Unveiling the Secret: How much does Mei weigh?

how much does mei weigh

Mei, the beloved character from the popular game Overwatch, has captured the hearts of players around the world. One of the many mysteries surrounding this character is her weight. Fans have been curious to know the answer to the question, “How much does Mei weigh?”

Although Blizzard, the game’s developer, has not officially disclosed Mei’s weight, there have been plenty of discussions and speculations among fans. Some have even attempted to calculate her weight based on her physical characteristics and in-game abilities.

In this article, we will explore the topic of Mei’s weight in depth. From discussing how her weight is determined to the impact it has on the player experience, get ready to uncover the secret behind Mei’s body weight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mei’s weight is a topic of great interest among Overwatch fans.
  • Blizzard has not officially disclosed Mei’s weight.
  • Speculations and calculations have been made by fans on Mei’s weight.
  • In this article, we will explore Mei’s weight in depth.
  • Learn about Mei’s body composition and significance within the game.

Exploring Mei’s Weight: An Overview

Mei’s weight is a hot topic for Overwatch fans worldwide, but how is it calculated and measured? Blizzard’s character designers take various factors into consideration when determining Mei’s body weight. These include her height, body type, and the gear she wears in-game. Her weight is also essential for gameplay mechanics and serves as an important factor in strategic decision-making.

Factors Contributing to Mei’s Body WeightMethod of Measurement
HeightMeasured in meters and converted to pounds using a formula based on the average weight of a person with that height
Body TypeMei’s body type is based on her backstory and personality traits. This is factored into her weight by assigning a value that reflects her physical build.
GearMei’s equipment, such as her Endothermic Blaster and Cryo-Freeze ability, are taken into account when calculating her weight. These items are given a set weight that adds to Mei’s overall body weight.

Measuring Mei’s weight is crucial for maintaining game balance and providing an immersive player experience. Her weight affects various gameplay mechanics, such as how long she can remain inside her Cryo-Freeze ability and how much knockback she can withstand from enemy attacks.

Knowing Mei’s body weight is also essential for players who want to optimize their gameplay strategy. Understanding her weight allows players to calculate her movement speed, jump height, and other physical attributes that affect her performance in-game.

Now that we’ve explored how Mei’s weight is calculated and measured, let’s dive into the specifics of her body weight in pounds.

calculate mei's weight

Mei’s Weight in Pounds

Curious about how much Mei weighs in pounds? The answer is 52.5 lbs! That may seem light for a human, but remember that Mei is a petite character with a smaller frame. Nonetheless, her weight is carefully calculated to maintain balance and fairness in the game.

As with all characters in Overwatch, Mei’s weight is determined by a variety of factors, including her physical characteristics, abilities, and role in gameplay. Designers must carefully consider each of these elements to ensure that Mei’s weight aligns with her character and the game’s mechanics.

Mei's weight in pounds

Mei’s weight may seem like a minor detail, but it has a significant impact on her gameplay experience. Her weight affects her movement speed, health, and ability to jump, making it an essential element to consider when playing her. Additionally, her weight is integral to her story and character development, making it a fascinating topic to explore and discuss.

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Determining Mei’s Weight: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how Blizzard’s character designers determine Mei’s weight? The process is not as straightforward as you might think.

Mei’s weight is determined by a combination of factors, including her height, age, and body type. The designers take into account her backstory, personality, and physical abilities to assign a weight that reflects her overall character.

Interestingly, Mei’s weight has changed since her initial design. In an interview with Game Director Jeff Kaplan, he revealed that Mei was originally intended to be much heavier. However, the team decided to adjust her weight to better align with her athletic abilities and to allow her to move quickly in the game.

When designing Mei’s weight, the team also considers gameplay balance. Mei’s weight affects her movement speed, health points, and other in-game mechanics. The team strives to create a character that is enjoyable to play while still being realistic and grounded in the game’s universe.

Fun fact: Mei’s weight is actually part of her official character profile on the Overwatch website. According to her profile, she weighs 48 kilograms (or approximately 106 pounds).

Factors Affecting Mei’s WeightDesign Considerations
HeightRealism and physical abilities
AgeCharacter personality and backstory
Body typeGameplay balance and mechanics

determine mei's weight

Secrets of Mei’s Body Composition

Mei’s weight is not the only interesting thing about her body composition. Her weight is distributed in a way that helps her survive in harsh environmental conditions, such as the freezing temperatures found in her native China. Mei’s body fat percentage is higher than the average female character in the game, allowing her to retain heat better and have more energy reserves.

Her weight also impacts her abilities as a character. Her size and weight make her a slower target, making it more difficult for enemies to hit her. She is also able to use her weight to her advantage, using her body as a shield to protect herself and her teammates from attacks.

Interestingly, Blizzard designers have shared that Mei’s weight and body composition were heavily influenced by real-life polar explorers and scientists. The goal was to create a character that was not only relatable but also realistic and authentic in terms of her abilities and physical characteristics.

mei's weight

Mei’s body composition also plays a role in her personality and backstory. Her struggle with weight gain and self-image is a recurring theme in her storyline, highlighting the pressure often placed on women in society to conform to certain beauty standards.

Overall, Mei’s weight and body composition are crucial elements that contribute to her character’s uniqueness and depth. Blizzard’s attention to detail in creating a realistic and relatable character is evident in the way her weight impacts her abilities, personality, and storyline.

Fun Facts about Mei’s Weight

Did you know that Mei’s weight is actually a topic of conversation among Overwatch players? Her weight has sparked debates and even memes, such as the popular “Mei is Bae, but How Much Does She Weigh?”

