10 Common Things that Are 19 Feet

Things that are 19 feet

19 feet is the same as 228 inches, 6-1/3 yards, and 5.7912 meters.

While these figures can be helpful, they don’t exactly tell you how long 19 feet looks. In order to get a feel for 19 feet, we’re going to have to memorize the lengths and heights of certain objects.

Below, I’ll share 10 things that you can use as references to gauge 19 feet by eye.

2 Basketball Hoops

2 Basketball Hoops

Basketball is a sport for giants. While there are short players like 5-foot-8 Isaiah Thomas and 5-foot-3 Muggsy Bogues, who was a force to be reckoned with back in his prime, the average player stands 6 feet 6 inches tall. Their height helps them shoot over other players and dunk on the rim.

A basketball hoop would be the perfect reference. NBA guidelines state that the hoop or rim should stand exactly 10 feet above the ground. So, in the end, you would have to multiply the height of a basketball hoop by 2, then take off 1 foot from the top or bottom of the pole.

Killer Whale

Killer Whale

Did you know that killer whales, also known as orcas, aren’t actually whales? They are actually incredibly oversized dolphins. While dolphins that measure around 30 feet long are typically labeled as whales, their taxonomy would still classify them as dolphins.

However, a 30-foot killer whale is on the longer end of the length spectrum. A smallish female killer whale will typically start at 5 meters (16.4 feet) and reach a maximum length of 7 meters (22.9 feet). The longest killer whale in recorded history was a bull that measured 32 feet long!

Rolls Royce Boat Trail

When it comes to cars that we may never own, Rolls Royce is definitely up there with Ferrari and Lamborghini. The Rolls Royce Boat Trail was released back in May 2021. It has a nautical-inspired exterior, which is where it gets its name.

From bumper to bumper, the Boat Trail measures about 5.8 meters long or just slightly past the 19-foot mark. To put the Boat Trail’s length into perspective, the average length of a full-sized SUV is around 132 inches, 11 feet, or roughly 3.4 meters.

Half a Weeping Willow

Half a Weeping Willow

A weeping willow is a type of tree whose most iconic features are its sagging branches and leaves. These are what make it look like a “sad tree” or a tree that’s silently weeping to itself. According to The Tree Center, the weeping willow is the only variety of the willow family, despite there being about 400 willow identified willow species.

On average, weeping willows can grow to 40 feet in length and have a spread that measures 35 feet wide. So, whether you divide its spread by 2 or its height, you should get between 17.5 and 20 feet, which isn’t too far off the 19-foot measurement.

Half a Standard Utility Pole

Half a Standard Utility Pole

Here’s something many of you have probably seen or can view just outside of your property line: utility poles. Utility poles serve all sorts of functions, from providing electricity and internet to neighborhoods, as well as powering street and traffic lights.

In the United States, the average utility pole will stand about 40 feet tall. Basically, divide the pole in half and you’ll end up with a figure of about 20 feet long. Some utility poles can stand up to 120 feet above the ground!

2-Story Building

2 Story Building

If you’re building a home, the height can be whatever you want it to be. However, on average, 2-story homes stand between 18 and 20 feet tall. They can be much taller, depending on the type of roof it has.

For instance, a home with a flat roof will be considerably shorter than one with an A-frame roof by several feet. If you want to be more accurate with your measurements, you can measure the height from the floor to the ceiling and multiply it by 2 to get close to 19 feet.

Extension Ladders

Extension Ladder

Extension ladders are simply ladders that come with extendable sections. That way, you can adjust the ladder to nearly any height you want, allowing you to reach the tops of things safely. Extension ladders do not have a self-supporting base, so you will need to lean them against walls or other vertical surfaces.

The length of an extension ladder will vary from model to model. However, there are 19- and 20-foot-long extension ladders available at large home improvement retailers. Remember the 4-to-1 rule of ladders—for every 4 vertical feet you wish to climb, the ladder should be at least 1 foot away from the surface it’s leaning against.

76 Rubik’s Cubes

76 Rubik’s Cubes

Many people probably wouldn’t think of using Rubik’s Cubes as measuring tools simply because it isn’t a tool used for measurement. It’s actually a toy that has all sorts of health benefits, including but not limited to improving problem-solving skills, boosting memory, and even enhancing reflexes and concentration.

All sides of a Rubik’s Cube typically measure 3 inches long. That means you’d need exactly 76 of them to reach 19 meters. However, Rubik’s Cubes can be much larger, depending on how many moving parts it has. The largest Rubik’s Cube to ever be completed was a 2.5-meter cube!

Pressure Washer’s Shooting Distance

Pressure Washers Shooting Distance

Pressure washers are great for a number of things. They can help remove dead leaves from gutters, clean the exterior of your car, and even blast old debris off of windows. However, when using a pressure washer, you have to be careful since their high-pressure blasts can break the skin.

On average, an electric pressure washer will shoot water about 20 feet away. Some gas-powered pressure washers can go twice as far while still maintaining decent pressure levels. Whichever distance you use as your reference, getting around 19 feet shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.

3 Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

3 Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Zero-turn lawn mowers fancy riding lawn mowers that can turn on a dime. This means they can make sharp turns to cut blades of grass growing at the corners of sidewalks, as well as around thin trees and alongside curved garden fences.

The length of a zero-turn lawn mower will vary from brand to brand. However, since many of them look the same, they might also have the same 74-inch-long length as the ARIENS 60-inch Zero-Turn Lawn Mower. 3 of them parked lengthwise in a straight line would get you pretty close to 19 feet.


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