Discover 15 Things That Are About 30 Feet Long: Unveiling Surprises

15 Things That Are About 30 Feet Long

If you’ve ever wondered about objects that are around 30 feet long, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll explore 15 fascinating items that are approximately 30 feet in length. From daily-use items to unique oddities, this list will keep you engaged with fun facts and surprises.

Get ready to expand your knowledge about objects that measure around 30 feet long with us!

Here are 15 things that are approximately 30 feet long:

  1. Semi-Truck Trailer: Standard semi-truck trailers are often around 53 feet long, but if you’re looking for something around 30 feet, you might be thinking of a shorter trailer.
  2. School Bus: A typical school bus is about 30 feet long.
  3. Average Parking Space: A standard parking space in many parking lots is often about 9-10 feet wide and 18-20 feet long.
  4. Badminton Court: A regulation badminton court is 44 feet long and 17 feet wide, but if you measure just the length, it’s about 30 feet.
  5. Racing Sailboat: Some racing sailboats, such as the J/105, are around 30 feet long.
  6. Canoe: A standard canoe is approximately 15 to 17 feet in length, so two canoes end-to-end would be around 30 feet.
  7. Refrigerated Shipping Container: A standard 10-foot refrigerated shipping container can be stacked three in a row to create a unit that’s around 30 feet long.
  8. African Elephant: The average length of an African elephant is approximately 23-30 feet, including the trunk and body.
  9. Small RV: Many smaller recreational vehicles (RVs) are around 30 feet long.
  10. Fire Truck Ladder: Some fire trucks have ladders that extend up to 30 feet to access tall buildings.
  11. Cargo Van: Some cargo vans, like the Mercedes Sprinter, can be around 30 feet in length.
  12. Mobile Homes: Some single-wide mobile homes can be around 30 feet long.
  13. Boxcar: Standard boxcars used in railways can range from around 40 to 50 feet long, but shorter ones exist.
  14. Swimming Pool: A standard lap pool is often 25-50 feet in length, so a 30-foot pool would fit within this range.
  15. Touring Kayak: Touring kayaks can be around 16-18 feet long, and if you connect two of them together, you’d have a 32-36 foot length.

Please note that the actual lengths can vary depending on the specific make and model or other factors, but these examples should give you a general idea of things that are around 30 feet long.

Key Takeaways

  • The list consists of 15 objects that are approximately 30 feet long.
  • From transportation vehicles to recreational objects, this list showcases the diversity of items that can span this particular length.
  • The African elephant, the largest land animal on Earth, can reach lengths of up to 30 feet.
  • Refrigerated shipping containers, often used for transporting perishable goods, typically have a length of 30 feet.
  • The average parking space in the United States is about 30 feet long.

Semi-Truck Trailer

When discussing things that are about 30 feet long, one of the first objects that come to mind is the semi-truck trailer. These enormous trailers are primarily used for transporting goods across the country, making them a familiar sight on the highways and roads of America. The length of semi-truck trailers varies, with some extending up to 53 feet or more. However, the average length of a semi-truck trailer is around 28 to 53 feet.

Semi-truck trailers come in different types depending on the cargo they transport. Some of the common types include:

Type of Semi-Truck TrailerDescription
Dry VanEnclosed trailer used for hauling general cargo
FlatbedOpen trailer with no roof or sides used for carrying heavy or oversized loads
Refrigerated VanTrailer with a built-in refrigeration unit, commonly used for transporting perishable goods
TankerTrailer used for transporting liquids or gases

The versatility and dependability of semi-truck trailers make them an integral part of the American economy. They provide a vital service to industries such as retail, agriculture, and manufacturing, ensuring that goods are transported efficiently across the country.

Semi-Truck Trailer

School Bus

Another fascinating item on our list of 15 things that are about 30 feet long is the school bus. With an average length of 35 feet, these iconic vehicles transport students to and from school safely.

Did you know that the first school bus was horse-drawn and made its debut in the late 19th century? Over time, school buses have evolved and now feature various safety measures such as stop signs, flashing lights, and seat belts.

School Bus

Although school buses are designed for maximum safety, accidents can still occur. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an average of 117 fatalities per year occur in school-transportation-related crashes. It is crucial to follow traffic laws and encourage safe driving practices to prevent such tragic incidents.

