Guide to Ember Mug Sizes (with Drawings)

Ember Mug Sizes

Ember makes several bold claims, but if the overwhelmingly positive reviews count for anything, it’s safe to say that Ember mugs are among some of the best out there. But before shelling over $100 on a brand-new coffee mug, you should probably figure out how much coffee it can hold.

A standard Ember Mug, known as a Mug2, is available in 2 sizes—10 ounces (295 ml) and 14 ounces (414 ml). You can also pick up a standard 6-ounce cup or a 12-ounce Travel Mug2.

In this guide, I’ll explain what Ember mugs are and mug and drink container sizes in more detail, as well as what sets premium Ember mugs apart from the competition.

What Is an Ember Mug?

What Is an Ember Mug

If you’ve never heard of Ember before, you’re either not a hardcore coffee fan or have been living under a rock somewhere on Mars. Either way, I’ll briefly explain why this premium-quality mug is turning heads.

The Ember “smart mug” may very well be the pinnacle of consumer technology for the cash-flush hipster who loves coffee. You know who you are: the person who keeps rewarming their morning coffee in the microwave every 5 minutes.

This nerdy mug was designed by one of its own kind. Clay Alexander has been an inventor ever since he was a young boy taking his dad to a Padres game. He explains that he built a hat with a cooling fan and a large battery (presumably for a lantern) in the back.

One morning, the nerd became somewhat frustrated with the eggs his wife prepared for him. Specifically, he was frustrated that his eggs would get cold. After all, “This is the 21st century; at a bare minimum, my plate should be able to keep my food at a decent eating temperature.”

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He began tinkering with the circuitry that regulates heat until he had a plate that could heat itself. One thing led to another, and the Ember Mug2 was born. To date, the company has sold at least $10 million in mugs and other self-warming drink containers!

Ember Mug Sizes

Ember mug sizes

It’s safe to regard Ember mugs as smart mugs. After all, there’s no other mug on the market that can keep your coffee at an adequately warm temperature for over an hour with a full charge. But before you decide to hand over $100 to Ember in exchange for a smart mug, you should know how much coffee the container can hold.

If you visit the official website for the Ember Mug2, you’ll find that it comes in 2 sizes—10 ounces and 14 ounces—as well as in 4 colors. But if you’d like to get technical about it, then we’ll have to dive deep into its technical specs sheet.

The 10-ounce Mug2 stands 4.2 inches tall, and the brim is 3.3 inches in diameter. From the edge of the handle to the opposite outer wall, the Mug2 measures 4.3 inches wide. It has a tare weight of about 14.5 ounces.

The 14-ounce Mug2 measures 4.6 inches tall and has a brim of 3.46 inches in diameter. The distance between the outer ends of the handle and the opposite outer wall is 4.5 inches. It weighs a total of 16.1 ounces or slightly more than 1 pound.

Other Ember Mug Container Sizes

If you pay the official Ember website a visit, you’ll find 4 drink container categories apart from the Mug2:

  • Ember Cup
  • Ember Mug2: Metallic Edition
  • Ember Travel Mug2
  • EmberRED Collection
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I’ll briefly describe what each drink container category is and what size(s) they come in.

Ember Cup

The 6-ounce Ember Cup provides a premium coffee experience beyond merely maintaining the temperature of espresso-based beverages like cappuccinos and flat whites. You can customize the temperature of your drink with the help of our smart mug and savor every last drop of your carefully crafted hot beverage at the perfect temperature for you.

Ember Mug2: Metallic Edition

The new Ember Mug2 Metallic Collection is an innovative update to Ember’s original smart mug, and it will brighten up your mornings in no uncertain terms. It comes with a metallic finish that’s sure to fit any décor you have going on. Like the traditional Mug2, the Metallic Edition is available in 10-ounce and 14-ounce sizes.

Ember Travel Mug2

The Ember Travel Mug2 is multipurpose, so it won’t just keep your coffee warm on the go. Never again will your coffee be either too hot or too cold thanks to our ingenious heated travel mug, which lets you precisely control the temperature and maintains it for up to 3 hours. This travel mug can hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite hot brew.

EmberRED Collection

Ember has joined the forces of (RED), an international organization that is fighting to bring healthcare programs to those in need. 3% of every EmberRED Collection item will go to (RED)’s Global Fund to eradicate global pandemics once and for all. EmberRED Collection Items include the 10- and 14-ounce Mug2s, as well as the 12-ounce Travel Mug2.

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What Makes Ember Mugs Different?

If you were like Clay Alexander and were frustrated with your coffee chilling too quickly, then you need to pick up an Ember Mug2. These mugs aren’t just stylish, but they come with patented technology that lets you set a precise temperature. The mug will keep your drink at that temperature until you’ve swallowed the final drop.

Each Mug2 is fitted with a battery that powers an internal heating unit. The 10-ounce Mug2’s battery lasts for 90 minutes, while the 14-ounce Mug2’s battery can keep your brew warm or hot for up to 80 minutes per charge.

With the Ember app (available in Google Play and the Apple Store), all you need to do is sync your smartphone to the Mug2, choose a temperature, and wait for the LED lights to inform you when your drink is up to temperature.

Using the app, you can set the temperature to anywhere from 120°F and 145°F. Even when the drink is at its hottest, it won’t scorch your tongue, nor will it cause 3rd-degree burns if you accidentally spill it all over your lap.

Lastly, the Ember Mug2 is designed to go to sleep mode if and when you’ve accidentally forgotten to finish your drink to save power.

If you’re interested in an Ember container, I suggest visiting their online store. Also, consider picking up an EmberRed Collection item if you want to help in the fight against AIDS and Covid-19!


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