11 Things That are 2 Feet Tall

Things that are 2 feet tall

Two feet is the same as 24 inches, which, in the metric system, is just shy of 61 cm.

To get a sense of how tall two feet is without having to whip out a tape measure, you should try familiarizing yourself with common household items that measure roughly two feet in length or height.

Below, I’ll show you 11 everyday things to help you envision how tall two feet is.

2 Subway Footlong Subs

2 Subway Footlong Subs

Most of you guys are probably familiar with Subway’s footlong subs. Since these sub sandwiches measure 12 inches in length, just imagine standing one footlong sub on top of another.

For those that aren’t fans of Subway footlongs, you should know that the average Subway sandwich measures six inches in length. So, to get the full 24 inches, all you have to do is envision four six-inch Subway sandwiches standing on top of each other vertically.

Coffee Tables or End Tables

Coffee Tables or End Tables

While coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they typically measure around 24 feet in height.

This is due to the fact that two feet is a suitable height for the majority of homeowners as it complements other pieces of furniture in living rooms.

If you can’t visualize a coffee table as a reference for two feet in height, you can replace it with the average end table.

A Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever

The average height of an adult male Golden Retriever is around 24 inches. On average, the shortest Golden Retriever should measure just under 22 inches tall.

While this dog breed is the most well-known, it’s not the most common that is kept as a pet. However, most people will have a good idea of how tall a Golden Retriever is due to its popularity.

On average, a male Golden Retriever can weigh up to 75 pounds. Females typically weigh as much as 70 pounds.

16-Week-Old Baby

16-Week-Old Baby

What might shock you is that a 16-week-old baby, which is roughly four months old, is about the same length as two footlongs.

However, this figure only applies to baby girls, as boys that age are about two inches taller on average.

Please keep in mind that how quickly a baby grows is dependent on how tall the baby was at birth. So, after the 16-week mark, your baby may have grown to be considerably taller than 24 inches.

2 2-Liter Soda Bottles

2 2-Liter Soda Bottles

On average, a two-liter soda bottle will measure between 12 and 13 inches in height. So, to achieve the full 24 inches, imagine standing one bottle on top of another.

Most of you will have empty soda bottles in your recycling bin. Just take them out and remember to untwist the cap before using them to measure.

¾ of a Man’s Stride Length

The average length of a man’s stride is about 30 inches across. To calculate two feet in length or height, imagine taking just ¾ of the stride length.

Of course, this depends on the man in question and how lanky they are. Factors such as height, age, terrain, and injury can contribute to stride lengths.

Using your stride, you can easily measure how long to build a backyard garden to estimate the perfect parking position for your car.

Garden Panels

For those that enjoy gardening, you can choose from a variety of ornamental garden panels. Most garden panels are sold at two feet in height.

If you plan on keeping small pets within the confines of your yard, the chances are that you will end up planting two-foot-tall panels along the perimeter.

Garden panels are available in all sorts of styles. The most popular of which are wired and folding garden panels.

24 Hockey Pucks

24 Hockey Pucks

An NHL-standard hockey puck is one inch in height. Using simple math, you can gauge two feet in height simply by stacking 24 hockey pucks.

Admittedly, most people don’t own two-dozen hockey pucks at home, but using just one hockey puck should help you figure out how to measure two feet.

If you want to measure horizontally, just note that a standard hockey puck is three inches in diameter. So, two feet in length is eight hockey pucks placed side by side.

A Medium Suitcase

A Medium Suitcase

If you’re an avid traveler, you probably have at least one medium-sized suitcase in your closet right now. You should also know that medium suitcases measure just under two feet in height.

Such a suitcase can hold as much as 19.8 gallons (75 liters) of clothing and other travel supplies. A medium-sized suitcase is great for four to seven-day-long journeys.

3 Male Hands or 3.5 Female Hands

3 Male Hands or 3.5 Female Hands

To measure how long or tall an object is, the simplest tool you can use is your own hand.

Ideally, you should measure the size of your hand from pinky to thumb. But without a tape measure, just follow the average hand sizes: 7.6 inches for men and 6.8 inches for women.

So, to measure 24 inches in height, visualize placing three male hands or 3.5 female hands side-by-side.

Similar to measuring stride length, several factors can affect the size of one’s hand.

About 3 No. 2 Pencils

About 3 No. 2 Pencils

Whether you’re working out of a garage workshop or installing cabinets, you should have at least one No. 2 pencil on your person.

An unshaved No. 2 pencil is 7.5 inches in length. To measure a full 24 inches using No. 2 pencils, stand three of the pencils on top of each other vertically.

While the end figure will only measure 22.5 inches in height, it will have a rough idea of how tall two feet is.


As you can see from the items listed above, there are several everyday objects you may have that measure two feet in height and length. You’ll need to keep this information in your back pocket whenever undergoing home renovations or working in your garden.

If you found this information valuable, or if you have any comments about the two-foot-tall objects I mentioned, please feel free to share this article with your friends or to leave a comment down below!


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