15 Things That Weigh 10 Grams

Things That Weigh 10 Grams

The gram is the most widely used unit of measurement for ingredients and objects that are non-liquid in cooking and grocery shopping. According to the Collins dictionary, it is ”a metric unit of mass equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram. It is the basic unit of measurement for weight and mass in the metric and SI systems.

It can be used to measure heavy things and very light things as well. While some of us may have a good idea about the weight of 500 grams or 1000 grams (1 kilogram), most of us will not be able to perceive how much 10 grams could weigh.

To get a better idea of how much 10 grams is we have put together a list of some common items that all weigh 10 grams. This will help you estimate the weight of something when you don’t have access to a weighing scale.

15 Things That Weigh 10 Grams

1. Two and Half Teaspoons of Sugar

Two and Half Teaspoons of Sugar

Sugar is a sweeting additive that can be found in every kitchen. It is used to create delicious desserts, frothy beverages, and some interesting savory dishes as well. It is usually sold in bags of 500 grams of one kilogram. A couple of spoons of sugar added to some lemon water makes a cool refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

2. Ten Almonds

Ten Almonds

Kickstart your day with a handful of almonds to give your brain an energy boost, while also reducing the risk of heart disease. Almonds vary in size, therefore they may have slight variations in weight as well. But on average one almond weighs one gram, so holding ten almonds will give you a good idea of the weight of ten grams.

3. Ten Dollar Bills

10 dollar bills

Dollar bills go through our hands all the time, but none of us stop to think about what this banknote weighs. It seems feather-light so could it possibly have a weight. The answer to that is yes. Actually, one dollar bill weighs around one gram so holding a bunch of ten in your hands will help you estimate how much ten grams weigh.

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4. One Graphite Pencil

One Graphite Pencil

Used by young and old, a graphite or lead pencil as it is commonly called is a writing tool that contains a thin graphite lead encased in a wooden case. It is used for drawing and sketching, along with writing and shading. One graphite pencil weighs ten grams and since these are readily available in most households, it can be used to get an estimate of ten grams weight.

5. Two US Nickels

Two US Nickels

The US nickel coin has a value of five cents and a weight of 5 grams. Its composition is cupro-nickel (75% copper and 25% nickel) and the thickness is 1.95mm. Two such nickel coins add up to a weight of 10 grams. Collected in piggy banks by the little one and kept in coin purses for loose change, these are readily found in all homes.

6. Ten Paper Clips

Ten Paper Clips

A standard-size paper clip weighs around one gram, therefore ten such clips will weigh roughly 10 grams. Also known as gem clips, this clever tool is an important part of any stationery kit. Used to hold sheets of paper together, it was invented by the Norwegian Johan Vaaler.

7. One Tablespoon of Butter

One Tablespoon of Butter

The tablespoon is a measurement usually used for liquid items to measure volume but in certain circumstances, it can be used to provide an estimate of weight. One tablespoon of butter is roughly equal to 10 grams. If you don’t have a tablespoon handy you can instead use a pat of butter which weighs just a bit less than 10 grams.

8. One Jenga Block

One Jenga Block

A classic game of Jenga contains 54 precision crafted hard wooden blocks that come in a natural wood finish. The game calls for the participants to pull out a single block after making a stack, without disturbing the stack. After removing it from the stack, the block has to be placed on the top of the stack.

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Developed by Leslie Scott, game designer and author, the original JENGA® Classic game from a wood block stacking game created by her family in Ghana in the 1970s. Each block weighs just slightly over ten grams, grab one to get an idea.

9. Two Sheets of Printer Paper

Two Sheets of Printer Paper

One sheet of standard A4 printer paper (8.5 by 11-inch ) weighs just under 5 grams. Pick up two to get a good idea of ten grams. Paper does come in different GSM to make it heavier, but the standard copy paper will give you a good feel of ten grams when you hold two sheets in your hand.

10. One-Third Cup of Cornflakes

One-Third Cup of Cornflakes

A bowl of cornflakes is a wonderful way to start your morning. But before you add your milk and fruit to the bowl, fill only a third of a cup to know how much ten grams weigh. This ready-to-eat cereal is made of toasted flakes of corn and makes a nourishing and wholesome breakfast.

11. Ten Nails

Ten Nails

A nail is a slim metal shaft that flats at one end and pointed at the other. It is used in construction and carpentry for fastening one or more objects to each other. They are mostly used to join pieces of wood together, but they are also used with plastic, concrete, and masonry. A standard small size nail weighs one gram, therefore ten such nails will add up to ten grams.

12. Five Playing Cards

Five Playing Cards

Playing cards are usually sold in a deck of 52 cards. These cards are made from heavy paper or card stock, with specific motifs on the front face to distinguish each card and a uniform matching pattern on the back. The standard playing card is palm-sized and weighs approximately two grams. Five such cards will combine to give you an idea of ten grams.

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13. Ten Jelly Beans

Ten Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are small bean-shaped sweets that have soft jelly-like interiors and candy shells. They come in different fruit-based flavors and the basic ingredients used are corn syrup, sugar, and pectin or starch. To get a feel of ten grams of weight, grab ten of these. In any case, once you start eating these, you won’t want to stop at ten.

14. Two Dice

Two Dice

A small cube, usually made from plastic, with each side having a different number of dots on it, from one to six. We have all used dice in games involving chance. Since each dice weighs five grams, every time you roll two dice to try your luck you have ten grams in your hand.

15. One AAA Battery

One AAA Battery

Triple-A batteries are an essential item in most homes to power TV remotes. We definitely keep backup spares at home at all times. This battery is slimmer than the double-A and measures 10.5 mm (0.41 in) in diameter and 44.5 mm (1.75 in) in length, with a weight of ten grams.


With our comprehensive list of easily available items that weigh ten grams, you will always be able to get a good estimate of how much ten grams weighs even if you don’t have access to a weighing scale.

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