are all sorts of different treadmills sporting different brand names, and many of them come with high-tech features, such as TVs and speakers for blaring music.

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While treadmills can come in all sorts of lengths, the standard treadmill typically measures roughly 81 inches long. So, placing 2 of them lengthwise would get you just 30 inches (the height of an office desk lamp) short of 16 feet.

7 40-inch TVs

7 40-inch TVs

Did you know that if you place 7 40-inch TVs side by side, they will give you a collective width of around 16 feet? The way you calculate the dimensions of a 40-inch TV isn’t by looking at the marketed display size. Knowing the aspect ratio and a bit of simple mathematics will help you understand the physical dimensions of any TV.

For instance, a 65-inch TV with a 21:9 aspect ratio will measure 59.74 inches wide, so you would only need 3 of them to reach 16 feet. Oddly enough, you would need just as many 75-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio TVs to measure 16 feet, give or take a few inches.

Axe Throwing Distance

Axe-Throwing Distance

Do any of you guys enjoy competitive axe throwing? If so, then you’re probably more familiar with the World Axe Throwing League’s Code of Conduct than I am. But what I do know about axe throwing is that the thrower needs to stand 15 feet (12 inches shy of 16 feet) to throw small axes, or hatchets, at the 50 × 68-inch target.

If you enjoy throwing larger axes, you would have to step back 2 more feet from the 15-foot mark (1 foot beyond 16 feet) before throwing your big axe at the target.

2022 Subaru Outback

2022 subaru outback

It might sound like I’m promoting the 2022 Subaru Outback with 8 trim options, including the new Wilderness, and up to 75.7 cubic feet of trunk space, but in reality, I’m not. It just so happens that this vehicle can help you measure 16 feet pretty accurately.

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Regardless of the trim type, a Subaru Outback will measure 191.3 inches from bumper to bumper. That’s only 0.7 inches short of 16 feet. Alternatively, you can take a look at full-sized sedans or small SUVs to get pretty close to the 16-foot point.


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