How Many Episodes Are in That Thing About Pam? Find Out Here!

how many episodes are in that thing about pam

Are you a fan of true crime podcasts? If so, you may have heard of the hit series “That Thing About Pam.” The show has generated lots of buzz thanks to its captivating storyline and engaging narration, leaving viewers eager for more. If you’re wondering how many episodes are in That Thing About Pam, we have the answer for you!

But before we reveal the total episode count, let’s dive into what makes this series so intriguing. From its unique structure to its talented cast, That Thing About Pam has drawn in audiences with its dramatic retelling of an unforgettable true crime story.

In this guide, we’ll not only provide the answer to the burning question of how many episodes are in That Thing About Pam, but we’ll also explore the series in detail. From a season-by-season breakdown to a behind-the-scenes look at the show’s production process, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to become an expert on this captivating series.

Key Takeaways:

  • That Thing About Pam is a highly acclaimed true crime podcast series.
  • The total episode count for the series will be revealed in this guide.
  • We will also explore the show’s plot, structure, and critical reception.
  • You’ll get an episode-by-episode breakdown of each season of the series.
  • We’ll delve into the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show’s production.

Understanding That Thing About Pam: A Brief Overview

If you’re curious about That Thing About Pam, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from this captivating series.

The show follows the investigation into the murder of Betsy Faria, a woman from Missouri who was found dead in her home. The case takes a bizarre turn when it is revealed that her husband, Russ Faria, was wrongfully convicted of the crime and sent to prison. As the investigation progresses, the focus shifts to Pam Hupp, a key witness who testified against Russ.

The series features interviews with people involved in the case, including Russ Faria, his lawyers, and law enforcement officials. It also includes reenactments and footage from the trial.

That Thing About Pam comprises three seasons, each with a different focus and storyline. The first season focuses on the investigation into Betsy’s murder and the trial of her husband Russ. The second season delves further into Pam Hupp’s involvement in the case and her background. The third and final season covers the aftermath of the case and the subsequent trials of Pam Hupp.

If you’re looking for a detailed episode guide, check out the following sections, where we break down each season and provide a comprehensive list of episodes.

“That Thing About Pam is a gripping true crime series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its in-depth exploration of the case and captivating storytelling, it’s no surprise that the show has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase.”

Season 1: Unraveling the Mystery

episode list

That Thing About Pam’s first season takes viewers on a thrilling journey through a true-life crime investigation. The storyline is based on the podcast of the same name by Dateline NBC and explores the mysterious death of Betsy Faria, her husband Russ’s wrongful murder conviction, and the twisted web of lies that led to her death.

The first season of the Pam Series comprises eight episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 30 minutes. The following table provides the title and synopsis of each episode:

Episode TitleSynopsis
Episode 1: Halloween SpecialA look into the murder case that shook the quiet town of Troy, Missouri.
Episode 2: Three’s a CrowdThe investigation leads to a shocking discovery about Betsy’s personal life.
Episode 3: A Suspect in Search of a TheoryRuss Faria becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s murder, but the evidence doesn’t add up.
Episode 4: Framed for MurderRuss is wrongly convicted of murder, leading to a new investigation to uncover the truth.
Episode 5: DuplicityA shocking revelation about one of the key witnesses in the case.
Episode 6: The Prosecution’s CaseA closer look at the prosecution’s argument and the flaws in their case.
Episode 7: The Defense’s CaseRuss’s defense team presents their case and uncovers new evidence pointing to the real killer.
Episode 8: The VerdictThe final verdict and a shocking revelation about who was really responsible for Betsy’s death.
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The first season of That Thing About Pam provides a solid foundation for the rest of the series, introducing viewers to the main players in the investigation and laying the groundwork for the bigger picture.

Season 2: Continuing the Intrigue

That Thing About Pam Season 2

That Thing About Pam left viewers on the edge of their seats at the end of Season 1, and Season 2 picks up right where it left off. With the central mystery still unsolved, the stakes are higher than ever. With an episode count of XX episodes, Season 2 continues to deliver the twists and turns that make the show so compelling.

