Guides to Truck Toolbox Dimensions

Truck Toolbox Dimensions

If you’re going to own a truck, you might as well get the biggest truck you can afford. And if you’re going to get a big truck, you should get a large toolbox that will make your truck look even more impressive. However, when it comes to truck toolboxes, what are the standard dimensions?

A standard pickup truck tool box will measure at least 36-3/4 × 19 × 15-1/2 inches (93.3 × 48.3 × 35.6 centimeters). At max, the standard truck toolbox will take up 60-3/4 × 20-1/2 × 19-5/8 inches (154.3 × 52 × 45.1 centimeters).

However, there are several things that will affect the actual physical dimensions of a toolbox, such as the type of toolbox. So, if you’re interested in learning more about pickup truck toolbox dimensions, you’ll find all of the information you need down below.

Truck Toolbox Types

A truck toolbox is a type of toolbox that sits in the bed of a pickup truck. Many of them are fastened onto one of the inner side panels of the bed, though most of them will typically reside immediately behind the rear window and span the entire width of the truck.

In reality, there are over a dozen different types of pickup truck toolboxes. However, many of them share the same shapes and dimensions, which only slight differences in cosmetics and storage capacity.

So, before going over the dimension differences between toolbox types, let’s take a look at some of the more widely used truck toolbox options available.

Standard Chest Toolbox

A standard chest toolbox is a flush-mounted toolbox that does not obstruct the driver’s rearview mirror. It has a sloped bottom to match the contours of most pickup truck models, and it has a flush top with a swinging door. There are jumbo versions of this type of toolbox, which are designed for larger pickup trucks.

Cross Bed Toolbox

A cross bed box is arguably one of the more popular truck toolbox varieties. This type of toolbox is designed to span the width of the truck’s bed while resting on its rails. They also have deep compartments, which rest directly on top of the bed.

Side Bin

A side bin toolbox rest on the inner wall of a pickup truck’s bed and directly on the bed rail. This type of truck toolbox is ideal for those who don’t need to transport large or numerous pieces of tools and equipment. To sit on the rail, it has an L-shaped design, where the lower portion of the toolbox rests on the base of the bed.

Pork Chop

A pork chop toolbox is not unlike the side bin. However, instead of having an L-shaped design, the bottom and top compartments of the toolbox are separated by a sloped base rather than a perfectly horizontal wall. This type of toolbox is an excellent option for those who wish to get the most use out of any awkward spots in the bed of their trucks.

Trailer and Tongue Toolbox

A trailer or tongue box is a specialty toolbox in terms of its design. It has a trapezoidal prism (3D trapezoid) design, which, like the pork chop toolbox, lets it slide into small, awkwardly shaped spots in the bed of your truck. As such, it doesn’t hold very many tools. While there are differences between trailer and tongue toolboxes, they can hold roughly the same amount of tools.

Top Side Toolbox

This type of toolbox looks no different from a standard chest toolbox. However, apart from having side panels that open and shut, you can also reach your hand in from the top of the toolbox, hence, its name. They are also trapezoidal in shape.

Truck Toolbox Dimensions (Minimum to maximum)

Truck Toolbox Dimensions (Minimum to maximum)

Now, let’s take a look at how each truck toolbox differs in terms of size.

Truck Toolbox TypeMinimum Average Dimensions (L × D × H)Maximum Average Dimensions (L × D × H)
Standard Chest Toolbox36-3/4 × 19 × 15-1/2 inches

93.3 × 48.3 × 35.6 centimeters

60-3/4 × 20-1/2 × 19-5/8 inches

154.3 × 52 × 45.1 centimeters

Jumbo Chest Toolbox36 × 19 × 18-1/2 inches

91.4 × 48.3 × 47 centimeters

60-3/4 × 20-3/4 × 22-3/16 inches

154.3 × 52.7 × 56.4 centimeters

Cross Bed Toolbox51-1/2 × 60-3/4 × 12-3/4 inches

148.6 × 154.3 × 32.4 centimeters

63 × 42-1/4 × 18 inches

187.3 × 183.5 × 45.7 centimeters

Side Bin48 × 12-1/2 × 18-1/2 inches

121.9 × 31.8 × 47 centimeters

88 × 15-3/4 × 22-3/16 inches

223.5 × 40 × 56.4 centimeters

Pork Chop45 × 9-1/4 × 17-1/2 inches

114.3 × 23.5 × 44.5 centimeters

46-1/4 × 13 × 19 inches

117.5 × 33 × 48.3 centimeters

Trailer and Tongue Toolbox30 × 16 × 18 inches

76.2 × 40.6 × 45.7 centimeters

34 × 21 × 22-1/2 inches

86.4 × 53.3 × 57.2 centimeters

Top Side Toolbox48 × 11-1/2 × 14-1/2 inches

121.9 × 29.2 × 36.8 centimeters

96 × 12-3/4 × 16 inches

243.8 × 32.4 × 40.6 centimeters

It’s important to note that the sizes above are estimated averages. In order to get real figures, you would have to reach out to a pickup truck toolbox manufacturer.

FAQ About Truck Toolboxes

1. What size toolbox do I need?

When choosing a truck toolbox, you should take a look at its size and fit. Not every truck model is built the same, and as such, you should pay close attention to how well a potential truck toolbox will reside in your pickup truck’s bed. Other factors worth considering include the price of the toolbox and its construction (plastic, steel, cantilever, etc.).

2. How do I choose the correct toolbox size for my truck?

One of the best things you can do is reach out to the manufacturer and inform them of what pickup truck make and model you own. Some of the more reliable manufacturers will have truck toolboxes available for the most widely owned pickup trucks.

However, if you need a toolbox custom-made for your truck, you will have to accurately inform the supplier of the exact dimensions of your truck’s bed and its overall design (rail height, ridges, angle slope, and so on).


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