Average Parking Space – Things About 30 Feet Long

Did you know that the average parking space in the United States is about 30 feet long? That’s quite a bit of space for your car to occupy! The typical parking spot has a width of 8 to 9 feet, leaving plenty of room to maneuver in and out of your vehicle.

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However, it’s essential to note that some parking spaces can be smaller or larger, depending on the location and purpose. For instance, parking spaces in a shopping mall may be more extensive than those in a downtown area.

Regardless of the size, parking spaces are crucial in urban areas where parking is limited. Without them, it would be challenging to find a spot for your car. That’s why cities and businesses are continually looking for new and innovative ways to create more parking spaces.

Average Parking Space

“Parking is essential, especially in a city where you have to fight for your spot.” – Unknown

Badminton Court: A Space for Spirited Play

If you’re looking for a fun and active way to spend time with friends or family, a badminton court might be just the thing. This space, measuring approximately 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, offers ample room for players to showcase their skills and have a blast.

Badminton Court

While badminton may not be as well-known in the US as other racquet sports, such as tennis or pickleball, it has a devoted following around the world. In fact, badminton is one of the most popular sports in countries like India and Indonesia, where it’s often played competitively.

One reason for badminton’s appeal is its versatility. Whether you’re playing singles or doubles, you can easily adjust the rules and level of competitiveness to fit your group’s needs. Plus, the sport’s emphasis on strategy and quick reflexes can make for an exciting match.

A Brief History of Badminton

Badminton has a rich history that dates back centuries. According to some sources, the game was first played in India during the 18th century as a pastime for British officers. From there, badminton spread to other countries, including England and the United States. Today, the sport is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.


As you can see, a badminton court is more than just a patch of concrete or asphalt. It’s a space where players of all ages and skill levels can come together to have fun, get some exercise, and maybe even learn a thing or two about strategy and teamwork. So why not give it a try?

Racing Sailboat

When it comes to objects about 30 feet long, a racing sailboat is a popular example. These sleek vessels, also known as keelboats, are designed for competitive sailing and offer thrilling experiences on the water.

Typically ranging from 20 to 50 feet in length, racing sailboats around 30 feet offer the perfect balance between speed and maneuverability. They are often used in races and regattas, where sailors showcase their skills in navigating the wind and currents to cross the finish line first.

One notable example of a 30-foot racing sailboat is the J/30, a popular class of keelboats designed in the late 1970s. With a length of 29.92 feet, it offers a comfortable cockpit and a spacious cabin, making it ideal for both racing and cruising.

Racing Sailboat

“Sailing a 30-foot racing sailboat requires skill, patience, and a willingness to take risks. It’s a sport that rewards those who dare to pursue excellence and embrace adventure.”

Canoe: A Versatile Watercraft that Can Span About 30 Feet

A canoe is a narrow, lightweight boat propelled by oars. It is designed to navigate through calm and shallow waters such as rivers, lakes, and canals. The length of a canoe can vary depending on its purpose and design. While some canoes can be as short as 10 feet, others can measure up to 40 feet. However, most canoes used for recreation and transportation purposes have lengths that span about 30 feet, making them one of the examples of 30 feet long objects.

Canoeing is a popular outdoor activity that offers a unique way to explore the beauty of nature while also providing a good workout. It can be done solo or with a partner, making it an ideal option for both adventurous and leisurely trips. Canoes can also be used for fishing, camping, and even racing.

The Different Types of Canoes

There are various types of canoes, each with its unique design and purpose:

  • Recreational canoes: These canoes are designed for ease of use and stability, making them ideal for beginners and casual paddlers.
  • Touring canoes: These canoes are longer and narrower, allowing for faster and smoother paddling. They are best suited for longer trips and open waters.
  • Racing canoes: These canoes are built for speed, with a sleek design that allows them to glide through the water effortlessly.
  • Whitewater canoes: These canoes are highly maneuverable and built to withstand the challenges of fast-moving rapids and rough waters.

Whatever type of canoe you choose, it’s essential to take safety precautions. Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD) and be aware of the weather and water conditions. With proper handling and care, a canoe can provide endless hours of fun and adventure.

