Things That Are 18 Feet Long

Things that are 18 feet long

18 feet is identical to 6 yards, 216 inches, and 5.4864 meters.

While these figures can help you understand how long 18 feet is, they won’t give you an idea of what 18 feet looks like. However, you can use everyday items around you to help visualize what a certain length looks like.

Today, I’ll talk about 9 things that are 18 feet long. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell what 18 feet looks like by envisioning these items in your mind’s eye.

13 Metal Hangers

13 Metal Hangers

If you take a look in your wardrobe or closet, you’ll probably find a couple of metal hangers in there. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t use the more expensive wooden variety that’s supposedly longer-lasting and better for dress suits.

Anyway, if you do have a few metal hangers on hand, you will need about 13 of them to measure 18 feet in length. Each metal hanger measures 17 inches lengthwise, but it can stretch as far as 44 inches when straightened out. So, if you have straightened hangers, 5 of them would get you to 18 feet.

8 Skateboards

8 Skateboards

While skateboarding can be a dangerous sport, we can’t ignore its wide range of health benefits. Some of these benefits include pain tolerance (you’ll get used to falling), stress relief, and improved coordination and reflexes. So, if your child asks for a skateboard, you can weigh the benefits against the potential harms to decide whether or not to get them one.

However, if they don’t end up using the skateboard, you could use it as a measuring tool. Skateboards generally measure between 28 and 32 inches in length. So, you would need between 7 and 8 of them to visualize what 18 feet looks like.

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3 Garden Rakes

3 Garden Rakes

While rakes are mainly used for gathering fallen leaves during the autumn season, it’s possible to make use of them during the spring and summer. For instance, if you want to prepare a backyard garden but need to crush clumps of dirt, a standard rake can be of some help.

Garden rakes can be as stubby as 30 inches and as long as 70 inches. If you have a long garden rake, 3 of them would only get you 6 short of 18 feet. Feel free to use any of these things that are 6 inches long to add to the length of the garden rakes.

2 Single-Car Garage Doors

Single car Garage Doors

A garage can protect your car and all of your power tools from the elements. However, the most important component of a garage is the garage door. Without a failproof garage door, people could break in and enter your home through the garage and steal more than just your handyman tools.

On average, a garage door for a single-car garage will measure 9 feet wide. So, 2 of them will give you a collective width of 18 feet, which is precisely what we’re trying to measure. If you have a 2-car garage, you’re in luck—the door should measure close to or exactly 18 feet wide!

Width of Double-Car Driveway

Width of Double Car Driveway

Your home’s driveway does a lot more than just serving as a parking spot for your guests’ vehicles. You can install a 10-foot-tall basketball hoop or let your kids draw chalk mazes on the concrete surface. However, right now, we’re more interested in looking at the width of the driveway.

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The typical 2-car driveway measure 18 feet from side to side. Like a garage door, the driveway should allow at least 9 feet for each car. And just like garage doors, if your driveway is made for just a single car, you would need to multiply it by 2 to get 18 feet.

Shipping Container

Shipping Container

Many of you guys probably don’t have a shipping container at home. However, if you do decide to purchase one, you can turn it into all sorts of creative things, including a small restaurant, a portable restroom, and even a boutique.

Even if you don’t have a shipping container, you’ve probably seen one at least once in your life. If that’s the case, the typical shipping container will measure 20 feet long. That’s about the diameter of a roll of sod beyond the 18-foot mark.

4 Foosball Tables

Shipping Container

While playing soccer can help keep your weight in check, build muscle strength, and improve your running speed, not many of us (especially in America) are fans of the sport. If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather play table soccer, which normally goes by the name foosball.

Foosball tables come in an assortment of dimensions, but a competition-style foosball table measures 56 inches in length. Try imagining placing 4 of these tables in a straight line lengthwise, and they’ll give you a collective length of around 18 feet.

22 Strands of Spaghetti

22 Strands of Spaghetti

You’ve probably enjoyed a plate of spaghetti in the last year, at least. If you really want to spruce up your spaghetti dish, then you should learn how to prepare creative pasta dishes that you and your family will enjoy.

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Did you know angel-hair spaghetti traditionally measured 50 centimeters long? It wasn’t until relatively recent times that the pasta strands were cut shorter and shorter until they reached the 25-centimeter length we’re used to seeing today. So, if you took 22 strands of pasta, they would give you a total length of 18 feet, give or take a few centimeters.

20 Sheets of Paper

20 Sheets of Paper

One of the simplest ways to measure close to a foot long is by taking a sheet of letter-size paper. In reality, letter paper measures 11 inches long, so it’s only an inch shy of reaching a full foot. However, it’s an easily accessible guide that can come in handy when measuring feet without a tape measure.

In the case of measuring 18 feet, you would need about 20 sheets of letter paper to get there. In reality, 20 sheets would get you 4 inches past 18 feet. Check out this guide on things that are 4 inches long to subtract from the total length of 20 letter-size paper sheets.


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