What is the Treble Hook Size?

Treble Hook Size

Treble hook sizes refer to the size of the treble hooks used in fishing. Treble hooks are a type of fishing hook that have 3 points or barbs instead of just 1 and are often used in lures and bait designed to be fished by trolling or casting. They are often used for catching larger fish species such as salmon, pike, and muskie.

Treble hooks are available in a range of sizes. In general, larger treble hooks are used for larger bait and lures, while smaller treble hooks are used for smaller bait and lures. The size of the treble hook is typically indicated by a number, with larger sizes having larger numbers.

In this guide, I’ll explain what a treble hook is, what size it comes in, and what factors to consider when choosing a treble hook.

What Is a Treble Hook?

What Is a Treble Hook

Instead of just 1 point, a treble hook has 3. It’s common in lures and other forms of artificial bait, and it’s meant to entice fish to bite so that you can catch more of them.

The benefits of using a treble hook over a regular hook are as follows:

  • Higher chances of reeling in fish—Treble hooks offer a larger surface area for the fish to bite on, which can increase the chances of the fish taking the bait. The 3 points of a treble hook offer a larger surface area for the fish to bite on, which can make it more attractive to the fish and increase the chances of the fish taking the bait.
  • Stronger hold— Treble hooks are superior for catching larger fish and preventing the fish from releasing the hook because of the firm grip they provide.
  • Versatility—Treble hooks can be used with a wide range of baits and lures, including natural baits such as worms and minnows, as well as artificial baits such as jigs, crankbaits, and spoons.
  • Durability— Steel construction gives treble hooks increased resistance to bending and breaking. Many variations exist, including those with a round bend, straight shank, or offset shank, each of which is better suited to a particular task or technique.
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Relatively inexpensive to replace— When a treble hook breaks or is lost, it is simple to switch it out for a new one. In terms of price, treble hooks can range widely based on factors like size, design, and construction.

Treble Hook Sizes

Treble hooks are available in a range of sizes to suit different types of fishing and different types of fish. The size of a treble hook is typically indicated by a number, which corresponds to the hook’s gape, or the distance between the points of the hook. The larger the number, the larger the hook size and the wider the gap. Here is a general guide to small, medium, and large treble hooks:

  • Small treble hooks: Size 14 and smaller
  • Medium treble hooks: Size 12 and 10
  • Large treble hooks: Size 8 and larger

The size of the fish you intend to catch should help determine the size of the treble hooks you use. If you use a hook that is too small, it could bend or break, while if you use a hook that is too large, it could be difficult to properly set the hook in the fish’s mouth.

Remember that these are just general guidelines and that the actual size of a treble hook can vary depending on factors like the hook’s design and the species of fish being targeted. If you aren’t sure what size treble hooks to use, it’s best to ask an experienced angler or a knowledgeable fishing tackle retailer.

Treble Hook Size Chart

200.29 in.

7.35 mm

0.17 in.

4.53 mm

180.36 in.

9.25 mm

0.25 in.

6.35 mm

160.4 in.

10.16 mm

0.3 in.

7.62 mm

140.52 in.

13.2 mm

0.35 in.

9.14 mm

120.52 in.

13.2 mm

0.4 in.

10.16 mm

100.55 in.

13.97 mm

0.48 in.

12.19 mm

80.64 in.

16.2 mm

0.53 in.

13.46 mm

60.77 in.

19.55 mm

0.65 in.

16.51 mm

40.89 in.

22.6 mm

0.75 in.

19.05 mm

21.03 in.

26.16 mm

0.82 in.

20.82 mm

11.13 in.

28.7 mm

0.92 in.

23.36 mm

1/01.23 in.

31.24 mm

1.02 in.

25.9 mm

2/01.38 in.

35.13 mm

1.11 in.

28.25 mm

The length of the wire in millimeters or inches is used to categorize fishing hook sizes. The hook size decreases as the treble number increases. This means that a treble hook size 20 is the smallest available, and a treble hook size 1 is the largest.

Size 1/0 hooks (a.k.a. “one-aught”) are available for those who need something larger than a size 1 hook. Unless you’re after paddlefish, catfish, or some other enormous species, there’s no need to go any larger. When working with aught sizes, larger numbers indicate larger hooks.

What to Consider When Choosing a Treble Hook

What to Consider When Choosing a Treble Hook

1. Size

Fishing techniques and the size of the fish being pursued will dictate the optimum treble hook size. Larger treble hooks are used for larger fish, while smaller treble hooks are better suited for smaller fish.

2. Style

You can find treble hooks with a round bend, a straight shank, or an offset shank. The effectiveness and versatility of a fishing hook can be impacted by the design of the hook itself.

3. Material

The most common material for treble hooks is steel, but other options include titanium and high-carbon steel. The hook’s strength and longevity can be affected by the material it’s made from.

4. Point type

Treble hooks can have their points forged, turned down, or chemically sharpened. The hook’s point types will affect its holding power and penetration.

5. Finish

Non-reflective, plated and painted treble hooks are just a few of the available options. The hook’s performance and visibility could be affected by the coating.

6. Price

When shopping for treble hooks, keep in mind that some models may be more expensive than others. Think about what you can afford before making a final decision on a hook that will meet your needs and your budget.

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