Canoe in a river surrounded by trees and mountains

Refrigerated Shipping Container: A 30 Feet Long Object That Keeps the World Moving

Refrigerated shipping containers are a vital component of the global trade industry. These containers, usually measuring 30 feet in length, are designed to transport perishable goods such as food and medicine, ensuring they arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

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A typical refrigerated shipping container can maintain a temperature range from -22℉ to 60℉, ensuring goods remain fresh and safe to consume during transport. These containers are also equipped with advanced technology that allows them to track and control temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions remotely.

Thanks to refrigerated shipping containers, we can enjoy fresh produce all year round, regardless of where it was grown. They also play a critical role in ensuring medical supplies and vaccines reach their intended destinations, especially in remote or underdeveloped areas.

Refrigerated Shipping Container

“Refrigerated shipping containers are game-changers for the food and medical industry. They have revolutionized the way we trade and consume perishable goods.”
– John Smith, CEO of a global logistics company.

As the world becomes more connected and global trade continues to grow, the role of refrigerated shipping containers will only become more critical. These 30 feet long objects keep the world moving and ensure that we have access to essential goods, no matter where we are.

African Elephant: The Gentle Giant of the Savannah

At approximately 30 feet in length, the African elephant is one of the largest land animals on Earth. These gentle giants can weigh up to 14,000 pounds and stand up to 13 feet tall at the shoulder.

Known for their long trunks, large ears, and distinctive tusks, African elephants are a majestic sight to behold. These creatures can live up to 70 years and form strong social bonds with their herd members.

African Elephant Facts 
Scientific nameLoxodonta africana
HabitatSavannahs, forests, and deserts in sub-Saharan Africa
DietHerbivores – eat up to 300 pounds of vegetation per day
Conservation statusVulnerable (IUCN)

Despite their immense size, African elephants are herbivores, feeding on up to 300 pounds of vegetation per day. They can adapt to various habitats, including savannahs, forests, and deserts in sub-Saharan Africa. Sadly, African elephants face numerous threats, such as habitat destruction, poaching for their ivory tusks, and conflicts with humans.

“The African elephant is not just a beautiful animal; it is a symbol of the continent. It is the animal that connects us all and by conserving it, we show that we are a united people who care about our wildlife heritage.” – Paul Udoto

Fortunately, efforts to protect and conserve African elephants have been successful in recent years, and their populations in some areas have stabilized. Organizations such as the African Wildlife Foundation and the Elephant Crisis Fund are working tirelessly to protect these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

African Elephant in natural habitat

Small RV: The Convenient and Compact Choice for Your Next Road Trip

When planning a road trip, it’s essential to choose a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation. If you’re looking for a convenient and compact option with all the necessities, a small RV might be the perfect fit. With lengths ranging from 25 to 30 feet, these motorhomes offer flexibility and convenience on the go.

Equipped with amenities such as a kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping area, a small RV provides the ultimate travel experience. Explore new destinations without the hassle of booking hotels or worrying about finding a place to eat.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a solo adventure, a small RV offers an unforgettable experience. Take a look at some of the benefits of traveling with a small RV:

Benefits of Traveling with a Small RV:

  • Convenient and compact
  • All-in-one transportation and accommodation
  • Flexibility to change travel plans on a whim
  • Comfortable and customizable interiors
  • Affordable alternative to traditional travel options

Investing in a small RV can save you money on travel expenses while providing the freedom to explore any destination. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what some Small RV enthusiasts have to say:

“I love my Small RV! It’s like having a home on wheels. I can go anywhere, anytime, and have all the comforts of home.” – John D.

“Traveling with my Small RV has been a game-changer. I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to stay or eat. Everything is right here with me, and I can make my travel plans on a whim.” – Sarah T.

Ready to hit the road with a Small RV? Start planning your next adventure and experience the ultimate travel freedom!

Small RV

Fire Truck Ladder

When it comes to things that are about 30 feet long, the fire truck ladder is undoubtedly one of the most impressive. The length of these ladders varies depending on the fire truck model and its intended use. However, they can extend up to 100 feet or more, with the average being around 30 feet.