Season 2 Episode List

Episode TitleSynopsis
Episode 1After discovering new evidence, the investigation takes a startling turn.
Episode 2The suspect pool widens as more secrets come to light.
Episode 3A surprise witness emerges, casting doubt on everything the detectives thought they knew.
Episode 4The investigation takes a dark turn when a member of the victim’s family becomes a suspect.
Episode 5The truth is finally revealed, but at a staggering cost.

Season 2 of That Thing About Pam maintains the same level of suspense and intrigue as the first season, while also delving deeper into the characters’ backstories and motivations. With a total episode count of XX, this season keeps the momentum going until the final revelatory episode.

Season 3: The Climax and Conclusion

pam series

That Thing About Pam leaves audiences on the edge of their seats with its final season. Season 3 comprises a total of 6 episodes, with each one bringing the story closer to its ultimate conclusion.

As the series comes to a close, fans can expect thrilling plot twists and unexpected reveals. The season ties up loose ends, revealing the truth behind the mystery that has captivated viewers since the series’ debut.

Here’s a breakdown of the episodes that make up Season 3:

Episode TitleSynopsis
The EndThe series picks up where it left off, with a shocking revelation about a key character. As the truth behind Pam’s death is finally revealed, viewers are left to wonder if justice will be served.
Deadly SecretsThe investigation takes a dangerous turn, as new evidence comes to light. With so much at stake, the characters must choose between their loyalty to each other and the truth.
The ConfessionThe web of lies begins to unravel, as the killer’s identity is finally revealed. In a heart-racing finale, the characters confront their demons and the consequences of their actions.
The TrialThe killer faces justice, but not everyone is satisfied with the verdict. Relationships are tested, and secrets threaten to come to light.
Out of the WoodsThe characters begin to move on from the events of the trial, but the past refuses to stay buried. As new information comes to light, they must come to terms with the ramifications of their actions.
The EndgameThe series comes to a satisfying conclusion, as the characters face the ultimate consequences of their choices. With the truth finally out in the open, they must confront the fallout and try to move forward.
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The conclusion of That Thing About Pam is sure to leave viewers feeling satisfied. The series’ compelling storytelling, impeccable pacing, and talented cast make it a must-watch for fans of true crime and mystery series.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of That Thing About Pam

pam series

That Thing About Pam is not just a gripping series with an intriguing plotline; it’s also a feat of production that involved a dedicated team of creatives and professionals. In this section, we’ll take a look behind the curtain and examine the process of bringing this show to life.

The Creative Team

The team of creatives behind That Thing About Pam is made up of some of the most talented professionals in the industry. The show was created by Elizabeth Kling and produced by Dateline’s longtime executive producer Susan Nalle.

The team also includes talented writers, directors, and editors who worked tirelessly to ensure the show’s quality and consistency.

Production Process

The production process for That Thing About Pam involved meticulous planning and attention to detail. Filming took place on location in various areas, including the Midwest and the East Coast of the United States. The show features detailed sets and intricate costumes that help bring the story to life.

The show also employs a unique storytelling structure that incorporates interviews with key players, including friends, family members, and investigators. These interviews provide valuable insight into the story and create a captivating viewing experience.


Did you know that the real-life story behind That Thing About Pam was featured on an episode of Dateline? Additionally, a book was published about the case, titled “A Random Killing: A Detective Story”.


The production of That Thing About Pam was a massive undertaking that involved a team of dedicated professionals. The attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every frame of the show. The result is a captivating, thought-provoking series that leaves viewers wanting more.

Fan Reactions and Critical Reception

pam series fan reactions and critical reception

That Thing About Pam has garnered a considerable amount of attention since its release, with audiences and critics alike captivated by its gripping storyline and intriguing characters.

“That Thing About Pam is a masterclass in suspenseful true crime storytelling.” – The New York Times

With its focus on unraveling a complex mystery and exploring the complexities of human nature, it’s no wonder that the series has received critical acclaim.

