Wallet Size Photo Dimensions at Walmart

Wallet Size Photo Dimensions at Walmart

Every now and then, you somehow manage to snap the perfect picture of your kids. Instead of uploading that picture onto social media, you want to get it printed to the size of your wallet.

If so, then you should know that Walmart has a printing station that can print any photo you want to wallet-size dimensions.

Wallet-Size Photo Dimensions

But what are the wallet-size photo dimensions available at Walmart? If you take a look at the Walmart website, you’ll find that the company has 8 available sizes and 2 paper options—glossy and matte.

The standard wallet-size photo at Walmart measures 2.5 × 3.5 inches (6 × 9 centimeters).

However, you are more than welcome to print custom-size photos for your wallet at Walmart. Just make sure you inform the rep of what size you want an image.

You might also be interested in adding a frame or border around your image. You can either add a border that will increase the photo’s overall dimensions or leave wallet-size photo dimensions as they are.

Other Common Photo Dimensions at Walmart

The other 7 common photo sizes at Walmart are as follows:

  • 2.5 × 3.5 inches (6 × 9 centimeters)
  • 4 × 4 inches (10 × 10 centimeters)
  • 4 × 5.3 inches (10 × 13 centimeters)
  • 4 × 6 inches (10 × 15 centimeters)
  • 5 × 5 inches (13 × 13 centimeters)
  • 5 × 7 inches (13 × 18 centimeters)
  • 8 × 8 inches (20 × 20 centimeters)
  • 8 × 10 inches (20 × 25 centimeters)

How Long Does It Take to Finish Printing a Wallet-Size Photo at Walmart?

At most, it will take 24 hours to print a photo. However, it typically depends on how busy the printing station is.

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For the most part, the printing process will only take 1 hour, starting from when you tell the print rep what image you want to print and at what size.

As for other photo sizes, the printing time will depend on the size of the picture. The 7 common photo sizes mentioned above may also take 1 to 24 hours. However, if you want to print a large photo, it could take over 24 hours before you can pick it up.

The total cost of each print will depend on how long you are willing to wait. So, if you want to take your picture home in 1 hour, you will have to be a bit more than you would if you opted for the site-to-store or home delivery options.

Does Walmart Deliver Photos?

Yes, you can. This is known as Home Delivery, which is available for any product you purchase at Walmart. You can opt for home delivery prints if you don’t want to wait around 60 minutes.

However, there may be additional shipping charges you have to consider. The longer you are willing to wait, the less you will have to pay in shipping fees.

How to Upload Photos at Walmart

When you visit a Walmart location, you can import any image you have on your social media. Walmart supports importing from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr, as well as many popular social media platforms.

What File Format Does Walmart Accept?

As of right now, Walmart only allows its customers to upload JPG and PNG files. So, formats like TIFF, GIF, and WebP are unsupported. You will have to convert your images to JPGs or PNGs prior to importing them into the Walmart computer.

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Editing a Photo for Printing at Walmart

When you import your images, you will be directed to the Walmart Photo website. The layout of the website is straightforward, so there’s very little navigation you have to do to find what you need.

You can even select multiple files and edit them (size, sharpness, tone, etc.) at the same time. However, you can save more time if you have the Walmart Photo app for iOS or Android. You can import and edit your files on the app and send them to the nearest Walmart location from the comfort of your home.

Before you’re ready to submit your photos for printing, make sure you choose the correct paper type. Glossy photo paper is the more popular choice, but if you plan on keeping a photo in your wallet behind the see-through photo folder, matte paper will suffice.

After you’re done, you can upload your newly modified picture album onto your social media accounts. It makes it easier to share your pictures with friends and family from a distance.

Walmart Print Quality

If you take a look at different printing services in your city, odds are they will use Fuji Crystal Archive paper, and Walmart is no exception. Fuji paper isn’t bad, but some argue that it does not compare to Endura paper, which is thicker and longer-lasting.

Overall, the photo quality at Walmart is decent. It generally doesn’t have streaks or reddish tinges along the borders, and the images come out as true as possible (no overly dark spots or oversaturation).

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However, if your goal is to place a photo inside your wallet, the photo folder’s transparent panel will most likely make any blemishes unnoticeable.

How Much Does It Cost to Print at Walmart?

All of the pricing information you need to know about printing at Walmart is available on the Walmart website.

Here’s a quick rundown of what Walmart will charge you per print (prices are subject to change without prior notice):

Photo DimensionsPrice per Print
2.5 × 3.5 inchesStarting from $0.49
4 × 4 inchesStarting from $0.18
4 × 5.3 inchesStarting from $0.09
4 × 6 inchesStarting from $0.09
5 × 5 inchesStarting from $0.58
5 × 7 inchesStarting from $0.59
8 × 8 inchesStarting from $2.84
8 × 10 inchesStarting from $2.84

You can check out Walmart’s generous free two-day delivery offer here. Without paying a membership fee, you can have millions of items, including photos, delivered to your doorstep in 48 hours free of charge.


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