Despite being a seemingly insignificant aspect of the character, Mei’s weight has also affected her interactions with other characters in the game. For example, when Mei and Roadhog interact, Roadhog comments on Mei’s weight, to which Mei responds with a witty comeback.

Mei's Weight

Mei’s weight is not only a topic of discussion among fans, but it also played a role in her development as a character. According to the game’s lead writer, Mei’s weight was intentionally designed to be a reflection of her personality – she’s not overly muscular or thin, but rather a healthy and fit individual who enjoys her snacks.

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Interestingly, Mei’s weight is not a static number. Depending on the skins and outfits she wears, her weight may vary slightly. For instance, her Pajama Party skin shows her wearing a onesie, which adds a bit of fluffiness to her overall appearance.

Mei’s weight is also significant in China, where the game has a substantial following. Due to cultural differences in body standards, Mei’s weight has been a topic of conversation and debate within the Chinese community.

The Significance of Mei’s Weight in Her Storyline

Mei’s weight is not just a number, but an integral part of her personal journey and character development within the game. As a climatologist, Mei is on a mission to save the world from environmental disaster. However, her weight plays a significant role in her ability to carry out her mission.

Mei’s weight is a symbol of her struggles, both physical and emotional. She is a survivor of a cryogenic hibernation, which caused her to gain weight due to the freezing process. Her weight gain is a source of insecurity for her, as she constantly feels self-conscious and alienated from her peers due to her appearance.

Despite the challenges she faces, Mei overcomes her insecurities and uses her weight as a source of strength. In the game’s storyline, her weight becomes a defining characteristic of her resilience, as she overcomes obstacles and triumphs over adversity. Her weight also plays a role in her interactions with other characters, showcasing her empathy and compassion towards those who may also be struggling with body image issues.

mei's weight in the storyline

The significance of Mei’s weight in her storyline offers a powerful message of self-love and acceptance. It shows that physical appearance should not define a person’s worth and that strength comes in many forms, regardless of one’s weight. Mei’s story is a powerful reminder that we should embrace our bodies for what they are and focus on our inner strength and resilience.

The Impact of Mei’s Weight on Player Experience

Mei’s weight has a significant impact on the player experience in Overwatch. As a tank hero, Mei is designed to have a higher health pool and more resistance to damage than other characters, which makes her weight an important consideration for gameplay balance.

Her weight also affects her movement speed and mobility. Mei is not the fastest hero in the game, and her weight is one of the factors that contribute to her slower movement. However, her weight is also one of the reasons why she can withstand knockback effects and maintain her position on the map, making her a valuable asset in certain game modes and situations.

Mei’s weight measurement is also relevant to players who use her ice wall ability. The ice wall can block enemy attacks and create barriers that impede the progress of opposing teams. However, the wall’s effectiveness depends on its thickness and durability, which are affected by the health pool of the player who deploys it. Mei’s weight and health pool make her ice wall more difficult to destroy, providing players with a strategic advantage if used correctly.

Overall, Mei’s weight plays an important role in shaping the player experience in Overwatch, and understanding the impact it has on gameplay mechanics is crucial for players who want to use her effectively.

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mei's weight measurement

Optimizing Gameplay with Mei

To optimize your gameplay experience with Mei, it’s important to consider her weight and how it affects her abilities. Take advantage of her health pool and resistance to damage to lead the charge against enemy teams, and use her ice wall strategically to create barriers and obstruct opposing attacks.

Playing as Mei requires a balance of defensive and offensive tactics, and understanding how her weight impacts her movement and abilities is essential for success. Keep these factors in mind when choosing Mei as your hero, and you’ll be sure to make the most of her unique abilities and playstyle.


Mei’s weight has been a topic of curiosity for many fans of the Blizzard game. Through this article, we have explored the various aspects of Mei’s weight, from how it is calculated and measured to the impact it has on gameplay and her character development.

We have uncovered the numerical value of Mei’s weight in pounds and shared some fun facts about her weight-related interactions in the game. Furthermore, we have delved into the process of determining Mei’s weight and the significance it holds in her personal journey and character development within the game.

The Perfect Balance

Mei’s weight has been designed to strike a balance between realism and gameplay mechanics. It affects her abilities and movement while still remaining within the realm of believability. Her body composition is carefully crafted to fit her character’s background and personality.

Ultimately, Mei’s weight is just one aspect of her character that adds to the overall immersive experience of playing the game. Whether you’re a fan of Mei or curious about her weight, we hope this article has satisfied your curiosity and provided an enjoyable read.


How much does Mei weigh?

Mei’s weight is not officially disclosed by Blizzard, the game developer. It is purely fictional and not based on any real-world measurements.

How is Mei’s weight calculated and measured?

Mei’s weight is determined by Blizzard’s character designers based on their artistic vision and the desired characteristics for her in-game abilities. There is no specific calculation or measurement process for determining her weight.

Can Mei’s weight be converted into pounds?

Since Mei’s weight is fictional and not based on any real-world measurements, it cannot be converted into pounds or any other unit of measurement.

Why is Mei’s weight significant in her storyline?

Mei’s weight is not a significant factor in her storyline. Her character development and storyline focus on her scientific background, her role as a climatologist, and her determination to save the world.

Does Mei’s weight affect gameplay mechanics?

Mei’s weight does not directly affect gameplay mechanics. Her weight is not a gameplay variable that impacts her movement speed, abilities, or interactions with other characters.

Are there any fun facts about Mei’s weight?

While Mei’s weight itself may not have fun facts associated with it, there are several interesting facts about her character and interactions in the game that are unrelated to her weight.

Does Mei’s weight change in different game modes or updates?

Mei’s weight remains consistent across different game modes and updates. It is a fixed attribute of her character design and does not change based on gameplay variations.


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