6 Common Things that are 2 Inches Long

Things that are 2 Inches Long

If you are trying to measure a length of 2 inches without a proper measuring device such as a ruler, then you’ll need to use a common object in a standardized size as a means of comparison.

This is a good way to be able to physically measure small lengths, but it is also useful for getting a good visual idea in your mind of what 2 inches would look like.

Two inches is an imperial measurement, which is the system used in the US. Across Europe and in Canada, the metric system is favored. The metric equivalent of 2 inches would be 5.08 cm, or 50.8 mm.

Soda can diameter

Soda can diameter

Not all soda cans are the same size. For example, Red Bull cans tend to be taller and slimmer, but for the most part, the cans you buy soda in are all a uniform size.

This makes them a good measuring tool because everyone can easily imagine the size of a soda can as a universal object. If you are trying to identify roughly how big two inches are, then you can use a soda can. The diameter across the top of a soda can will measure a little over 2 inches, at 2.13 inches.

This is the smallest diameter measurement on a soda can because the middle section of a soda can is a little bigger.

Credit card

Credit card

A credit card is one of the best improvised measuring tools you can get because these are all exactly the same size across the world, and everyone knows how big a credit card should be. These are also an easy access object that most people will have with them, whether they are at home, at work, or away from home.

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The dimensions of a credit card are 3.37 inches in length and 2.12 inches in width. From this, we can see that the width measurement is just a little past the 2-inch target goal, but it is close enough to use for taking rough measurements.

If you need to measure a length of 2 inches, you can use the edge of a credit card for comparison, or if you need a visual image of how big 2 inches would be, then just think of a credit card. Of course, not everyone has credit cards, but debit cards and business cards are also the exact same size, so you could use one of these instead.

If you have other types of cards that fit into the cardholder slots in your wallet, then you could also use the width measurements of these to measure 2 inches, such as a driver’s license, a medical card, a social security card, or an ID card.

Golf tee

Golf tee

Golf tees come in various sizes, as it is suggested that a different tee be used for different golf clubs. Smaller golf tees of 1.5 inches in length are recommended for hybrid clubs and irons, while the longer tees of 4 inches in length are best suited for use with large-headed drivers.

However, the standard size of golf tee across this sport is 2.12 inches in length. These tees are best suited for use with small to medium-headed drivers, but they are commonly used across the board irrelevant of the type of club for most players.

If you need to measure a 2-inch length, then you could use a standard golf tee if you have one available. These are not exactly 2 inches, but they are very close. If you have a selection of these golf tees, you could also measure larger lengths in 2-inch increments.

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2 quarters

2 quarters

Quarters are a great way to measure things when you are improvising and don’t have a ruler or tape measure because they measure almost exactly an inch across.

A US quarter coin, also known as a 25 cent piece, measures exactly 0.955 inches in diameter, which is very close to being a full inch. This means if you have a tub full of quarters, you could line them up in a row and measure any item in inches.

For a 2 inch measurement, you will just need two quarters laid out end to end next to each other. This will give you a total measurement of just under 2 inches, but it works well for rough or estimated measurements.

Paper clips

Paper clips

Paper clips are a common item that people often have lying around in a drawer at home or in an office cupboard at work. Paper clips come in a few different standard sizes, so depending on the size you have access to, you can use these as ad hoc measuring tools.

A standard-sized small paperclip measures 1 inch in length, so these are great for measuring any lengths in 1-inch increments. To get a length of 2 inches, you would, of course, just need to line up 2 small paper clips in a row, lengthways.

The larger-sized paper clip measures 2 inches in length, so this is ideal if you are trying to find something with a 2-inch measurement. You could also use several of these if you wanted to make a measurement of any number divisible by 2, such as 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and so on.

Billiard ball

Billiard ball

Billiards and pool are popular recreational games played around the world using cues to strike the balls on a table, with the intention of sinking them into pockets around the edge of the table.

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A billiards ball or pool ball measures a little over 2 inches, so it is useful for getting a rough measurement of close to this amount but should not be used for exact measurements.

The exact diameter measurement of a billiard ball is 2.25 inches. Be sure to use one of the colored balls rather than the white ball because the white ball is marginally bigger.


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