Things That Are 9 Feet Long

Things that Are 9 Feet Long

Something that is 9 feet long will measure 3 years, 108 inches, or about 2.7432 meters. Knowing the equivalents of 9 feet won’t help much when trying to measure something by eye, but memorizing the lengths of everyday objects might.

Today, I’m going to share with you guys 9 common objects whose lengths will measure close to or exactly 9 feet long. That way, you won’t have to pull out your tape measure whenever you need to see what 9 feet looks like.



A hammock is a long piece of canvas or rope mesh. It has cords on both ends, which you can use to loop through hooks that have been driven into two poles or two tree trunks. With a hammock, you lie out in the sun on a warm summer’s day while enjoying every bit of your free time.

Hammocks come in all sizes, from super-small to super-long. The average hammock will measure around 6 and 10 feet in length. So, if you have a large-sized hammock on hand, you can use its extended length to guesstimate what 9 feet looks like.

2 × 4 Board

2×4 Boards


When it comes to carpentry work, 2 × 4 boards are some of the most widely used lumber sizes. Although they are marketed as 2 × 4, these boards are actually closer to 1.75 × 3.75 inches when dried out and ready to use.

Newly prepared 2 × 4 boards are cut to 10 feet in length. After the drying process, they can shrink to about 9 feet 11.5 inches. Either way, a 2 × 4 board will get you pretty close to the 9-foot distance you’re trying to measure.

2 to 5 Shoelaces

2 to 5 shoelaces

If you look at all the pairs of shoes and sneakers you have in your closet, their shoelaces may not be the same size. The reason for their different shoelace lengths is that your footwear may have different eyelet counts. In general, the more eyelets there are in a pair of shoes, the longer the shoelace should be.

You can take a look at my guide on What Size Shoe Laces Do I Need? to discover the proper shoelace length for your shoe. Depending on the number of eyelets, you will need anywhere from 2 to 5 shoelaces to get a collective length of around 9 feet.

Parallel Parking Spot

FAQ About Parallel Parking Dimensions


For many drivers, even people who have driven for years, parallel parking is a challenge. There are all sorts of guides you can follow that will tell you how to properly park your car in a parallel parking spot. However, many people would rather avoid it altogether and do all of their shopping online.

But if you understand the dimensions of a parallel parking space and compare it to the size of your car, you may come to realize that there’s nothing to worry about. A parallel parking spot measures about 8.6 feet wide, which should leave plenty of clearance on all sides of your vehicle.

¼ Utility Pole

a Quarter Utility Pole

Here’s something you can probably find near your home right now—a utility pole. If you take a look at utility poles in your city, you may find that they stand at all sorts of heights. Some of the tallest utility poles can measure close to 100 feet!

The average utility pole stands around 40 feet tall. That means you would have to divide its height into 4 equal parts to get a figure of around 10 feet in height—the length of a Subway footlong sandwich beyond the 9-foot mark.

9 Paint Buckets

9 Paint Buckets

Paint buckets come in all sizes, but one of the most commonly found paint bucket sizes is 5 gallons. After using up all the paint, don’t toss the bucket out. Paint buckets make for excellent planters and organizers if you want to keep your garage workshop supplies in order.

If you examine the dimensions of a 5-gallon paint bucket, you might find that it measures 1 foot in diameter. Of course, the exact size of the bucket will vary from brand to brand, but they shouldn’t be too far off from 12 inches. So, placing 9 of them together in a straight line will get you close to or precisely 9 feet.

4 Skateboards

4 Skateboards

While skateboarding can be dangerous, it can actually be an incredibly healthy hobby if you wear the correct gear. Skateboarding can help improve balance, and joining a community can help you find new friends. Tell that to mom when she tells you that you can’t buy a skateboard.

When looking at skateboards, you’ll find that they come in a variety of lengths. The longest skateboard will usually measure 32 inches long. To get to 9 feet using skateboards as your reference, you’ll need exactly 4 of them. If you only have longboards, which are longer versions of the standard skateboard, you would need only 2 of them since they measure roughly 59 inches long.

Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoops

While nearly all professional sports are dominated by freakishly tall people, basketball is where you’ll find the tallest athletes in the world. They need to be tall in order to dunk the basket or shoot 3-point shots over the outstretched arms of their defending opponents.

A regulation basketball hoop should stand precisely 10 feet tall. So, if you want to gauge how tall a 9-foot-tall object is, all you have to do is envision subtracting 12 inches off the top of a basketball hoop.

9 License Plates

9 License Plates

License plates come in different dimensions from country to country. Some countries like China and Syria have super-wide license plates that measure over 17 inches. In the United States, our license plates have to measure precisely 12 inches wide.

So, similar to paint buckets, you would need to get 9 license plates to measure 9 feet. If all you have are motorcycle license plates, each of them should measure 7 inches wide (unless you live in Minnesota), so you would need around 15 of them to reach 9 feet.


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