Discover 20 Examples of Things That Are 20 Inches Long

20-inch ruler

Have you ever stopped to consider the length of everyday objects around you? From rulers to television screens, there are countless items that measure 20 inches long. In this article, we’ll explore 20 examples of things that are 20 inches long. Let’s take a closer look!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many everyday objects that measure 20 inches long.
  • Examples include rulers, bicycles, televisions, necklaces, and more.
  • A 20-inch length is popular for its versatility and manageability.

20-Inch Ruler

A 20-inch ruler is a common tool used for measuring length. It is often made of metal or plastic and features markings in both inches and centimeters to allow for precise measurements. The 20-inch length of the ruler makes it suitable for larger projects, such as measuring sheets of paper or fabrics.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, or DIY enthusiast, a 20-inch ruler is an essential tool to have in your toolkit. Its versatility and accuracy make it a go-to for many different tasks, from drawing straight lines to measuring the length of a wall.

20 examples of things that are 20 inches long

Aside from its practical uses, a 20-inch ruler can also serve as a decorative piece, adding a vintage or industrial touch to a workspace or home office. Some rulers even come with unique designs or engravings, making them a great gift for someone who appreciates both form and function.

20-Inch Bicycle

When it comes to learning to ride a bike, a 20-inch bicycle is a popular choice for children. Its size is comfortable and manageable for young riders who are still developing their coordination and balance. The bike’s 20-inch wheels allow for a smooth ride on various terrains and its lightweight frame makes it easy for children to handle.

A 20-inch bicycle is also an excellent option for adults who are shorter than average or have a smaller frame. Its compact size makes it easy to store in small spaces, such as apartments or garages. Additionally, the bike’s smaller profile can make it easier to transport on bike racks or in the back of a car.

There are various types of 20-inch bicycles available, including mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and cruiser bikes. Each type is designed for a specific purpose, such as off-road trail riding or urban commuting. No matter the style, a 20-inch bicycle is a reliable and fun mode of transportation for riders of all ages.

20-Inch Bicycle

20-Inch Television

A 20-inch television is an excellent choice for small spaces, such as a bedroom or kitchen. Despite its compact size, it provides a high-definition viewing experience.

The 20-inch TV is also an ideal option for those who want to enjoy their favorite shows in a second room without spending a lot of money on a larger screen. It is a practical alternative that won’t take up too much space.

20-Inch Television

When compared to larger models, the 20-inch television is lightweight and easy to move. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand, offering flexibility for those with limited room for furniture.

Overall, the 20-inch television is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a high-quality viewing experience without sacrificing space or affordability. It is a perfect fit for small apartments, dorm rooms, or any other tight quarters that require a reliable TV.

20-Inch Necklace

A 20-inch necklace is a stunning accessory that can complement any outfit. The length of the necklace rests just below the collarbone, making it suitable for various necklines. Whether it’s a delicate chain or a statement piece, a 20-inch necklace can add a touch of elegance to any style.

Many jewelry designers offer a wide range of 20-inch necklaces made of different materials, from gold to silver to beads. One of the most popular styles is the 20-inch pendant necklace, which features a decorative element suspended from the chain.

20-Inch Necklace

Some popular pendant styles for a 20-inch necklace include birthstones, religious symbols, or simple geometric shapes. Additionally, some 20-inch necklaces feature multiple chains or layers for a trendy and unique look.

A 20-inch necklace is a versatile accessory that can be dressed up or down, worn alone or layered with other necklaces. It is the perfect length for those who want a necklace that is not too long or too short.

Overall, a 20-inch necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that can make a statement on any occasion.

20-Inch Hair Extensions

If you desire long, voluminous hair, 20-inch hair extensions may be an excellent choice for you. These extensions measure 20 inches in length and come in various styles and textures to match your natural hair.

One of the most significant benefits of 20-inch hair extensions is their versatility. You can style them in any way you like – straight, curly, or in an updo. They also come in different colors, so you can choose the perfect match to your natural hair color.

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Another advantage of 20-inch hair extensions is that they are easy to maintain. You can brush, wash, and style them just like your natural hair. Plus, if you care for them properly, they can last for months.

If you’re considering getting 20-inch hair extensions, be sure to have them applied by a professional stylist. They can ensure that the extensions are placed correctly and blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a natural look.

20-Inch Hair Extensions

Overall, 20-inch hair extensions are an excellent option for adding length and volume to your hair. They are versatile, easy to maintain, and can provide a beautiful and natural look.

20-Inch Drumsticks

Drumsticks measuring 20 inches in length are a great example of items that measure 20 inches long. These drumsticks are the preferred choice for many drummers due to their balance and versatility. They provide a comfortable grip and produce great sound.

Whether playing jazz, rock, or any other genre, these drumsticks can handle the task. They are perfect for drummers of all skill levels and provide a consistent performance.

Some popular brands that offer 20-inch drumsticks include Vic Firth, Promark, and Zildjian. These brands have been trusted by drummers for years and are known for their quality and durability.

