Things that Are 6 Inches Long

Things that are 6 inches long

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to know the size of something, but you don’t have a ruler or tape measure handy, then it can be really useful to know the size of some standard everyday items that you can use as a comparison.

This is the sort of situation that might arise when you’re away from home, and you haven’t bought a measuring device with you, in which case you could have a rummage through your pockets or your bag and find something of a standard size, and use that as a guide to measuring your object of choice.

Here we will look at some common objects that have a length measurement of six inches. Knowing what common items measure six inches long is useful because you can then also use these items to help measure longer distances.

For example, if you have an item that you know is six inches long, you could lay this out one after the other to measure the width of a doorway, counting up in jumps of six. Items you may have to hand to help you measure in six-inch increments include:

Dollar Bills

Dollar Bills

If you need to find out how long something is, then look no further than your wallet for a measuring tool in a pinch. US dollar bills measure just over six inches in length, 6.14 inches to be precise.

The great thing about US dollar bills is that they are all the same size, so it doesn’t matter what the denomination is that you have in your pocket.

Any dollar bill will work to measure a rough six inches. This is unlike many other countries, where the paper currency comes in slightly different sizes depending on the amount it signifies.



The average toothbrush is six inches in length, as this seems to be the size that is most comfortable to hold for most people.

This, of course, only includes adult toothbrushes because children’s toothbrushes will usually be a little smaller to account for their smaller hands.

There are various sizes available for adult toothbrushes, as this is a measurement that will be personal to the user, with some people preferring longer toothbrushes and others getting on better with shorter toothbrushes. However, the average size of an adult toothbrush is six inches in length.

Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen will measure roughly six inches long, so you can use one of these to measure distances in increments of six. This measurement includes the pen cap or pen lid, so if you have lost the cap, then don’t use your ballpoint pen for six-inch measurements, as without the cap, it will actually be quite a bit shorter.

Ensure the cap is fixed onto the top of the pen where the ink comes out and not at the bottom of the pen, as this could also affect the measurement.

If you want to measure a longer length than six inches, you could grab a whole pack of ballpoint pens and line them up in a row, end to end, and then multiply the number of pens you have used by six to get your final measurement.

Other types of regular pens may also measure six inches, but it is the ballpoint pen that has the most standard length measurement.

If you don’t have a ballpoint pen to hand, then pens of a similar measurement should include marker pens, felt tip pens, and gel pens.



If you have a new pencil, then that pencil will measure six inches long and could be used as a device to measure roughly this length.

However, obviously, pencils become shorter when they are sharpened, so don’t fall into the trap of measuring six inches with any old pencil because you might find that it has been previously sharpened and therefore is actually shorter than you believe it to be.

When measuring with a pencil, be sure to always use a new pencil that has come right out of the pack.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog

You might get some strange looks if you start measuring items using a hot dog sausage, but it can be handy to know that the standard length of a hot dog is six inches!

If you’re a fan of hot dogs, then even just being able to visualize the length of this food in your head could help when someone asks how long six inches is, or, for example, if you are ordering an item online that is described as being six inches long, you could imagine a hot dog to get a rough idea in your mind of how large the item in question will be when it arrives.

Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife

There are many different types of knives, certainly in home kitchens, but even more so in professional kitchens. Here we are looking at the chef’s knife, which is a versatile knife with a slightly curved edge.

It is mostly used for preparing vegetables and chopping foods into small pieces because the curved edge makes it suitable for rocking backward and forwards on a chopping board to dice multiple items at once with accuracy.

This knife is six inches in length, which makes it a medium-sized knife compared with other kitchen knives. It is small enough to be easy to handle but large enough to deal with chopping bigger foods.

2x Credit Cards

2x Credit Cards

A credit card measures 3.3 inches in length, so if you need to estimate how long six inches is, you could line up two credit cards next to each other, and you will have a little over this amount.

Credit cards and debit cards are both the same standard size, so you can use these interchangeably for measuring three inches or six inches.

You could also use these to measure any number in denominations of three. For example, three credit cards lined up will measure roughly nine inches, four credit cards lined up will measure roughly twelve inches, and so on.


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