6 Things that are 5 Inches Long

Things that are 5 inches long

Figuring out the size of everyday items without using a ruler or tape measure can be very helpful. After all, we don’t always have a measuring tool on hand to know the size of an object. If you’re wondering how long or high 5 inches is, we can help you visualize this length by listing a number of things that are 5 inches long.

By comparing 5 inches to some common objects, you can easily visualize the length of an object without using a ruler. For example, a piece of copy paper is around 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Fold the copy paper in half, starting from the bottom to the top. It will give you around 5 inches. Note if you fold the copy paper from side to side, the measurement will be less than 5 inches. 

Did you know 5 inches equals 12.7 centimeters or 127 millimeters? But what about feet? 5 inches equals exactly 0.4176 feet. At the end of this article, we’ll give you further tips on how to measure an inch a ruler. First, let’s explore all the everyday items that are 5 inches long.

5 US Quarters or a Dollar Bill

5 US Quarter Coins

Ah, the trusty US quarter! It’s a coin that is small but mighty, measuring around 1 inch in diameter (0.955 inches to be precise). And did you know that with just a few of these shiny coins, you can cleverly measure 5 inches? Here’s how: simply line up five quarters in a row, one next to the other, and voila! You’ve got yourself a makeshift measuring tool that’s perfect for small measurements.

 A dollar bill 

US dollar bill is a treasure that can be found in wallets and pockets all across the land, and it measures approximately 6.14 inches in length. If you want to measure something 5 inches long with a US bill as your reference, you’ll need to fold the dollar bill in half lengthwise, and then fold it in half again.

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Next, fold one end of the bill up to the halfway point, and then fold the other end up to meet it. Unfold the bill, and you’ll have five equal sections that measure 5.84 inches each. With a little bit of approximation, you’ve got yourself a handy measuring tool that’s always at the ready!

Stationery Tools

Stationery items are the quickest and easiest things to estimate 5 inches. A standard size pen, for example, is 5 inches long. You can also compare 5 inches to a standard-size pencil before it is sharpened. Once it’s sharpened, it will increase in length by an extra 2 inches. Other stationary tools that measure 5 inches long include:

2.5 Pink Erasers

Pink Erasers A pink eraser is the most commonly found type of eraser in a stationary box. It is also referred to as an erasable rubber. Unlike blue or white erasers that are made using natural chalk powder or rubber latex, a pink eraser is made from a special type of synthetic rubber. It gets its pink color from the dyes added to the plastic material. A pink eraser’s length is about 2 inches. By putting 2.5 erasers next to each other side to side, it will equal 5 inches in length.

5 Paper Clips

5 Paper Clips A standard paper clip is usually 1 inch long, thus making 5 of them as long as 5 inches. If you have a paper clip in your stationery box, use it to accurately measure an inch. Knowing how long a paper clip is will help you picture 5 inches as all you need to do is line up 5 paper clips to come to the 5-inch estimation.

2 Adult Thumbs

2 Adult Thumbs A thumb measures about an inch in length starting from the tip of the thumb down to the top knuckle. This means that a full thumb length is around 2.5 inches in length, thus two adult thumbs put together will come to 5 inches. So the next time you don’t have any objects or measuring tools to accurately measure 5 inches, just use your two thumbs!

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A Soda Can

Soda Can A soda can is used for carbonated drinks. Each standard size metal can is around 16 ounces and made of thin metal so that it can be easily crushed for recycling. A soda can is just under 5 inches in height and 2.5 inches across the middle.

Drill Bit

If you’re doing handywork around the home and need to guesstimate 5 inches, just take off the bit from your power drill. The average power drill bit will measure roughly 6 inches long, so getting to 5 inches shouldn’t be too much of a hassle—just visually subtract 1 inch (or about the width of a quarter) from either end of the bit, and voila!

A Teaspoon

A Teaspoon A teaspoon is a typically small cutlery that measures 5 inches in length. It can be used for a number of things such as adding sugar to your tea or coffee, for stirring a hot beverage with cream or milk, for measuring the ingredients of a drink, for scooping yogurt into the bowl, or for eating ice cream.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 The iPhone 7 was released 5 years ago, but it wasn’t as popular as other smartphones. With this phone, you can use your fingers to access the apps and other functions. The easiest way to estimate 5 inches is by looking at your iPhone. This smartphone measures 5 inches in length while the newer versions are slightly larger.

2.5 AA Batteries

The AA battery is small but an essential source of power to keep our electronics up and running. They measure slightly less than 2 inches tall, and if you have spare batteries lying around, they can be the perfect object for measuring 5 inches without a ruler.

Place 3 AA batteries end to end and subtract the extra one inch from your mind’s eye. Just like that, you can tell how long or tall 5 inches looks.

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2 Tubes of Lip Balm

Lip balm is the trusty companion of every chapped-lip sufferer out there! This little tube of wonder has saved many a pout from the perils of dryness and cracking. With flavors ranging from classic mint to fruity watermelon, it’s the perfect way to add a little bit of fun to our daily routine.

The typical tube of lip balm is about 2.625 inches long, so standing one on top of the other or laying both of them flat end to end can help measure the length of about 5 inches.

Easy Ways to Measure an Inch Without Using a Ruler

  • Bend your index finger. The bone between your first and second knuckles is around 1 inch in length.
  • Hold your thumb against the object you wish to measure. The adult thumb measures about an inch starting from the tip to the knuckle.
  • Look at the width of your palm. The width is immediately underneath the knuckles, which measures about 4 inches on adults. This means 1 quarter would be 1 inch.
  • The last tip to measure 1 inch is to find a household object to help you visualize 1 inch. A short, flat-headed pin measures just over a quarter-inch in width and 1 inch in length. Another common object is a tea candle. This object measures around 1 inch in length and 1.5 inches in width across the bottom. A paper clip is another household item that measures 1 inch.

In Closing

Our above list of everyday objects that are 5 inches long should give you a better idea of how to estimate 5 inches by simply using your two thumbs or a common household item such as a teaspoon or soda can. Follow our tips on how to measure 1 inch so you can easily visualize 5 inches or any length without using a ruler or measuring tape.


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