How Big is 50 Acres? (Explained)

How big is 50 acres

A single acre of land is the same as 43,560 square feet. So, 50 acres would be equal to 2,178,000 square feet, 242,000 square yards, or about 20.2343 hectares.

These figures are quite large, so trying to imagine what such a huge area looks like. To assist you, I’ve found 7 perfect examples that demonstrate just how large 50 acres truly is.

463 NBA Courts

463 NBA Courts

The sport was created back in 1946 when P.E. educator James Naismith decided to hang a peach basket on the wall and had players shoot a ball in it. Back then, the ball would stay in the basket, so a referee would have to retrieve it after every made basket.

According to NBA regulation, a game-approved court must measure 94 × 50 feet, giving it a maximum surface of 4,700 square feet. That means you could fit slightly more than 463 regulation courts inside a 50-acre plot of land.

38 NFL Fields

38 NFL Fields

It’s clear that sports play a tremendous role in American culture, which is a possible reason that universities in the United States will spend upwards of $1 million on recruiting potential stars. The sport was created by American universities as somewhat of a mix between rugby and soccer. Today, the NFL franchise is worth an estimated 12.2 billion!

The measurements of an NFL football field are 360 × 160 feet, with a total playing area of 57,600 square feet. This figure includes the endzones, each of which measures 30 feet deep. With an average seating capacity of close to 70,000 people, it’s no wonder massive stadiums can cost billions to build.

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1/3 of a Golf Course

1/3 of a Golf Course

The purpose of playing golf is to see who can finish playing golf the soonest. The person who swings the club fewer times is deemed the winner, so the less golf you play, the better you are at it. If you thought playing golf was boring, imagine being a spectator who willingly stands under the hot sun for 4 hours and 30 minutes to witness a single 18-hole game!

The average 18-hold golf course will take up approximately 150 acres of land. However, most courses will usually measure around 74 acres, which is closer to the 50-acre area than their massive 150-acre counterparts.

1,251 Volleyball Courts

1251 Volleyball Courts

A game-approved volleyball court measures 59 × 29.5 feet, giving it a total area of 1,740.5 square feet. So, you would need 1,251 of them to get close to 50 acres. As for beach volleyball courts, which measure 52.5 × 26.2 feet (1,375.5 square feet), you would need to add another 332 courts to get to 50 acres.

14 MLB Fields

14 MLB Fields

Except for the 7 matches in the World Series, baseball stadiums are pretty much barren. It’s no surprise that the popularity of the sport is dying, even though the MLB franchise is worth $69 billion. Despite this, the sport will forever be known as an important part of American history.

An MLB diamond will measure 90 feet on all sides, but that represents 5% of the entire field. Most baseball fields will measure 400 × 400 feet, covering 160,000 square feet. As large as it might seem, it’s only 1/14th of 50 acres.

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2.5 Golden Gate Bridges

2 point 5 Golden Gate Bridges

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began in 1933. Roughly 4.5 years later, the bridge was officially opened, allowing motorists to travel between San Francisco to Marin County in record time. Prior to the completion of this iconic bridge, people would have to rent boats and paddle their way across the 1-mile-long strait.

The Golden Gate Bridge measures 90 feet wide and 1.7 miles (9,826 feet) long, covering an area of 884,340 square feet. Still, you would need to place 2.5 of these bridges together to get a figure close to 50 acres.

19 Soccer Pitches

19 Soccer Pitches

Although American Football is America’s favorite sport, the rest of the world almost unanimously agrees that what they consider football (we call it soccer) is the best sport of all. The modern version of soccer, which is played to this very day, started back in 1863 in England. However, the exact origins of the sport could be traced to 2nd or 3rd-century China.

A game-ready soccer pitch measures 136 × 93 yards at most or 408 × 279 feet. It will cover a total of 113,832 square feet, so 19 of them would get you to 50 acres. Did you know that the average soccer player will run between 7 and 10 miles in a 90-minute game?

How Long Would It Take to Travel 50 Acres?

Traveling across 50 acres of land will vary on its exact dimensions. So, let’s assume that you’re traveling a patch that’s 2,178,000 feet long and 1 foot wide. How long would it take you to cover that distance?

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The following table describes how long it would take to travel a 50-acre-long path via different modes of transport.

Mode of TransportAverage SpeedTime
Walking4 miles per hour137 hours 30 minutes
Jogging6 miles per hour68 hours 45 minutes
Skateboard13 miles per hour31 hours 43 minutes
Sprinting15 miles per hour27 hours 30 minutes
Cruise Ship23 miles per hour17 hours 56 minutes
Horse44 miles per hour9 hours 22 minutes
Car60 miles per hour6 hours 52 minutes
Speedboat100 miles per hour4 hours 7 minutes
Train150 miles per hour2 hours 45 minutes
Helicopter160 miles per hour2 hours 34 minutes
NASCAR200 miles per hour2 hours 3 minutes
MotoGP Bike221 miles per hour1 hour 52 minutes
NASA Rocketship17,800 miles per hour1 minute 23 seconds

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