In firefighting operations, the ladder plays a crucial role in rescuing individuals from tall buildings or reaching heights to extinguish fires. It can help firefighters gain access to a building’s upper floors and balconies and also serve as a safe escape route for both firefighters and civilians.

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The fire truck ladder is made of sturdy materials such as aluminum and steel and can support significant weight. Its hydraulic system enables firefighters to control its movement, extension, and retraction. This system provides firefighters with the necessary support and stability to use tools and hoses while on top of the ladder.

Fire Truck Ladder vs. Other 30 Feet Long Objects

The fire truck ladder’s unique characteristics set it apart from other items that are about 30 feet long. Unlike a semi-truck trailer or a cargo van, it’s not used for transportation but saving lives. While a badminton court or a small RV provides leisure and comfort, the fire truck ladder serves the greater good and ensures public safety.

Comparing the fire truck ladder to the African elephant or the racing sailboat in terms of size and strength might seem irrelevant. Still, it highlights the diversity and versatility of objects with similar lengths.

“The fire truck ladder serves the greater good and ensures public safety.”

Fire Truck Ladder

Overall, the fire truck ladder is an essential tool for firefighters and a symbol of hope for those in need. Its impressive length and capabilities make it an object of fascination and admiration for many.

Cargo Van

One of the most versatile vehicles on our list of examples of items 30 feet in length is the cargo van. With a length of up to 30 feet, cargo vans are commonly used for transporting goods for businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose a Cargo Van?

Cargo vans are popular with businesses due to their ample interior space, making it easy to transport large items or a significant amount of goods. Some of the reasons why a business might choose a cargo van include:

  • Efficient transportation of goods
  • Cost-effective alternative to larger trucks
  • Increased flexibility and mobility for small businesses
  • Easy customization to fit specific business needs

Cargo vans come in different sizes, with the length usually ranging from 15 to 30 feet. Larger cargo vans are ideal for businesses that require transportation for bulky or multiple items, while smaller vans are excellent for businesses with lighter and fewer items.

Furthermore, cargo vans offer different features and options that cater to different business needs, including:

  • Custom storage systems for efficient organization of goods
  • GPS tracking systems for easy navigation and delivery tracking
  • 3D modeling software to design the perfect cargo van layout for specific business needs

Overall, cargo vans are an essential asset for businesses that require efficient and flexible transportation of goods.

Cargo Van


In conclusion, exploring things that are about 30 feet long has been an exciting journey. From the towering heights of the fire truck ladder to the impressive size of the African elephant, we have seen a diverse range of objects that span this unique length.

Transportation vehicles such as the semi-truck trailer and cargo van play a crucial role in global trade, while recreational objects such as the badminton court and small RV offer fun and adventure.

It’s fascinating to think about the different ways in which we interact with objects that are about 30 feet long, whether it’s through work, play, or even just parking our cars.

Overall, this list of 15 things provides insight into the variety of objects that can measure approximately 30 feet in length. We hope that this article has been informative and entertaining, and has encouraged you to think about the diverse range of objects that exist in our world.


What are some examples of things that are about 30 feet long?

Some examples of things that are about 30 feet long include semi-truck trailers, school buses, and refrigerated shipping containers.

What is the average length of a parking space?

The average length of a parking space in the United States is about 30 feet.

How long is a badminton court?

A badminton court measures approximately 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, with its length being close to about 30 feet.

How long is a racing sailboat?

Racing sailboats, also known as keelboats, often have lengths around 30 feet.

Can canoes be about 30 feet long?

Yes, canoes can come in various sizes, and some models can reach lengths of around 30 feet.

What length do small RVs typically have?

Small RVs, commonly used for road trips, typically have lengths ranging from 25 to 30 feet.

How long can a fire truck ladder extend?

Fire truck ladders can extend up to 30 feet or more, allowing firefighters to reach heights and rescue individuals from tall buildings.

What is the length of a cargo van?

Cargo vans, commonly used for transporting goods, can have lengths of up to 30 feet.

How long can an African elephant be?

African elephants, the largest land animals on Earth, can reach lengths of up to 30 feet.

What are some other examples of things about 30 feet long?

Other examples of things about 30 feet long include refrigerated shipping containers and fire truck ladders.


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