20-Inch Drumsticks

If you’re a drummer searching for a reliable pair of drumsticks or simply looking for items that measure 20 inches long, consider picking up a pair of 20-inch drumsticks. They are a great addition to any drum kit and can help take your drumming to the next level.

20-Inch Laptop Sleeve

A 20-inch laptop sleeve is a must-have accessory for anyone with a laptop screen size of 20 inches. This protective case is designed to safeguard your device from scratches, dings, and other forms of damage while you’re on the go.

Whether you’re headed to work or school, a 20-inch laptop sleeve provides peace of mind knowing that your device is secure and protected. The padding inside the sleeve offers an extra layer of cushioning against accidental drops or bumps.

Aside from providing protection, a 20-inch laptop sleeve also makes it easy to transport your device with you wherever you go. The slim design allows you to easily slip it into a backpack or briefcase without adding bulk or weight.

20-inch laptop sleeve

Investing in a high-quality 20-inch laptop sleeve is a wise decision, especially if you use your device frequently or depend on it for work. With a range of options available on the market, you can choose a style that matches your personal taste while providing the protection your laptop requires.

20-Inch Soccer Ball

When it comes to soccer balls, 20 inches is the standard size for youth soccer leagues. The smaller size ensures proper handling and control for young players.

Playing soccer with the 20-inch ball allows children to develop their skills and techniques while having fun. The ball is durable and designed to withstand frequent use on different surfaces.

Moreover, using the correct size ball can prevent injuries and improve performance. A ball that is too big or too small can affect the player’s accuracy and comfort while playing.

Overall, the 20-inch soccer ball is an essential item for youth soccer players and a great way to introduce them to the sport.

20-Inch Soccer Ball

Whether played on a recreational or competitive level, soccer is a sport loved by millions around the world. Having the right equipment, such as a 20-inch soccer ball, can enhance the playing experience and make it more enjoyable.

20-Inch Carry-On Luggage

Are you going on a short trip and need a compact luggage option? A 20-inch carry-on luggage is the perfect size for you. It fits within airline size restrictions, so you won’t have to worry about checking it in. Plus, it offers ample space for your essential items.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a 20-inch carry-on luggage is a convenient and practical choice. It’s easy to maneuver and won’t weigh you down. You’ll be able to move through airports and train stations with ease.

20-Inch Carry-On Luggage

Not only is a 20-inch carry-on luggage functional, but it can also be stylish. Many luggage brands offer a wide range of colors and designs to match your personal taste. From classic black to bold prints, you can find a bag that reflects your personality.

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Investing in a 20-inch carry-on luggage can save you time, money, and hassle on your travels. With its compact size and convenient features, it’s a must-have item for any frequent traveler. Choose a high-quality luggage option that will last you for years to come.

20-Inch Pillow

A 20-inch pillow is a standard size for bed pillows. It provides comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. Whether you prefer a firm or soft pillow, a 20-inch pillow is a versatile option that can be easily fluffed and adjusted to your desired level of comfort. Made from various materials, such as cotton, down, or memory foam, a 20-inch pillow is an essential item for any bed.

20-Inch Pillow

When selecting a pillow, consider your sleeping position and any neck or back pain you may have. Side sleepers may benefit from a firmer pillow that keeps their head and neck aligned, while back sleepers may prefer a flatter pillow that supports the natural curvature of their spine. A 20-inch pillow is also a great option for those who like to prop themselves up for reading or watching TV in bed.

Investing in a high-quality pillow can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. A 20-inch pillow is a simple but effective addition to your bedding that can lead to more restful nights and better overall health.

20-Inch Tires

When it comes to things that have a length of 20 inches, 20-inch tires are a common example. These tires are often found on bicycles and some compact cars. They offer a smooth ride and good traction on the road, making them a popular choice for those who prioritize stability and control.

One of the benefits of 20-inch tires is their ability to handle a variety of terrains. They are suitable for riding on both paved and unpaved surfaces, making them a versatile option for cyclists. Additionally, their compact size makes them easy to maneuver and handle, particularly for younger or smaller riders.

When selecting 20-inch tires, it is important to consider factors such as tread pattern, durability, and pressure requirements. Different types of bikes may require different types of tires, so it is important to consult with a professional to ensure the right fit for your needs.

20-inch tires

In summary, 20-inch tires are a popular example of items measuring 20 inches in length. With their versatility, smooth ride, and good traction, they are a great choice for cyclists of all levels and ages, whether for leisurely rides or competitive racing.

20-Inch Artificial Christmas Tree

If you’re tight on space but still want to enjoy the holiday season, a 20-inch artificial Christmas tree may be the perfect solution. This small tree is perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, or offices.

Despite its size, it can still be decorated with lights, ornaments, and tinsel to create a festive atmosphere. And the best part? You don’t have to deal with the mess of fallen needles!

20-Inch Artificial Christmas Tree

Perfect for small spacesMay not be suitable for larger ornaments
No fallen needlesLimited decorating options

While a 20-inch artificial Christmas tree may not provide the same grandeur as a full-sized tree, it’s a practical and festive option for those with limited space. Plus, it can still bring holiday cheer to any room in your home!

