7 Common Things That Are 3 Feet Tall

Things That are 3 Feet Tall

If you need to find out how tall 3 feet is without using a tool intended for measuring, you can instead use common objects and other things which we know to be approximately 3 feet and use them as a means of comparison.

Three feet is the equivalent of 36 inches because there are 12 inches in a single foot. In metric measurements, 3 feet can be converted to 91cm or 0.91 meters.

Kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertop

In the United States, the average height of a kitchen countertop surface is 3 feet. This is because kitchen units come in standard sizes, which are a comfortable height for average height people to prepare food at. The total height of a kitchen countertop will depend not only on the kitchen unit height but also the height of the toe-kick and the thickness of the countertop itself.

The height of a kitchen countertop can be adjusted to meet the needs of different people; this is ordinarily done by adjusting the height of the toe-kick, but you can also have custom kitchen units made if you need them to be significantly shorter or taller.

This might be the case in a kitchen intended to be used by people who are disabled or by someone who is very tall and does not want to get back pain from bending over a lot.

However, most people will have standard height kitchen countertops in their home, at an approximate height of 3 feet. As the vast majority of people will have access to a kitchen, whether that be at home or in a staff room at work, using a kitchen countertop as a common unit of measurement is very useful.

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Baseball bat

Baseball bat

Baseball bats can vary in length between 2 feet and 3 and a half feet. Each individual user may find they get along better with a shorter or longer type of baseball bat, and this is often dependent on the body size of the player. However, the average baseball bat sits at right around 3 feet in length.

This means if you want to find out how long 3 feet are, you can use a baseball bat for comparison. This could be done just by visualizing a baseball bat or by physically finding one in your garage.

Golf club

Golf club

A golf club is another type of sports equipment that stands around 3 feet tall. Golfers will know that there are many different types of clubs in a set, and these will vary in length. Typically, drivers are a little longer at almost 4 feet on average, while a 5-iron club is more like 3 feet.

If you have a set of golf clubs and need to know how long 3 feet is, then you can get your 5-iron out and use this as a means of comparison.


Golf club

Guitars are a popular type of instrument to learn. Children will usually start off with an acoustic guitar and potentially progress to an electric guitar when they are older. There are many different types of guitar available, and these can vary in length depending on the style and the manufacturer.

However, on average, guitars will measure 3 feet in length as this makes them a comfortable size to hold across the body, as well as being a size that produces the sound we all associate with guitars.

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If you want to find out how long 3 feet is without a measuring tool, then you could visualize guitar, or if you have access to a guitar at home or at school, you could physically hold one to get a more accurate idea of how tall 3 feet is.

Labrador retriever (nose to tail)

Labrador retriever (nose to tail)

The labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds of domestic dogs in the world. These much-loved pets are a favorite because they have a mild temperament which makes them suitable to have around children and other animals. Labrador retrievers love to please their owners, which makes them very easy to train as they are eager to learn and be rewarded with affection or treats.

A labrador retriever will be considered to be of adult size when it is just one year old, as these dogs grow quite quickly.

At full size, this breed of dog will measure approximately 3 feet long, from nose to tail. When using a labrador retriever as a comparison for a measurement, but sure to use the length of the dog rather than the height because the height will be closer to 2 feet.

Car tire

Car tire

The size of tire a car needs will be dependent upon the make and model of the car. You can generally expect that larger vehicles like pick-up trucks will need larger tires, while sedans will have smaller tires.

A very common size of wheel is 15 inches, and this will be compatible with a tire that measures 33 inches in diameter.

This is a little under 3 feet, with the inch measurement for 3 feet being 36 inches. This means that if you were to stand next to an average-sized tire, it will probably be just under 3 feet tall, giving you a good idea of how big this size is.

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Man’s waist height

Man's waist height

The average American male measures 5 feet and 10 inches, and the average waist height of an American male is around 3 feet. Of course, this sizing is going to vary between each individual, not just in terms of the total height but also in terms of where the waist sits.

Even for a man who is the average height of 5 feet and 10 inches, it is possible that he could have a longer than average torso, making the waist height lower, or a shorter torso with longer legs, making the waist height higher. However, in terms of averages and approximate heights, you can use a man’s waist height to give you a good idea of how tall 3 feet is.


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