Kancan Jeans Sizes (with Size Chart)

Kancan Jeans Sizes & Size Chart

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of KanCan jeans, size is an important consideration. Jeans come in a variety of sizes, and finding the right size for your body can make all the difference in terms of comfort and style. But with so many brands using different measurement standards, what size fits you?

KanCan jeans range from 0/23 (23-inch waist, 34-inch hips) to 15/31 (31-inch waist, 44-inch hips) for women and 30 (30-inch waist) to 34 (34-inch waist) for men. You can also find denim jeans, overalls, and plus-sized jeans in various measurements.

In this guide, I’ll explain the various jean sizes according to KanCan and what you can do to get your measurements (if you’re shopping online)

An Intro to KanCan Jeans

An Intro to KanCan Jeans

Kancan jeans is a popular brand of denim apparel known for their stylish cuts and comfortable fits. The brand was founded in 2003 by a Korean immigrant named Song, who wanted to share his love with the people of the US.

Believe it or not, the brand name was inspired by a dance style from the 19th century called cancan. Since its inception, Kancan has become a go-to brand for fashion-conscious consumers looking for on-trend denim styles.

Whether you’re looking for a casual pair of jeans on the weekends or something more dressed up for a night out, Kancan has something to suit your style.

Types of KanCan Jeans

The official KanCan website shows 12 denim jeans varieties for women and 3 for men. Let’s briefly take a look at each jeans fit style below.

  • Skinny (men and women)—These are jeans that are designed to fit closely and snugly around the legs and ankles.
  • Straight leg (men and women)—These are jeans with straight legs from the waist to the ankle. They fit snugly around the legs but not as tightly as skinny jeans.
  • Slim straight (men)—These jeans are a mix of skinny and straight leg jeans. They fit somewhat snugly around the body, more so than straight legs but not as much as skinny jeans.
  • Mom Jeans—These are jeans with a high waist, relaxed fit, and straight leg, and they look like they come from the 1980s and ‘90s.
  • Boyfriend—These jeans for women are designed to look like they’d fit on a larger person (e.g., a boyfriend) but have wider hips for women.
  • Flare & Bootcut—These jeans have a wider opening at the bottom. They taper outward starting from the knee and work well with wide boots.
  • Wide Leg—These jeans are wide around the hips in addition to the widened openings of flare & bootcut jeans.
  • Slouch Fit & Joggers—These jeans are designed to fit loosely and comfortably, with a relaxed and casual style. They are somewhat baggy around the hips and knees but have an elastic band around the leg openings, which rest a few inches above the ankles.
  • Premier Denim—These jeans are all about stretchiness. They fit comfortably around the hips and waist but are slightly elastic for comfort.
  • Plus—These are jeans that are designed to fit plus-sized women.
  • Petite—These are jeans that have shorter inseams to accommodate petite (around 5 feet) women.
  • Curvy—These are formfitting jeans that are worn by women with wider hips and more pronounced buttocks.
  • Maternity—KanCan’s maternity jeans come in a wide range of fits. What sets it apart is the elastic waistband that accommodates the growing bellies of pregnant mothers.

KanCan Jeans Size Chart

KanCan jeans are available in a wide range of sizes starting from XS. Actually, KanCan follows a numeric sizing standard for their jeans. Size ranges vary between jeans of different styles and for different genders. Let’s take a look at the size ranges for the entirety of KanCan’s denim bottoms collection.

KanCan Women’s Jeans

SizeWaist (in.)Hips (in.)

Inseam Sizes

SizeLength (in.)

KanCan Shorts, Skirts, and Overalls

SizeWaist (in.)

KanCan Plus-Sized Jeans

SizeWaist (in.)Hips (in.)
16W (XL)3643
18W (XXL)3845
20W (XXXL)4047
22W (XXXXL)4249

KanCan Men’s Jeans

SizeWaist (in.)

KanCan Tops and Jackets

SizeBust (in.)Waist (in.)











KanCan Plus-Sized Tops and Jackets

SizeBust (in.)Waist (in.)

How to Size Yourself for KanCan Jeans

How to Size Yourself for KanCan Jeans

The great thing about KanCan’s sizing system is that it includes the waist, hip, inseam, and (to a lesser extent) rise measurements. But before you spend all your money on KanCan jeans this holiday season, you first need to learn how to get your body’s measurements. To do this, you’ll need a pen or a pencil, a sheet of paper to write down your measurements, and a measuring tape.

  1. Waist: This measurement refers to the narrowest part of your waist. The waist is between the bottom of your ribcage and the top of your hips.
  2. Hip: This measurement refers to the widest part of your hips. This will usually be the halfway mark between the bottom of your waist and the top of your knee.
  3. Length: This is only necessary for men’s jeans. The length is the distance between the top of your waist to the hemmed bottom or where you want the legs to end.
  4. Inseam: This isn’t necessary to measure unless you’re looking for formfitting jeans. The inseam is the distance from your crotch to the bottom of the jeans legs.
  5. Rise: This isn’t necessary to measure unless you’re looking for high or medium-rise jeans or maternity jeans. The rise is the distance between the top of the waistband to the crotch or the top of the inseam.

After recording all your measurements, simply compare it to the available sizes listed above, and you’re ready to purchase KanCan jeans online!


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