20-Inch Lampshade

A lampshade is an essential accessory for various types of lights. It helps to control the brightness of the light and also adds a decorative touch to the room. A 20-inch lampshade is a popular size for floor and table lamps.

With a height of 9-10 inches and a diameter of 20 inches, this lampshade provides a balanced proportion to the light. It also diffuses light evenly, ensuring a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room.

There are many designs and materials available for 20-inch lampshades, including fabric, paper, and metal. Some have intricate patterns, while others have a simple and modern look. Whatever the style, a 20-inch lampshade is a versatile choice for any type of decor.

20-Inch Lampshade

Whether you want to brighten up your living room or create a cozy reading nook, a 20-inch lampshade is a fantastic option. It is an elegant and practical solution for lighting and decorating your home.

20-Inch Skateboard

A 20-inch skateboard is a popular choice among skateboarders due to its compact size and maneuverability. It is perfect for cruising around town or performing tricks. The smaller size also makes it easier to store and transport.

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Some popular brands that offer 20-inch skateboards include Penny Skateboards and Globe. These boards typically feature a lightweight and durable plastic deck, smooth-rolling wheels, and responsive trucks.

Skateboarders can customize their 20-inch skateboard with various graphics and colors to express their personal style. Some even use their board as a canvas for original artwork.

Overall, a 20-inch skateboard is a fun and practical choice for riders of all levels. Whether you’re cruising the beach boardwalk or perfecting your kickflip, this compact board is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

20-inch skateboard

Looking for more objects that measure 20 inches long? Check out our list of 20 examples of things that are 20 inches long.


In conclusion, we have explored 20 examples of things that are 20 inches long. From rulers to lampshades, hair extensions to soccer balls, these items showcase the diversity of size in everyday objects. Whether it’s for practical use or aesthetic appeal, the 20-inch length provides a versatile and manageable option.

Next time you come across an object that measures 20 inches long, take a moment to appreciate its size and usefulness. You may even discover a new appreciation for the humble ruler or pillow.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploring items that measure 20 inches long. We hope this list has been informative and enjoyable.

Remember, the possibilities of 20-inch long things are endless. Keep exploring, keep measuring, and keep discovering new objects that measure 20 inches in length.

That wraps up our list of 20 inch long things. We hope you found it helpful and interesting. Stay tuned for more exciting articles from us.


Q: How do I measure 20 inches?

A: To measure 20 inches, you can use a ruler or tape measure. Simply align the starting point at 0 and measure up to the 20-inch mark.

Q: Can I find a 20-inch ruler in stores?

A: Yes, 20-inch rulers are commonly available in office supply stores and online retailers.

Q: Are there any other objects that measure 20 inches long?

A: Yes, there are many objects that measure 20 inches long. Some examples include bicycles, televisions, necklaces, drumsticks, and laptop sleeves.

Q: Where can I buy a 20-inch bicycle?

A: You can find 20-inch bicycles at sporting goods stores, bike shops, and online retailers.

Q: Are 20-inch televisions suitable for small rooms?

A: Yes, 20-inch televisions are compact and perfect for smaller spaces like bedrooms or kitchens.

Q: Can I find a 20-inch necklace in different styles?

A: Absolutely! There are various styles of necklaces available in a 20-inch length, including chains, pendants, and statement pieces.

Q: Where can I purchase 20-inch hair extensions?

A: You can find 20-inch hair extensions at beauty supply stores or online retailers that specialize in hair accessories.

Q: Can I use 20-inch drumsticks for any type of drums?

A: Yes, 20-inch drumsticks are versatile and can be used for various types of drums, including snare drums and drum sets.

Q: Are 20-inch laptop sleeves suitable for all laptops?

A: No, 20-inch laptop sleeves are specifically designed for laptops with a screen size of 20 inches. Make sure to check the measurements of your laptop before purchasing a sleeve.

Q: Can I find a 20-inch soccer ball at sporting goods stores?

A: Yes, 20-inch soccer balls are commonly available at sporting goods stores, both in-store and online.

Q: Where can I buy a 20-inch carry-on luggage?

A: You can find 20-inch carry-on luggage at luggage stores, department stores, and online retailers that specialize in travel accessories.

Q: Are 20-inch pillows available in different materials?

A: Yes, 20-inch pillows are available in various materials, including memory foam, down alternative, and cotton.

Q: Can I find 20-inch tires for my car?

A: 20-inch tires are commonly available for compact cars and some bicycles. You can find them at tire shops or automotive stores.

Q: Where can I purchase a 20-inch artificial Christmas tree?

A: 20-inch artificial Christmas trees are available at holiday decor stores, big-box retailers, and online marketplaces.

Q: Can I find 20-inch lampshades in different colors and styles?

A: Yes, there are various options for 20-inch lampshades, including different colors, patterns, and styles. You can find them at lighting stores or home decor retailers.

Q: Where can I buy a 20-inch skateboard?

A: 20-inch skateboards can be found at skateboard shops, sporting goods stores, and online retailers that specialize in skateboarding equipment.


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