How Many Feet is 50 Yards?

How Many Feet is 50 Yards?

Something that measures 50 yards is exactly equal to 150 feet.

Converting yards to feet and back is quite simple. As long as you know that they have a conversion factor of 3, you can find out how many feet are in a certain number of yards and vice versa.

In this example, if you want to figure out the number of feet in 50 yards, all you have to do is take the number of yards and multiply it by 3.

So, 50 yards × 3 feet/yard = 150 feet

Let’s use another example. An NFL regulation football field has a playing-field length of 100 yards between goal lines.

To know how many feet there are in 100 yards, simply multiply the number of yards by 3.

100 yards × 3 feet/yard = 300 feet

Now, if we want to know how many yards there are to a certain number of feet, we use the same conversion factor but use it to divide the number of feet.

For instance, let’s say we’re looking at a Type B school bus that measures 21.7 feet in length. To know how many yards that is, simply take the number of feet and divide it by the conversion factor of 3.

So, a 21.7-foot-long Type B school bus would measure 21.7 feet ÷ 3 feet/yard = 7.23 yards.

A Brief History of Foot Unit

A Brief History of Foot Unit

A foot is an imperial unit that equals 12 inches, which is about the same as 0.3048 meters.

The foot has been used as a unit of measurement for several centuries. City-dwelling members of the Roman Civilization used Emperor Maximilian’s foot, which measured 11.64 inches long, as their standard. As for those who lived on the city outskirts, they used Emperor Nero Drusus’ foot, which was 13.15 inches long, as their reference.

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Historically, the thickness of one’s thumb was used to measure an inch, and it would take a dozen thumb widths to get close to a foot. When inches and feet became standardized, the 12-inches-to-1-foot rule was maintained.

A Brief History of Yard Unit

A Brief History of Yard Unit

A yard is an imperial unit that equals 3 feet or 36 inches.

Like the foot, the yard has a pretty strange history, though much of it remains unclear. Some have argued that a yard was equal to the girth of a man’s waist. There’s also a myth that King Henry I standardized the yard to equal the distance between his nose and his outstretched thumb. In reality, King Henry I used the measurement of his arm to be equal to one yard.

In 1959, the yard was internationally agreed to equal 3 feet, 1/1,760 of a mile, or 0.9144 meters.


In this brief guide, I showed you how long 50 yards is in feet. To refresh your memories, 1 yard = 3 feet, so 50 yards = 150 feet. To convert a number of feet to yards, just divide the number of feet by 3.

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