Things That Are 8 Feet Long

things that are 8 feet long

8 feet is the same as 2-2/3 yards, 96 inches, and 2.4384 meters. While knowing the equivalents of 8 feet can be somewhat helpful, they won’t be of much assistance when trying to visualize what 8 feet looks like.

For that, you’ll have to use examples of objects around you or that you’re familiar with. In this short guide, I’ll share with you X objects that measure close to or precise 8 feet long. That way, you will be able to tell what 8 feet looks like without having to whip out a tape measure.

2 Longboards

2 Longboards

A longboard is a type of skateboard, but as its name suggests, it has a longer deck. The length of the deck allows you to not just stand on it while going downhill, but you can also sit on it while zipping down hills at top speed.

Longboards come in all sorts of sizes, but most of them, specifically those made for taller riders, will measure over 40 inches in length. Placing 2 of them next to each other lengthwise will give you a collective length of close over 80 inches or pretty close to 8 feet.

3 Skateboards

3 Skateboards

Skateboards are different to longboards not just in size but also in uses. You wouldn’t be able to perform the same skateboard tricks on a longboard since longboards are not designed for skateparks and going up and down ramps.

Similar to longboards, skateboards will come in all sorts of sizes. Larger skateboards will measure about 32 inches from butt to nose, meaning that 3 of them would give you a precise length of 96 inches or 8 feet.

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2 Fluorescent Tubes

2 Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes are a widely used lighting option in schools and labs. They come in a wide assortment of sizes and in different lighting powers denoted by their nominal power in wattage. The next time you go to class, make sure to crane your neck upward and get a good look at the length of a fluorescent tube.

Some tubes will measure 4 feet long, so 2 of them together will get you to exactly 8 feet in length. However, there are T12 tubes rated at 125W that measure 8 feet long. These super-powerful fluorescent tubes are typically found in nurseries and greenhouses.

2 Park Benches

2 park benches

Many of you have probably seen a park bench while taking a stroll through your local park. If you have, then you might have found that park benches come in a variety of lengths. Some park benches measure only 2 feet wide and are used for seating a single person.

However, many park benches will measure around 4 feet wide and seat between 2 and 3 people. You would only need to imagine placing 2 of them side by side to get a collective width of around 8 feet.


Even though all flowers will direct their pedals to face in the direction of the sun, sunflowers do it at a more noticeable level. This is a phenomenon known as heliotropism, but flowers generally stop doing so after their flowers begin to bloom.

While there are over 50 sunflower species, many of them will grow to between 5 and 10 feet in height. Some sunflowers will grow to 14 feet in height! So, you would have to divide the height of a super-tall sunflower in half and add the height of a 2-liter soda bottle to get close to 8 feet.

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1-1/3 Riding Mowers

1 1:3 Riding Mowers

If you’re an avid landscaper, then you’ve probably spent several years around lawn mowers of all types. When it comes to landscaping convenience, there’s nothing that beats a riding mower. But like any kind of lawn mower, different riding mower models will have different measurements.

For the most part, a riding mower will measure roughly 6 feet from the rear to the front. To get to 8 feet using ride mowers as your reference, you would have to guesstimate adding 1/3 the length of a riding mower or the equivalent of 5 to 8 thank-you cards to reach the 8-foot mark.

½ a Pickup Truck

Half a Pickup Truck

When it comes to transporting large objects across long distances, only trailers are better than pickup trucks. A pickup truck is a vehicle that has a long bed in the back that owners use to haul tools, sacks of cement, lumber, and virtually any object they need to move from place to place.

If you read the Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions and Guidelines bit, you’ll know that pickup trucks vary in length. However, the average pickup truck will measure around 16 feet in length, meaning half the length of a pickup truck would be a good reference for measuring 8 feet.



Like skateboarding, surfboarding is an extreme sport with all sorts of health benefits, which include boosting heart health and strengthening muscles. However, to reap these health benefits, you will first have to get a surfboard and then haul it to the nearest body of water with tall waves.

When it comes to surfboard sizes, there’s no single length that will fit every rider. So, if you purchase a surfboard based on weight, then a 160- to 180-pound rider would have to ride atop an 8-foot-long surfboard.

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2 Foosball Tables

2 Foosball Tables

Similar to ping pong tables, foosball tables come in a variety of sizes. Their different size options make it so that people can install and use a foosball table in small areas or spacious rooms. For instance, a foosball table designed for small game rooms will measure around 36 inches in length.

Foosball tables made for competitive play will measure 56 inches in length. 2 of them placed lengthwise next to each other would get you to 112 inches or about the diameter of a large pizza (16 inches) beyond the 8-foot mark.

½ a Canoe

1 Canoe

Believe it or not, there are several types of canoes. There are types of canoes that are designed for fishing, racing, and general recreational purposes. You can typically tell one canoe type apart from another by its shape and size.

The standard canoe used for recreational purposes will measure 15 feet long. Splitting it at the center will give you about 7.5 feet, so make sure you have a dollar bill on hand to make up for the missing 6 inches.


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