9 Common Things That Are 3 Meters Long

Things That Are 3 Meters Long

Measuring distances with a ruler, tape measure, or laser measure is straightforward. You can also convert from standard imperial to metric units and back with ease. For instance, your measuring tool will tell you that 3 meters is about the same as 3.28084 yards, 9.84252 feet, and 118.11 inches.

Have you ever wanted to measure the length of something without a ruler or tape measure? While it can take years to master this skill, the next best thing you can do is to compare distances to objects.

In this guide, I’ll show you 9 things that are 3 meters long or close to it.

3 Large Movie Posters

3 large movie posters

If you’ve ever visited a movie theater recently, then you’ve probably seen all sorts of movie posters attached to the walls. These posters are designed to let you know what movies are going to hit theaters pretty soon or what movies are currently screening.

Large movie posters generally measure 36 inches in height, which is 3 feet. So, to get to 3 meters, you would need to gather around 3 large movie posters and place them on top of each other. You could also use medium-size movie posters (24 inches tall) but would need 5 of them to get close to 3 meters.

Smart Car

Smart Car

There are all sorts of reasons why one should consider owning a smart car. First, they use electricity to run rather than gasoline, which makes them a lot less harmful to our environment. Also, smart cars don’t up take as much road space due to their tiny sizes. So, if everyone switched to smart cars, the roads would be less jammed.

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Nowadays, you can find smart cars that measure around 101.6 inches from bumper to bumper. That’s only about a foot shy of the 3-meter mark. You can compensate for the missing foot by adding a foot-long Subway sandwich onto the end of a bumper.

2 Pool Cues

2 Pool Cues

While pool cues come in all sorts of lengths, the average player will typically use a cue that’s about 57 or 58 inches long, depending on how many pieces it comes in. So, if you took 2 average-sized pool cues and stuck them together, they would give you a collective length of about 114 to 116 inches, which is pretty close to the 3 meters.

The length of the pool cue will depend on the type of cue you use. For instance, jump cues can measure around 41 inches long (about 3 to get to 3 meters), whereas the longest pool cue ever would need to be cut in half to get close to 3 meters.

7 Concrete Blocks

7 conrete blocks

Concrete blocks are super-versatile building materials that you can use for all sorts of backyard projects. They typically measure between 4 × 8 × 8 to 12 × 8 × 16 inches, but that’s the nominal (marketed) dimensions. The actual measurements may be a few sixteenths of an inch shy of the nominal measurements.

Anyway, if you 7 16-inch-long concrete blocks and placed them side by side lengthwise, they would add up to around 3 meters. To measure 3 meters in height, you would need to stack 15 concrete blocks without mortar.

3 Meter-Long Charging Cables

3 Meter Long Charging Cables

One of the simplest ways to measure any object that is X meters in length is to use objects that are 1 meter long and multiply them by how many meters you want to measure. If you can’t guesstimate the height of a countertop or you don’t have 6 dollar bills in your wallet, you can use your USB charging cable instead.

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USB charging cables are generally sold as 1-meter-long units, so 3 of them would give you 3 meters in length. There are even 3-meter-long USB cables that may help you keep your phone charged while you use it in bed.

2 Rolls of Sod

2 Rolls of Sod

Rolls of sod are basically just patches of dirt and grass. People purchase rolls of sod to cover large grassless spots on their yards to give them a more uniform look. Rolls of sod come in a variety of lengths and widths, but on average, they measure about 5 feet in diameter.

5 feet is the same as 152 centimeters, so multiplying it by 2 would get you extremely close to 300 centimeters or 3 meters. You can also pick up slabs of sod, some of which are 61 centimeters long. So, 5 of them placed next to each other would equal a few centimeters over 3 meters.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees

Since 3 meters is so close to 10 feet, you could find any object that measures around 10 feet in length or height and use that as your reference. You can take a look at my guide on 9 things that are 10 feet long and pick any item you want.

If you’re short on time, a tall Christmas tree measures 10 feet or just shy of 3.05 meters tall. So, if you celebrated Christmas with a large tree last year, you should get a feel for its height to help you envision what 3 meters looks like.

Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong has a number of health benefits, including but not limited to improving coordination and reflexes. While it may not be a full-blown sport, at least here in the United States, it certainly is a popular one. In fact, your office break room might have a ping pong ball to help employees relax a bit.

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Depending on the size of the ping pong table, it might measure around 2.74 meters long. That’s about 10 inches shy of the 3-meter distance we want to measure by eye. You can use any of these 8 common things that are 10 inches long to make up for the missing distance.

1.5 King or Queen Mattresses

1.5 King or Queen Mattresses

Did you know that there is a difference between king and queen-size mattresses between the US and the UK? In the US, these mattresses are 80 inches long. In the UK, they’re 200 centimeters (78.74 inches).

So, 1.5 king or queen mattresses would either get you extremely close to or exactly 3 meters.

What is the conversion table for feet to meters?

Conversion Table for Feet to Meters:

Feet (ft)
Meters (m)

0.01 ft
0.003048 m

0.1 ft
0.03048 m

1 ft
0.3048 m

2 ft
0.6096 m

3 ft
0.9144 m

4 ft
1.2192 m

5 ft
1.5240 m

6 ft
1.8288 m

7 ft
2.1336 m

8 ft
2.4384 m

9 ft
2.7432 m

10 ft
3.0480 m

20 ft
6.0960 m

30 ft
9.1440 m

40 ft
12.1920 m

50 ft
15.2400 m

60 ft
18.2880 m

70 ft
21.3360 m

80 ft
24.3840 m

90 ft
27.4320 m

100 ft
30.4800 m


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