12 Things That Are 25 Feet Long

Things that are 25 feet long

If you need a measure of 25 feet and don’t have a measuring tape handy, it could be a tough number to estimate. Twenty-five feet is equivalent to 7.62 meters or 762 cm or 300 inches.

It is not easy to find too many 25 feet long things around us for reference, but you can use household items with smaller multiple measures a few times to reach the 25 feet mark. Also, large animals, buildings, vehicles, and spaces can give an approximate picture of the 25 feet measurement.

Here are a few things that are 25 feet long or can measure 25 feet.

1. Extension Cord

Extension Cord

Almost every household has an extension cord handy. It is a device that accommodates multiple plugs on a board, plugged into a single wall socket.

Extension cords come in lengths of 25, 50, and 100 feet. A 25 feet extension cord can be used as a reference to measure the same distance or length.

2. Garden Hose

Garden Hose

Refrigerators are a necessity of every kitchen. Available in various sizes and dimensions, a refrigerator keeps food cold and fresh.

A standard-size fridge in most households measures 6 feet in height. Four length measures of a standard-sized fridge will give you 24 feet, feet less than 25.

3. Four Refrigerators

Four Refrigerators

Refrigerators are a necessity of every kitchen. Available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, a refrigerator keeps food cold and fresh.

A standard-size fridge in most households measures 6 feet in height. Four length measures of a standard-sized fridge will give you 24 feet, feet less than 25.

4. Five Folding Tables/Benches

Five Folding Tables/Benches

Benches and folding tables are often found in households with gardens, parks, or large events. They are easily movable and usually measure 5 feet in length.

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Five such tables put or measured together will give you the measure of 25 feet.

5. A Two-Car Garage

A Two-Car Garage

In the garage, we all parked cars. On average, a garage that can accommodate two medium-sized vehicles is likely to measure approximately 20′ x24′

Accounting for this kind of garage and an extra foot will give you an idea of 25 feet.

6. Four Cars in Width

Four Cars in Width

Along with the garage, we can look at the size of a car. The average width of a car measures 6 to 6.5 feet. Therefore, four cars parked closely together, side-by-side, will give you a width of 25 feet.

The length of a mid-sized car is about 15-5 to 16 feet. So four lengths will give you close to 25 feet also.

7. Half Of A Semi-Truck Trailer

Half Of A Semi-Truck Trailer

We see trailers on the road quite often. Trailers hauled by semi-trucks are used to lug heavy vehicles, machinery, and goods.

The more giant trailer trucks usually measure 53 feet in length, while the smaller ones measure 48feet. Half of any of these trucks will give you an approximate figure of 25 feet.

8. Five Queen Size Mattresses

Five Queen Size Mattresses

Queen-size is the most commonly chosen mattress size of a regular household. A soft or firm mattress offers comfortable rest and sleep.

A queen-size mattress usually measures 5′ x 6.6′ and accommodates an average height person. To achieve a measure of 25 feet, measure the width of the queen-size mattress five times.

9. 20 Bowling Pins

20 Bowling Pins

Bowling is a game of precision, aim, and concentration. If you love bowling, you will know that a regular bowling pin measures 15 inches in height. It is a little over one foot.

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To acquire a measure of 25 feet or 300 inches, measure the height of a bowling pin 20 times.

10. Four Adults

Four Adults

The average height of a male varies from 5feet 9 inches to 6 feet. Imagine four adults standing on another’s shoulder to achieve an exact measure of 25 feet. So four toes to shoulder plus one head to toes height should give you an estimate of 25 feet.

11. 2.5 Alligators

2.5 Alligators

Please don’t risk your life to measure an alligator, but the average length of the fully-grown reptile varies from 10 to 14 feet. Picture a 2.5 fully-grown 10 feet alligators to fathom the length of 25 feet.

12. Two African Elephants

Two African Elephants

The African elephants are huge and majestic mammals and stand tall at an average height of 8.2 to 13 feet, measured from shoulder to toe. From the tip of the trunk to the end of the tail, the elephant measures approximately 23 to 29 feet long.

So imagining the length of one African elephant or two large ones on top of each other will give you an approximate 25 feet.


Although exact 25 feet items are not readily available in every household, it is not difficult to get an idea of this measure from things around us. A measuring tape is always the best way to achieve a correct measurement.

However, in the absence of this, Hopefully, the above items and things can give you a ball-point figure. We hope the list we shared will help you achieve the desired mark.


Baron Cooke has been writing and editing for 7 years. He grew up with an aptitude for geometry, statistics, and dimensions. He has a BA in construction management and also has studied civil infrastructure, engineering, and measurements. He is the head writer of measuringknowhow.com

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