11 Things That Weigh 50 Pounds

Pounds and ounces are units of the British Imperial System of measurement for weight. But in the absence of a weighing scale, how do you determine a weight of 50 lbs? Well, 50 lbs is not an extraordinary weight, and many items can be easily found as a reference or ball-point to the number. 50 lbs are equivalent to 22.67kgs or 800 ounces.

Below is a list of everyday items we may have around the house or come across on the streets and in grocery stores. These items are found in the weight of 50 lbs or near about. So go on and get a picture of things that weigh 50 pounds.

1. Six Gallons Of Water

Six Gallons Of Water

A gallon is a unit of measure for the volume of liquid. There are different measures of gallons. For example, the US liquid gallon weighs 8.34lbs of high-density water. The US imperial gallon weighs 10.2lbs, while the dry gallon measures 9.77lbs.

If the measurement of the US gallon is used, then six gallons of water will weigh 50.064lbs approximately. Similarly, if you take the US imperial gallon measure, five gallons will measure 51lbs.

2. One Big Bag Of Dog Food

One Bag Of Dog Food

For owners of large dogs or those who feed community dogs, for those who run dog shelters, large bags of dog food are a convenient thing to buy. A 50lb dog food bag is more cost-effective and reasonable.

Equivalent to 800 oz, a 50lb bag provides about 200 cups, where 1lb fills 4 cups. It means about four bags a year would suffice.

3. Male Bulldog Or Australian Shepherd Dog

Male Bulldog Or Australian Shepherd Dog

Like an eight-month-old Australian Shepherd dog or an average adult male bulldog, some dogs weigh approximately 50lbs.

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The Australian Shepherd dog is large and used to herd sheep or police dogs. Bulldogs are domesticated, lazy, and love to eat. So they tend to put on more weight.

4. A Small Bale Of Hay

A Small Bale Of Hay

Hay is an essential item used in farms and as animal fodder. Hay is usually packed and sold in large or small bales. The weight and nutrient content of a bale determine the price of a bundle.

The large bales are heavy and weigh between 800 to 1500 lbs. The smaller rectangular bales weigh 50lbs. Bales can be of wheat straw, alfalfa, or grass hay, and the weights of each will vary due to humidity.

5. Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

A unique blend of cement, sand, and gravel form a fast-setting concrete mix that sets in hard in about 20 to 40 minutes. This cement is used to set lamp posts, fences, build sidewalks, steps, and more.

A bag of fast-setting concrete mix weighs 50 pounds and produces approximately 0.375 cubic feet of mixed concrete.

6. Small-Sized Mattresses

Small-Sized Mattresses

Every home has a bed, and every bed has a mattress. Be it a house, hotel, boarding dorm, or even on the floor for a cozy corner. Mattresses are a necessity and come in various sizes like single, double, twin, queen-size, king-size, and custom-made.

The average weight of a mattress varies from 50 to 150 pounds, depending on the material. The factors that determine the weight of a mattress are size, type, material, filling, and thickness.

7. $1,000 In Quarters

$1,000 In Quarters

1$ is equal to four quarters, and therefore $1000 is equivalent to 4000 quarters. According to the United States Mint, The United States cupro-nickel quarter weighs 5.67grams. Thus, 4000 quarters will weigh 22.68 kg, equal to 50 pounds.

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Quarters are available in every household, and some even collect it as a change in a piggy bank.

8. One Huge Bag Of Sugar

One Huge Bag Of Sugar

Sugar is a sweetener and is used as an additive in every household. It is used in food items, beverages, and some other dishes. Sugar bags are available in weights varying from 1lb to 50lbs.

A 50lb bag, equal to 22.67kg, maybe a month’s supply for small eateries, juice shops, or perhaps large joint families. A 50lb bag of sugar may be heavy to carry, and you may need a cart of some help to carry it.

9. 7 Year Old Kid

7 Year Old Kid

The average weight of a 7-year-old girl-child should ideally be around 50 pounds. A boy-child could be a couple of pounds more.

On average, after the age of 6, kids gain 4 to 7 pounds a year. This number can vary according to hereditary streaks and the child’s constitution.

10. Five Medium Size Bowling Balls

Five Medium Size Bowling Balls

If you love bowling, you will know how important a bowling ball is to a bowler. It is the ball used for knocking down bowling pins during the game. Bowling balls come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials.

On average, a bowling ball has a diameter of 8.5 inches and can weigh between 8 to 16 lbs. Many bowlers choose to use a 10-pound ball. Five such 10 lb bowling balls would weigh a total of 50 lbs.

11. Two Cinder Blocks

Two Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are building materials used to create foundations of buildings and construct walls and other structures. These blocks are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

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The most commonly used cinder blocks measure 8×8 inches, 12×12 inches, 16×16 inches, and 24×24 inches. A hollow core cinder block is lightweight and measures 8x8x16 inches, and weighs about 25 lbs. Two such blocks put together will weigh 50 lbs.


Getting an idea of what 50 lbs would weigh is not difficult. 50 lbs or 22.67 kgs is the average weight of many grocery or household items. You can also take five 10 lb things together to get an idea of the 50 lb weight.

We have put together a list of items that will help you gauge this simple weight without any stress.


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