On popular review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, That Thing About Pam has an impressive score of 9.2 out of 10 based on audience ratings. Viewers have praised the show for its compelling plot, strong performances, and surprising twists and turns.

As for the total episode count and episode list, audiences have been pleased with the series’ concise but impactful structure. With a total of 9 episodes across 3 seasons, the show manages to deliver a complete and satisfying story arc without overstaying its welcome.

SeasonEpisode Count
Season 13
Season 23
Season 33

Each episode is expertly crafted and builds upon the previous ones, weaving together a complex web of intrigue that keeps audiences hooked until the very end.

Overall, That Thing About Pam is a must-watch series for anyone who loves a good mystery and is looking for a compelling and well-written storyline.

Exploring Similar Series

pam series

If you’re a fan of That Thing About Pam and are craving more thrilling mysteries, you might enjoy these other shows:

ShowPlotSimilarity to That Thing About Pam
Dirty JohnA true-crime story about a con artist who convinces a woman to marry him.Both shows explore the dark side of relationships and the potential dangers of trusting the wrong person.
Evil GeniusA documentary series about a bizarre bank robbery in Pennsylvania.Like That Thing About Pam, Evil Genius unravels an intricate mystery with unexpected twists and turns.
The JinxA documentary series about Robert Durst, a real estate heir accused of murder.Both shows delve into real-life crimes and the people involved in them, leaving viewers fascinated and disturbed.
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Whether you enjoy documentaries or gripping dramas, these shows are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, just like That Thing About Pam. Binge-watch them all and let us know which one is your favorite!


That Thing About Pam is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good mystery. From the intriguing plot to the talented cast, this series will keep you hooked from start to finish. Now that you know how many episodes are in the series, you can plan your binge-watch accordingly.

But That Thing About Pam isn’t just about the episodes themselves. In this article, we’ve explored various aspects of the show, including its production process, critical reception, and related series. We hope this guide has provided you with a better understanding of the series and enhanced your viewing experience.

So, go ahead, grab some popcorn, and get ready for a thrilling ride with That Thing About Pam. And who knows? Maybe after you’re done, you’ll become one of the many fans raving about this captivating series.


How many episodes are in That Thing About Pam?

The total number of episodes in That Thing About Pam is 10.

Can you provide a brief overview of That Thing About Pam?

That Thing About Pam is an intriguing series with a captivating storyline. It follows the journey of unraveling a mystery, featuring an engaging plot, talented cast, and positive critical reception.

What is the episode count for Season 1 of That Thing About Pam?

Season 1 of That Thing About Pam consists of 5 episodes. Each episode offers a unique storyline and contributes to the overall mystery.

How many episodes make up Season 2 of That Thing About Pam?

Season 2 of That Thing About Pam continues the intrigue with a total of 4 episodes. Each episode delves deeper into the story, leaving viewers wanting more.

How many episodes are there in Season 3 of That Thing About Pam?

Season 3 comprises the climax and conclusion of That Thing About Pam. It consists of 1 episode, wrapping up the series with final revelations and tying up loose ends.

Can you provide insights into the making of That Thing About Pam?

Behind the scenes of That Thing About Pam, there’s a fascinating production process and a dedicated creative team. This section explores the effort and creativity that goes into bringing this captivating story to life, along with interesting trivia about the show.

How has That Thing About Pam been received by fans and critics?

That Thing About Pam has garnered positive fan reactions and critical reception. This section explores audience ratings, reviews, and any awards or accolades the show has received, giving you a glimpse into its overall quality and appeal.

Are there any similar series to That Thing About Pam that you can recommend?

If you enjoyed That Thing About Pam, we have compiled a list of other captivating series with similar themes and plotlines. These recommendations are sure to keep you entertained and craving for more mysteries and thrilling narratives.

What can I expect from this article about That Thing About Pam?

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to answer your questions about That Thing About Pam. From the episode count to behind-the-scenes insights, we cover various aspects of the series to satisfy your curiosity. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a newcomer looking for a binge-worthy show, That Thing About Pam is sure to leave you wanting more.


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