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Shutterfly wallet size

September 22, 2022

What Are the Shutterfly Wallet Sizes?

Shutterfly is one of the most popular photography companies in the US. The brand comes up with all sorts of unique photograph products to choose from, including drinkware prints, custom-made office supplies designs, and wallet-sized photographs. So, what wallet-size photo prints are available?

Picture frame size chart

September 22, 2022

Picture Frame Size Chart and Guidelines

do you know what the frame sizes are and how to size a frame? For those that don’t, you’ll find the answers to these questions down below.

Perfume Bottle Sizes
Perfume Bottle Sizes ( Plus Travel Bottle Sizes)

Perfume is typically sold in bottles measuring between 0.05 and 4.2 fl. oz. Travel bottles for perfume, shampoo, and other liquids are usually limited to 3.4 fl. oz. to adhere to the TSA’s restrictions of liquid carry-on. Large perfume bottles are not allowed on flights.

Bowling Shoe Sizes
What Are the Bowling Shoe Sizes?

Are you searching for a pair of bowling shoes but don’t know what size you are? The best thing you can do is to refer to a bowling shoe size chart. Today, I’ll provide such a chart for men, women, and children, as well as explain how bowling shoes differ from everyday shoes and how to measure your feet for a pair of bowling shoes.

Japanese Shirt Size Chart
Japanese Shirt Size Chart (and Japanese Shirt Size to US)

Buying shirts from other countries is always tricky. The issue is that different countries follow different sizing standards. What might be a large shirt here in the US could be XL or even XXL in other countries like Japan. Today, I’ll compare US and Japanese shirt sizes to give you an idea of how their sizing standards differ.

Flyer Sizes

September 13, 2022

What Are the Flyer Sizes?

The typical flyer will be made with standard letter-size paper, which measures 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long. Other common flyer sizes include half sheet (8.5 × 5.5 inches), large format sheets (11 × 17 inches), and A4 paper (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches).

Sunglasses dimensions
Guide to Sunglasses Dimensions

The measurements of sunglasses vary from frame to frame and brand to brand. There are 6 variables to take into account when measuring sunglasses:

Duffel bag sizes
What Are the Standard Duffel Bag Sizes? (and Carry-On Sizes)

The standard duffel bag will measure around 22 × 17 × 10 inches (L × H × D) and have a carrying capacity of between 20 and 30 liters. Meanwhile, most airlines limit carry-on bag sizes to 22 × 14 × 9 inches. So, you should look for a slightly smaller duffel bag when flying.

Boxing ring dimensions

September 9, 2022

Boxing Ring Dimensions and Guidelines

The size range of a regulation boxing ring is between 18 and 24 feet on all sides. The ring consists of a platform that stands 3 to 4 feet high, a stretched canvas, and multiple ropes that keep the boxers from falling out.

Bowling lane dimensions

September 9, 2022

What Are the Bowling Lane Dimensions?

A bowling lane measure 60 feet long from the foul line to the back of the pin deck. It measures 48 inches wide and includes 9-1/4-inch gutters to the left and right. The typical bowling alley will have between 12 and 36 alleys.

Carton box dimensions

September 3, 2022

What Are the Carton Box Dimensions?

Carton boxes come in all sorts of sizes. They can be small enough for tissues (around 11 × 4 × 3 inches) or large enough to pack your belongings (18 × 18 × 24 inches).

Baseball Home plate dimensions

September 3, 2022

Baseball Home Plate Dimensions and Guidelines

If you want to construct a baseball field in your backyard, you should go big by equipping each corner of the diamond with the appropriate base. Most people think that baseball home plates are the same shape and size as the other bases, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.